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HJC CS-MX II helmet review

Road riding, beach racing, flat track... our reviewer has put his off-road lid through a variety of environments in the name of testing
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4.8 (5)

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Motorcycle: Derbi Terra 125 & Yamaha XT660X
Seasons Ridden: All year

When I was looking for a helmet to wear for a couple of days at the Champions Flat Track School and in beach races at Mablethorpe, I settled on the HJC CS-MX II.

A bright graphic design was one of the important things for me as my previous white full-face lid was a bit tricky to spot from a distance, which meant my family couldn’t pick me out when racing at Mablethorpe. Also, my other lids were boring and I fancied something a bit more jazzy.  

The HJC CS-MX II fitted the bill perfectly - a bright design and a good price at a penny short of £100 (at the time of this review). I matched it up with a pair of orange Oxford Assault Pro goggles and a blue iridium lens for daylight riding.  

The first task was a couple of warm days riding in circles at the flat track school, where the moisture-wicking Nylex comfort lining was excellent and didn’t get sticky at all. 

The fact it’s ACU Gold approved means I’ve been able to use it for racing (now that Mablethorpe is back after a two-year break) and as it’s also ECE 22.05 certified I’ve been able to use it for road riding as well.  

As with any motocross lid the airflow into the helmet is more than enough, and the exhaust vents on the rear seemed to help pull warm air out through the back of the shell. 

When riding in the evening during summer it’s often been a bit too chilly, so I’ve kept a neck tube in my pocket just in case. 

A motocross helmet has been an interesting option for a road helmet. While legal, it’s not always the smartest choice. When it’s warm it’s perfect - cool and airy. However when it’s raining it’s a different story. 

I used a windproof necktube from Knox as it not only keeps the wind out, but also takes the sting out of things when the rain hits my face as at 60mph+. 

The helmet’s interior liner is removable and machine washable and is easy to take out and refit after being cleaned. 

Having a peak does hinder the aerodynamics, but even though the one on the CS-MX II is relatively large and doesn’t have vents to allow air to flow through it, I found the helmet to be stable at 60mph+. When riding my old Derbi Terra 125 I found that leaning forward a bit closer to the bike’s screen helped the stability further.  

The double D-ring strap fastener is a feature that made this lid even more appealing as it’s less bulky. I think that’s important on a helmet when you’ll be moving around on the bike a lot.  

The goggles I’ve used fit nicely in the eyeport too. Both the Oxford Assault Pro and a pair of FMF Powercore go in comfortably and securely – the straps sitting in the recess on the back of the shell.  

I have no complaints at all about this helmet. It’s good looking, has a good price and is comfy enough for me - plus it’s from a good brand like HJC. If what you’re after is a well-priced and well-made MX lid the HJC CS-MX II is well worth considering.