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Introducing... Schuberth E2 helmet

9 Nov 2022
Give Schuberth's C5 a nip, a tuck and a peak and what have you got? The new E2 adventure lid

Schuberth have announced the new E2 adventure flipfront helmet, which will take over from their popular E1 helmet.

It’s heavily based on Schuberth’s latest C5 flipfront, with revised venting, a redesigned chinbar and the addition of a peak.

Other than those revisions the lid is the same underneath as the C5, which has proven so popular in its first year that Schuberth admit they’re struggling to keep up with demand.

The E2 meets the latest ECE 22.06 safety standard for use on the road, putting it among the first adventure-styled helmets to pass the new tests.

It’s also dual-homologated, meaning the chinbar can be locked in the raised position and legally worn as an open-face helmet.

The peak has been designed to allow air to flow around and through it as smoothly and quietly as possible.

Schuberth say their wind tunnel tests put this two decibels (dB) louder than a C5 when worn on a naked bike at 100kph (62mph).

Based on figures given at the release of the C5, that puts the new lid at 87dB in Schuberth’s wind tunnel tests.

The new peak is adjustable between three positions and it appears to be an easy process, though we’ll reserve judgement on that until we’ve got our hands on one.

The peak flips back when the chinbar is raised, sitting over the visor to keep the lid as low profile as possible. 

It also has a memory function, so when you lower the chinbar, the peak automatically returns to the same position it was in before you raised the chinbar.

The visor works in the same way, so if you have it slightly open when you lift the chinbar it will return to that exact position when you lower the chinbar again.

The chinbar profile and chin vents are only aesthetically different from the C5, which is a good thing as that helmet has one of the most effective air intake set-ups we’ve experienced.

The shutter for the top air intake is chunkier than the one on the C5, but the exhaust vent to the rear is more open to the elements and the spoiler is also bigger, which we’d hope will lead to even better airflow through the top of the helmet.

The E2 has the same impressive interior as the C5, meaning there are loads of options to customise the fit.

Just like the C5, it’s also prepared to accept Schuberth’s high-spec SC2 communications system, which currently costs an extra £349.99.  As many of the comms parts are already installed in the lid, Schuberth promise the SC2 can be fitted and ready to go in less than a minute.

The E2 will come in sizes ranging from XS (53cm) to XXXL (65cm). There will be two shell sizes, one covering lid sizes up to and including large and the other covering XL and above.

There are 10 different colour options, designed to complement popular adventure bikes. That’s made up of plain white, black or grey and seven different graphic designs (though only six graphics are listed as being brought to the UK). All designs in our gallery above are destined for the UK in 2023.

The new lid is expected in Spring 2023 and prices are set to be £569.99 for plain white or black, £589.99 for plain grey and £649.99 for graphics.