Introducing… Shark Skwal i3 helmet featured image

Introducing… Shark Skwal i3 helmet

11 Apr 2023
It's the helmet that knows when you're stopping. Let us illuminate you about Shark's new Skwal i3...

Shark are laying claim to a world-first with their new Skwal i3… an integrated brake light on the rear of the helmet.

It joins the LEDs on the front of the helmet, which have been the signature of Shark’s novel roadster helmet since the original Skwal was launched in 2015.

The brake light uses an inbuilt accelerometer to detect when you’re braking, flashing three times per second when slowing normally or five times a second when you’re anchoring up harder.

The lights are integrated into the helmet as standard and run from a battery that’s charged via a USB-C port inside the lid.

Shark say the system will run for 12 hours from a three-hour charge, and it also has a sleep mode to save the battery if you forget to turn it off. 

If no movement is detected for two minutes the unit goes to sleep, and after 24 hours without moving it will shut off completely.

The brakes lights operate independently of the white LEDs on the front of the helmet.

The three modes listed by Shark are: Front lights flashing plus brake lights active, front lights constant plus brake lights active, or brake lights active with front lights off. The final option is to turn the unit off and have no lights at all.

Whether a brake light system is all-new is a debatable point, as Nolan have offered an Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) upgrade on selected models for several years.

That’s also described by Nolan as having an inbuilt accelerometer to detect braking forces. 

Nolan and Shark have been part of the same group of companies since Shark’s owners completed a takeover of Nolan’s parent company in 2019, so it makes sense to share tech.

The real difference is that Shark’s system is fully integrated into the helmet from the off, with two red LEDs sitting just below the exhaust vents.

It’s the headline aspect of an eye-catching relaunch for the popular Skwal concept.

The Skwal i3 has a reshaped plastic shell, a new visor with top-class optical clarity and a Pinlock 70 anti-mist insert supplied.

It also meets the new ECE 22.06 safety standard, as required for all new helmet models launched onto the market since the summer of 2022.

The Skwal i3 comes in two shell sizes and an overall size range of XS-XXL.

The starting RRP will be £239.99 and there will be 13 different graphics available, including those in our gallery above.

There’s no release date confirmed at the time of writing, but we’re hoping first stocks will land in the summer of 2023.