Introducing... AGV Pista GP RR featured image

Introducing... AGV Pista GP RR

14 Nov 2019
Want an AGV that's fit for international racing championships? Now you can have one...

AGV are among the first helmet manufacturers to make the same lid used by their MotoGP racers available to the public.

The Pista GP RR is used by AGV racers including Valentino Rossi, meaning it has met the stringent test guidelines set out by governing body the FIM in their FIM Racing Homologation Programme for Helmets (FRHPhe).

The tests involve eight submitted samples being put through their paces in tests to prove their worth against high-severity linear impacts, oblique impacts and penetration from sharp objects. Each individual size of the Pista GP RR has been tested and passed, with AGV re-engineering original Pista GP’s shell and EPS liner to make it 37% safer than the level required by the FIM.

AGV claim its carbon-fibre shell weighs approximately 1450g (in the smallest shell size), and that the size of the visor mechanisms have been reduced to minimise the amount of helmet that goes unprotected by EPS. The Pista GP RR uses the AGV Race 3 visor, which is 5mm thick for extra protection.

The visor is Pinlock-ready with a MaxVision insert included in the box, and the shell makes use of a quick-release visor system for fuss-free changes. There’s also a visor catch button that prevents unwanted opening at higher speeds.

Inside, the lid uses AGV’s 360-degree adaptive fit, in which pieces of padding from the crown, cheekpads and neck can be added and removed as necessary for a perfect fit. An UltraDry breathable interior wicks moisture away quickly to keep the rider comfortable and cool, and a hydration tube is fitted to integrate with drinks systems in Dainese leather suits.

Of course, with a race helmet comes race-styled ventilation and aerodynamics. The prominent pointed chin teamed with the removable ProSpoiler helps the rider effortlessly cut through the air.

AGV have also included nifty extras such as a spare bite valve for the hydration tube and a pair of earplugs, while the Speciale version of the Pista GP RR comes with a red iridium visor.

The Pista GP RR will be initially available in a number of graphics and plain colours, as well as Valentino Rossi replicas. 

The firm say they’re aiming to release six Rossi reps over two years, but are starting with a replica of the lid he wore on the cool down lap of his 2003 championship celebration, which will launch at £1399.99. 

Two more Rossi reps will also be available at launch − one featuring his signature Soleluna sun and moon, and another in yellow and black, with an RRP of £1199.99.

Matt or glossy carbon lids will launch at £999.99 and prices will rise to £1099.99 for colours.

The GP RR Speciale with red iridium visor will launch at £1199.99, and they’re all expected to arrive in Summer 2020.