Introducing... Shoei GT-Air 3 helmet featured image

Introducing... Shoei GT-Air 3 helmet

1 Sep 2023
Shoei reveal details of the successor to the mightily popular GT-Air 2

Shoei’s new GT-Air 3 is the latest episode in the charge to update their range to meet the new ECE 22.06 safety regulations.

The GT-Air touring series has been popular since the original was released in 2013 and the GT-Air 2 improved the concept when it landed six years later.

Now, only five years on from that, Shoei have revealed details of a more restrained revamp to create the GT-Air 3.

At first glance of the accompanying photos there’s very little difference from the GT-Air 2, but closer inspection reveals a series of changes.

Most of the revisions are designed to suppress wind noise inside the helmet, even though the majority of GT-Air 2 owners seem happy with noise levels.

The chin section on the GT-Air 3 is narrower than its predecessor and Shoei have also developed a smaller official intercom in association with Sena. 

The chinstrap is narrower, the micrometric fastening buckle is smaller and the chin curtain is larger.

All of these changes help reduce wind noise for the rider as there’s less protruding from the shell to disrupt windflow.

The top vent is redesigned and moved slightly forward, and there’s a revamped visor.

The new CNS-1C visor is shared with the Neotec 3 and is very similar to the CNS-1 found on the GT-Air 2, but with some crucial differences.

A strengthening band around the top is designed to give a stronger seal against both wind and rain, and there’s a new place for the tab to lift and lower the visor.

It’s been relocated from the left of the visor to the centre and it now locks in place with a firm press once it’s at the bottom point of its travel.

A button underneath that tab will free the lock and let the rider lift the visor again.

Those changes aside, it appears to be normal service continuing for the GT-Air 3, which will cost from £479.99 up to £589.99 depending on colour and graphics.

We’ll be working on a full review of the new GT-Air 3 as soon as we can get our hands on a helmet.

It’s expected to arrive in stock in early October 2023.

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Shoei GT Air 3

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Price from: £559.99