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Turn winter into summer: Our top 10 winter riding products

25 Oct 2018
Updated: 10 Mar 2022 Surviving winter is all about the preparation. These are the bits of kit that can help you reach April in comfort

Some riders tuck their pride and joy into the garage come winter, but we know you don’t do that, otherwise why would you be reading this?

We don’t want you to lose fingers and toes, so don’t worry… we’re here for you. Our product guide will help you and your bike tackle the coldest months, so you can get to the other side of winter with fingers and toes intact.

ACF-50 Anti Corrosion Lubricant 13oz Aerosol

Seawater + metal + air = rust (usually). U.S. Navy tests showed ACF50 protected carrier-based aircraft from corrosion – and if it’s good enough for Navy aircraft, it’s good enough for a bike in a British winter. ACF-50 forms a thin layer that works on existing corrosion and stops more forming. Spray it on a cloth, wipe it on your bike and eliminate the need for excusing rusty bike bits.

DXR Warmcore Long Sleeve Shirt - Black

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4.8 (222)

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High-tech heated liners are all very well, but it’s always worth covering the basics first.  A thermal base layer is the first thing to reach for on a cold morning, to trap your radiated body heat next to your skin. This DXR long-sleeve shirt does the job for less than £20 and pairing it with the matching trousers delivers the perfect warm ensemble to see you through winter.

Alpinestars Neckwarmer - Black

Our price: £14.99

Customer rating:

4.9 (244)

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We’re going to stick our neck out and say that it’s a daft idea to leave your neck sticking out uncovered on a cold day. This Alpinestars neckwarmer is incredibly popular and the polar fleece construction means it’s soft despite being thicker and warmer than a regular necktube. A 4.9 average rating from over 200 customer reviews show how well regarded this neckwarmer is.

MotoGP Boot Socks - Winter

While many of us survive purely on socks received at Christmas from a distant aunt, some people actually go out and buy them – with their own money! These MotoGP socks might not turn you into a super-fast Grand Prix racer (that takes buckets of hair product, giant sunglasses and a pain threshold higher than Darth Vader’s armpits), but the thick, knee-high socks keep your toes intact and in place through a British winter.

Richa Full Fluo Rain Jacket - Yellow

If anyone utters the immortal words ‘sorry mate, I didn’t see you’ while you’re togged-up in this waterproof fluo number from Richa then you should demand they take an eye test. As winter darkness rolls in, throwing this over your regular riding jacket will keep you visible, protect you from the rain and add another barrier against the cold, too – bonus.