Martin Fitz-Gibbons photograph

Martin Fitz-Gibbons

Martin spent over 15 years working in the motorcycle media for Bike, RiDE and also as a freelancer. In 2014 he and Simon Hargreaves set up motorcycling podcast Front End Chatter, where he remains a co-host to this day. MFG joined Sportsbikeshop in 2021 as marketing manager and puts his writing skills to good use on the SBS site.

  1. Experience: California Superbike School featured image
    2 Nov 2021

    Experience: California Superbike School

    The teachings of California Superbike School became a religion for thousands of British riders in the 2000s. After a brief hiatus it’s back and Martin Fitz-Gibbons went along to become a Level 1 disciple…