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Five of the best waterproof sports gloves

15 Apr 2022
Updated: 15 Apr 2022 Sometimes it rains when it’s warm. These are the gloves that give good feel and keep your hands dry…

If you’re likely to be riding in the rain (and remember, this is Britain) then waterproof summer gloves make sense.

They’re not insulated like winter gloves, but have a waterproof membrane to keep your hands dry. 

There’s a slight compromise on feel with an extra layer between hand and bike, but they work well in the temperatures we see in the UK.

Richa Street Touring Gore-Tex Gloves - Black

There aren’t many long-cuffed sports gloves with a Gore-Tex membrane at this price point, but these Richas hit the mark. Our in-house reviewer rated them highly when they were first released - and Richa have since added a visor rain wipe, which has addressed his only notable criticism at the time. The gloves have extra padding on the scaphoid, a leather flap to protect the Velcro fastening strap and the seams are internally stitched, plus there’s Gore Grip tape to stop the Gore-Tex liner coming out when you remove your hand.  

Held Air N Dry Glove

The Held Air N Dry gloves particularly impressed Sportsbikeshop customer Jason, who described them as “absolutely fantastic” in his review. He was especially pleased with the short-finger option, which meant he could get a perfect-fitting glove (there’s also a long-finger option). These gloves feature an innovative dual-chamber design. If it’s raining, simply insert your hand into the chamber that is enveloped by the Gore-Tex waterproof liner for dry hands. If it’s dry and warm, insert your hand into the other chamber for a summer glove with vented palms.

Richa WP Racing Leather Gloves - Black

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4.7 (39)

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These sub-£100 waterproof gloves are good for riders on a budget. They are internally stitched with reinforced fingertips to slow down wear, have CE approved hard knuckle armour and are Kevlar reinforced for extra durability. Instead of a Velcro wrist strap there’s elastication, but Sportsbikeshop customers didn’t seem to mind as the first 37 to leave a review gave them an average of 4.7 stars.

Rukka Stancer Leather Gore-Tex Gloves - Black

The Stancers are still new, but they are the sequel to the popular Argosaurus glove, which was a rain-shedding stalwart in Rukka’s range for many years. These gloves are made from leather with sections of neoprene for flexibility without affecting rain resistance, and there are touchscreen-friendly overlays on the fingertips to save wrestling them off whenever you want to use a phone or sat-nav. The review average for the old Argosaurus was 4.6 from 21 reviews, and the first two customers to review the new Stancers have both given a perfect five stars.

Racer Multitop 2 Glove - White

Racer aren’t one of the famous brands for gloves, but people who know their gloves rate them highly. The first generation of Multitop were hugely popular for delivering a combo of sporty protection and feel with rain-eschewing practicality. They’re on the thick side of waterproof sports gloves, but they don’t have a thermal liner and customers who’ve reviewed them say they quickly bed in to deliver premium feel. The palms are made from kangaroo leather, which puts them a cut above most waterproof gloves in terms of materials.