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Five of the best... motorcycle tailbags

4 May 2020
Updated: 1 Feb 2024 Got space where a pillion would be sat? Then you could always put some luggage there. Here are five great options…

Tailbags come in all shapes and sizes, and fix easily onto your pillion seat leaving them completely out of your way.

Our top five guide has been put together using customer reviews from the Sportsbikeshop website. These are their favourites…

Kriega US Drypack Tail Bags

Price from: £85.00

Customer rating:

4.9 (205)

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We’re grouping four Kriega Drypacks here in capacities ranging from a dinky five-litre US-5 for short rides up to the roomy 30-litre US-30, which should hold enough for a long weekend away. The concept remains the same - pack your stuff into a chamber that’s lined with waterproof material, roll the top over a couple of times and click it shut. This creates a watertight environment for your kit before you put it on your bike’s pillion seat or rack and use the supplied straps, hooks and loops to secure it in place. The modular design means you can connect different bags together to make up to 70 litres (strapping a US-20 to either end of a US-30). The concept has proved itself over many years and a 4.94 average rating from the first 180 customer reviews (across all capacities) shows its popularity.

Oxford Lifetime T40R Tailpack - Black

Reviewers love the Oxford’s T40R effortless transformation from tailbag to large-capacity backpack, giving it an average of 4.90 stars from the first 29 reviews. Customers say the tailbag is easy to fit and remove, providing a great alternative to a hard topbox. They also point out the excellent Oxford build quality, and love its 40-litre capacity.

Oxford Aqua T50 Roll Bag

For longer trips on the road, the Oxford Aqua T50 is a top choice with cavernous space for your clobber and a rolltop closure to keep out rain. It’s made from a tarpaulin-like material with a Velcro strap that feeds under your pillion seat for the first level of secure attachment. Then you use the supplied D-ring compression straps to secure it to your bike from four anchor points. It’s got a carry handle, a shoulder strap, small pockets inside and out for easy access to bits and bobs, and safety-conscious reflective detailing. Customers love it, giving an average rating of 4.88 from the first 26 reviews. Pack well and this 50-litre bag will hold enough for two weeks on the road, but if you need even more room, the Oxford Aqua T70 has a monstrous amount of space and a very similar construction.

Held Iconic Evo Medium Expandable Rear Bag - Black

Our price: £66.95

Customer rating:

4.9 (44)

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Sportsbikeshop customers have been impressed by this Held tailbag, which expands from 6-15 litres, awarding it 4.81 stars from the first 32 reviews. Customers have been impressed by the easy fitment of the item across a wide range of motorcycles, as well as how secure it feels once attached. The bag features internal pockets for smaller items, which customers have found useful. Customers use this bag for short trips away, and as daily luggage.

QBag Tail Bag 4 - Black

Our price: £69.99

Customer rating:

4.8 (49)

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This one is popular with riders who want something sleek and unobtrusive that hooks to the back of their bike for relatively short trips. Customer reviews suggest it can carry enough for up to four days on the road, in three compartments, though there seems to be a consensus that the stated 40-litre capacity is a little optimistic. Riders are very happy with the value for money, the way the bag doesn’t get in the way and the storage space for weekends away. An average rating of 4.81 from the first 47 reviews shows how well regarded it is by owners. On the downside, a lack of fitting instructions draws criticism, as does the need to secure the waterproof cover with fitting straps to stop it blowing off in the wind.