Introducing... Dainese Smart Jacket featured image

Introducing... Dainese Smart Jacket

4 Nov 2019
The huffed-and-puffed racer-in-the-graveltrap look is no longer reserved solely for racers in graveltraps

Dainese are bringing their GP-inspired protection to the road, in a standalone airbag that can be worn under any jacket.

The Dainese D-Air Smart Jacket requires no connection to a bike, relying instead on internal batteries which can monitor up to 26 hours of riding time. It can be used under any jacket of any make, and doesn’t need to be zipped in.

Inside the jacket there are seven sensors, which transmit data to the internal electronic unit 1000 times per second. If it detects a dangerous situation the airbag will activate, inflating over the rider’s chest and back.

The new jacket also features a new algorithm that means it can detect impacts when the rider is stationary, such as when hit from behind when queueing in traffic. This technology was only previously available on Dainese’s D-Air Street vest, which utilised sensors attached to the bike.

Dainese claim the Smart Jacket offers the equivalent amount of impact protection as seven traditional CE Level 1 back protectors.

After inflation, the rider takes the Smart Jacket to an authorised D-Air service centre, who will prepare it for use again for £219.99.

The Smart Jacket has a water-repellent coating to fend off water that gets past the external jacket and is ventilated on the front to allow air to flow to the rider’s skin. In normal use the airbag section is folded over, which allows more air to pass through, and it folds out when it’s inflated.

The vest is also made from a stretch material, to allow a closer, comfortable fit.

The jacket utilises the experience of 25 years of research and development into D-Air technology in top-flight MotoGP racing.

Airbags have been available to the public in race suits for some time, but the Smart Jacket promises a more affordable option of protection, as it has a launch RRP of £569.95.

Dainese’s Smart Jacket is available now, and is currently in stock in sizes M, XL and 2XL. The Dainese Ladies D-Air Smart is also available, in sizes 8-16.