Introducing... Klim Ai-1 airbag vest featured image

Introducing... Klim Ai-1 airbag vest

4 Jun 2020
Updated: 27 Sep 2023 More and more firms are joining forces with airbag specialists In&Motion. The latest are adventure kit guys Klim

American adventure specialists Klim are the latest brand to take on In&motion’s airbag technology.

Their new Ai-1 airbag vest is self-contained and can be worn under any motorcycle jacket that leaves enough room for expansion. Klim suggest measuring the chest and waist of both rider and jacket to decide if your existing jacket is big enough for use with the airbag.

The In&box (the airbag’s brain) is clipped into the back of the vest and analyses the rider’s movements 1000 times per second. If the sensors detect a crash, the airbag fires and inflates in less than 60 milliseconds to protect the rider’s chest, abdomen, spine and neck.

After inflation, the user themselves can replace the gas canister that fires up the airbag. While UK pricing has not been confirmed, Furygan and Held are selling inflators for the same style of airbag for around £80.

Like other companies using In&motion tech, Klim’s airbag can withstand three inflations before being inspected. In Klim’s case this is carried out at in Austria, though costs of this have yet to be made public.

The Ai-1 vest itself is made from a lightweight and breathable mesh, which is designed to quickly wick away moisture from the body.

It is expected to launch in Europe for 460 Euros (around £410) in sizes S-3XL, however this cost doesn’t include the In&box.

There are two ways a rider can get their hands on the airbag’s brain. It can be purchased outright for £399, which includes a two-year warranty, system updates and access to the “My In&box” mobile app.

Alternatively, riders who want a more flexible option can pay £12 a month to lease it. There are more benefits to this, including an unlimited warranty, a replacement box every three years, and the option to purchase the box for £99 after three years.

The biggest benefit of leasing will be felt by riders who only ride during certain times of the year. Riders can simply pause their monthly lease and return the box to In&motion. When riders decide to start riding with their airbag again, In&motion will send out a new box and monthly payments will resume.

Klim’s Ai-1 airbag vest is expected to launch in Europe in summer 2020.