Introducing... Shoei NXR 2 helmet featured image

Introducing... Shoei NXR 2 helmet

30 Apr 2021
Shoei has unveiled the new 2021 NXR 2 helmet to carry on where the ultra-popular NXR leaves off.

Shoei has unveiled the new 2021 NXR 2 helmet to carry on where the ultra-popular NXR leaves off.

It’s set to land in late summer 2021, but we obtained an exclusive preview of the new helmet before today’s official launch.

The NXR 2 has an improved visor and ventilation system and is also one of the first helmets to meet the new ECE 22.06 safety standard.

The NXR 2’s shell seems very slightly bigger than the current NXR’s, which we’d expect with the more rigorous demands of the new safety standard.

It also weighs a little more, registering 1423 grams on our scales in a size medium, compared to the 1315g we saw when we weighed an NXR in the same size.

We were also able to take the first UK production sample NXR 2 out for three days on the road to get a good idea of what it’s like.

That extra weight doesn’t tell – it’s hardly hefty at just over 1400g – and the visor and ventilation improvements are noticeable.

Watch our in-depth Shoei NXR 2 video review above

The new CWR-F2 visor gives good peripheral vision and is the first Shoei with a central lifting tab, which can also lock the visor down.

It mounts to an all-new baseplate set-up that allows the visor to be opened slightly to allow in some air without it making the rider’s eyes stream.

The current NXR has quite a big step from fully closed to the first stage of opening so the new system is an improvement in that regard.

The new visor also has small extrusions on each side that are designed to reduce disruption and noise as air flows around the side of the helmet. They’re the same Vortex Generators already used on Shoei’s X-Spirit 3 race helmet.

The chin vent on the current NXR is excellent and it’s just as impressive on the new NXR 2. It scoops in plenty of air for a fresh feel around the face.

A redesigned vent just above the visor is a big step up from the current NXR’s offering in the same position. It’s easier to use and also brings in more air.

In addition, the two vents either side bring in some more refreshing airflow.

Exhaust vents are now permanently open rather than having switches like the current NXR, but that’s no big issue as cold air can’t get in through those anyway.

Interior revisions are relatively minor, using two types of fabric to cover the comfort liner. A softer feeling material is used where the helmet brushes over the skin while being put on and taken off, while a fabric that’s better at managing moisture covers areas where sweating is more likely.

It fastens with a D-ring strap and there are recesses for intercom speakers, although there’s no option for a dedicated Bluetooth system as is available for more touring-focused Shoei helmets.

The NXR 2 is a sporty road helmet and as such there’s no internal sun visor, but tinted visors will be available and the new baseplate allows quick changes between clear and tinted.

It will be available in a wide range of colours and graphics. Plain flat colours will start at an RRP of £429.99, plain metallic colours will start at £449.99 and graphic designs will be £539.99.

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