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Five of the best... laminated textile jackets

29 Jan 2024
Updated: 20 Mar 2024 For the best chance of staying dry, laminated waterproofing is the way to go…

Laminated waterproofing has become more and more common over the past few years as riders look for a higher level of rain protection.

It’s a method of construction that means the waterproof membrane is laminated to the inner surface of a jacket’s protective external layer.

This means the two layers can act as one, delivering more immediate waterproofing than in a traditional jacket with its membrane sat loosely on the inside.

Here are five great laminated textile jackets, all popular with Sportsbikeshop customers…

Rukka Nivala 2.0 Gore-Tex Textile Jacket

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4.9 (25)

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Rukka’s Nivala 2.0 comes with a big pricetag, but those who’ve splashed out love what they get in return. The outer shell is made from high-stretch material for comfort, with a top-grade three-layer Gore-Tex membrane laminated to it. There’s a comprehensive set of elite level armour too - CE Level 2 protectors for shoulders, elbows, back and chest. Add in a down liner that can be worn as separate casual jacket off the bike and it becomes a bit easier to explain the high price. The Nivala 2.0 recorded an average of 4.9 out of five from the first 24 customer reviews. The only criticisms are from some riders who don’t like the high collar, and that the CE rating is a basic Level A pass (a price of the high-stretch material).

Oxford Hinterland Jacket

Owners are enamoured with Oxford’s Hinterland jacket, which has a slightly sportier cut than other textile jackets in their range. An average rating of 4.8 from the first 67 customers to leave a review shows a high level of satisfaction, which is backed up by a positive flavour throughout the reviews. The Hinterland uses Oxford’s Dry2Dry trilaminate outer and praise for its waterproofing performance is near universal. Comfort and fit is highly regarded by owners, and our data suggests the Hinterland runs true to size. If you’re on the cusp of two sizes, we’d suggest choosing the smaller. The only common criticism is the need to buy a separate back protector to get coverage in that area. The Hinterland passes CE safety tests at the middle level, AA.

Richa Infinity 2 Pro Textile Jacket

The word ‘Pro’ at the end of this jacket’s title is crucial - this distinguishes the laminated version from the regular Infinity 2, which has a removable waterproof membrane. Owners are very happy with the performance of the Infinity 2 Pro, especially with a relatively low pricetag for laminated kit. It picked up an average rating of 4.7 from the first 61 customer reviews. The main information that stands out from owners’ comments is the recommendation to go up one size from your usual, especially if you intend to wear extra layers for warmth. Richa cuffs often leave little room for gloves to go inside as well, which is also reflected in the customer reviews. A big plus for the jacket is the use of D3O armour, including a narrow spine protector - though some customers are disappointed at the lack of full back protection. This jacket is certified to the basic level of A within the CE safety standard.

Rukka Kalix 2.0 Gore-Tex Textile Jacket

The second generation Kalix is Rukka’s entry-level laminated Gore-Tex jacket, though it still comes with a £600+ recommended price. The riders who’ve taken the plunge are virtually unanimous in saying they’re glad they did, though. The Kalix 2.0 has a two-layer Gore-Tex membrane laminated to its outer shell, which gives optimum flexibility. It’s a fairly basic construction and you’ll need to provide your own warmth layer to ride in the cold, but most owners are happy to wear a fleece or similar from their own wardrobe. There’s no back protector as standard either as an insert is an optional extra. The Kalix 2.0 appeals to riders who like simplicity and it collected 35 five-star ratings from the first 37 customers to leave a review.

Oxford Mondial Advanced Textile Jacket

The Mondial grabbed plenty of headlines when it was launched because it seemed to bring expensive laminated shells down to a price more palatable to the masses. Others (Dainese and Macna to name two) had already produced own-brand laminates, but Oxford’s launch was timed impeccably as many riders were switching on to the concept of lamination. The extremely popular Mondial (average rating 4.8 from the first 277 reviews) has been succeeded by the Mondial 2.0, but the original is available in limited supply and is an absolute bargain for as long as those stocks last. Both Mondial and its successor are certified to the basic level A within the CE safety standard.