Introducing: Furygan Fury Airbag Evo & Airbag Evolution+ featured image

Introducing: Furygan Fury Airbag Evo & Airbag Evolution+

5 Apr 2024
Furygan's pair of new vests use the updated In&motion airbags for a cooler, more flexible ride

The second generation of In&motion electronic airbags is just around the corner.

Furygan are first in line to bring the airbag to the shopfloor, with their Fury Airbag Evo and Fury Airbag Evolution+ vests.

They’re lighter than the first generation airbag vests, use a closer-fitting fabric and have more mesh materials to help the vests fit more easily under jackets or suits, and to keep the rider cooler.

The airbag section within the vest is also improved and can now be inflated up to five times before requiring manufacturer inspection, up from three deployments on the original model.

In&motion’s airbag technology runs fully independently of the bike, relying on integrated sensors to detect a crash is in progress.

Once it knows you’re crashing, it takes 0.06sec for the system to inflate a protective cushion of air around your neck, thorax, spine and abdomen.

The system has been adopted by over 150,000 riders since launching in 2020. French firm In&motion have partnerships with several brands, allowing them to incorporate their airbags into garments.

In&motion’s tech has a lower initial price than many other airbags, although you need to pay a fee to subscribe to the technology that runs the system, with charges currently sitting around £12 a month.

Furygan’s two new vests have the same main structure and incorporate the same airbag unit and technology.

The more basic of the two options is the Fury Airbag Evo, which includes a traditional back protector that meets Level 1 of the CE standard, and can only be worn under a protective bike jacket. The launch list price is £349.99.

It costs £30 more to go for the more advanced Fury Airbag Evolution+, which has a higher grade CE Level 2 back protector insert and can be worn under a normal bike jacket, or worn over the top of the jacket.

Stocks of the Fury Airbag Evo have already arrived in the UK and the more advanced Fury Airbag Evolution+ is expected to make it to our shores very soon.