Introducing... AGV K3 SV-S featured image

Introducing... AGV K3 SV-S

15 Jan 2020
AGV’s K-3 SV budget sports lid is the brand’s biggest UK seller, and they’re bringing in an upgrade for 2020 that’s purely for us Brits

AGV's K3-SV helmet has been a massive success in Britain, but it has its faults. So AGV have created a new lid to address those issues.

The biggest criticism of the old K-3 SV was that the top of the Pinlock insert sat in the rider’s eye line. AGV have remedied the issue by giving the new AGV K3 SV-S a completely new  visor – the GT4-1 MaxVision. This insert (which is included with the helmet) sits in a recess higher up on the visor, putting it out of the line of sight.

An aerodynamic spoiler has also been added to the rear of the helmet in the upgrade, and the lid carries ACU Gold certification so if you want to take it to the track you’re more than ready.

The all-new K3 SV-S comes in two different shell sizes to help riders achieve a more accurate fit – the first shell size covers XS-MS and the second looks after ML-2XL. 

The plastic shell houses an internal drop-down sun visor, which is controlled by a switch next to the visor’s base plate. 

Five vents on the front combined with two exhaust vents on the back keep cool air flowing around the head, while a fully removable and washable liner keeps the lid fresh. The K3 SV-S weighs in at 1530g on the SBS Mag scales in size MS.

Launch prices start at £189.99 for the matte black or gloss black options, and rise to £209.99 for graphics, which includes two Valentino Rossi replicas. More graphic options will be available soon.

Good news for owners of the older AGV K-3 SV, or even an AGV K1 helmet… if you have the well-known issue with the Pinlock sitting in your eyeline, the AGV GT4-1 visor will also fit those helmets so you can upgrade without changing lid.