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Video: The 5 best helmets for £100 or less (as rated by owners)

Our guide to the top helmets for £100 or less has something from every style - full-face, flip-up, adventure and open-face. Click above to watch our video about why you don’t need to spend a fortune to protect yourself up top...

Spada have replaced the Intrepid with a sequel that is now £10 over this video's budget. We've linked to the Intrepid 2 below, along with the other four lids in this video.

LS2 Stream Evo image

LS2 Stream Evo

4.8 (18)

Price from:
Spada Intrepid 2 image

Spada Intrepid 2

4.5 (2)

Price from:
MT Le Mans 2 SV image

MT Le Mans 2 SV

4.9 (58)

Price from: £89.99
HJC CS-15 image


4.8 (194)

Price from: £59.99 RRP £89.99