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Five of the best waterproof sports gloves

15 Apr 2022
Updated: 20 Mar 2024 Sometimes it rains when it’s warm. These are the gloves that give good feel and keep your hands dry…

If you’re likely to be riding in the rain (and remember, this is Britain) then waterproof summer gloves make sense.

They’re not insulated like winter gloves, but have a waterproof membrane to keep your hands dry. 

There’s a slight compromise on feel with an extra layer between hand and bike, but they work well in the temperatures we see in the UK.

Richa Street Touring Gore-Tex Gloves - Black

These have become a staple glove, offering an all-leather construction with a Gore-Tex membrane behind it - and a host of customer reviews that compliment them on their performance. The first 78 customers to post a review left an average rating of 4.68 alongside their review. The cuff is mid-length, so best make sure your jacket has a generous sleeve to ensure a decent seal between the two, and after initially omitting a visor wipe Richa added one to the left forefinger. Customers laud excellent quality, soft leather, good protection and great fit. Some noted initial tightness, but this improved with a few wears, while others bemoaned the lack of touchscreen compatibility. Sizing is generally considered accurate to the chart on the product listing.

Rukka Stancer Leather Gore-Tex Gloves - Black

Our price: £289.99

Customer rating:

4.8 (5)

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The Stancers are the sequel to Rukka’s popular Argosaurus glove, which was a rain-shedding stalwart in their range for many years. These gloves are made from leather with sections of neoprene for flexibility without affecting rain resistance, and there have touchscreen-friendly overlays on the fingertips to save wrestling them off whenever you want to use a phone or sat-nav. These are the priciest gloves in our selection, but those who’ve dug deep and bought a pair appreciate the high quality and comfort they get in return. They receive praise for fitting very well and proving waterproof in heavy rain. Customers generally consider them a good investment, giving an average rating of 4.80 from the first five reviews.

Held Air N Dry II Gore-Tex Gloves

Price from: £229.95

Customer rating:

4.4 (9)

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These are the second version of the gloves that broke the mould. The dual-chamber design eliminates the need to carry two pairs of gloves in summer. Instead of swapping gloves, just take these off and put them back on again to switch from waterproof glove to airy summer glove. There’s a divide within the glove that makes the ‘magic’ happen and it’s proven a very popular concept over the years. The Air N Dry II combines leather and textile and has hard knuckle protection and extra abrasion-resistance around the heel of the palm. Another strength of these gloves is the choice to have a longer or shorter finger - and there’s also a Ladies Air N Dry II. The Air N Dry II has an average rating of 4.60 from the first seven reviews, but the original had a 4.80 average from 130 reviews.

Held Score 4.0 Leather & Textile Gloves - Black

Confidence in the build quality of Held’s gloves shines through in the customer reviews of these gloves, which combine goatskin with flexible fabric and have a Gore-Tex membrane on the inside. It’s a Gore Grip model so it’s designed to prevent the inner lining coming out of the gloves when you take your hands out. There’s a hard plastic knuckle protector and a rubber visor wipe on the left forefinger, plus touchscreen capability on the tips of the forefingers. Customers say the touchscreen compatibility works well and they rate the overall quality highly, as well as bring complimentary about the waterproofing performance. The Score 4.0 gloves come in three finger lengths and there’s also a Ladies Score 4.0 glove that has the same sizing options. The average rating score from the first 18 reviews was 4.8.

Richa Hurricane Gore-Tex Gloves - Black

The long-serving Hurricane glove is a relatively cost-effective way to get your hands protected by Gore-Tex. The outer combines leather and textile, plus there’s a hard knuckle protector and accordion stretch panels at the base of each finger and the thumbs. They’ve won a respected Best Buy triangle from specialist product magazine RiDE, and owners concur with that verdict. Customers praise the high-quality construction and comfort of the gloves as well as their performance in the rain. Owners suggest the gloves run small and our returns rate shows riders are more likely to find them too small than too large. If you’re undecided on size, we’d suggest going for the larger of the two options. After the first 50 customer reviews were posted, these gloves had an average rating of 4.70.