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Sidi ST boots review

Stylish, sporty and highly protective. What's not to love about Sidi's ST boots?
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4.9 (99)

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Motorcycle: Yamaha MT-07
Seasons Ridden: All year

The Sidi ST is a mid-range race boot that offers good protection technology for a more than justifiable pricetag. Sidi certainly did their research when they were designing these back in 2011 because they’ve come up with boots that are secure yet comfortable and convenient.

They feature a hinged external calf support, which makes them easy to put on and also helps to prevent lateral movement of the ankles. There are two cam-lock closures on the top of each boot, which are fully adjustable to cater for a variety of calf diameters. Cam-locks are often used on motocross-style boots, proving how durable they are.

The main zip is fitted to an elastic panel which means the zip doesn’t get snagged, and I find these boots extremely convenient to wear, especially considering the amount of protection they offer.

On the side of each boot there is a brace made from plastic reinforced with fibreglass, known as the vertabrae. They join to an ankle brace to provide flexibility while moving forwards and backwards, making them comfortable while walking and moving around on the bike, yet they remain firmly resistant to side-to-side movement. On the back of the heel there is a shock-absorbent shell to help prevent injury.

Many parts are replaceable, including the shin plates, sliders and the vertabrae. I’ve been wearing my pair of these since they first came out back in 2011 and I can happily say I have never had to replace any parts, proving just how robust they are.

The insides are lined with Air Teflon mesh, creating the boots’ own micro climate to help keep them ventilated and cool, and there is an air intake on the side of the ankle braces. My feet stay nice and cool on hot days and on chillier days the air intakes can be closed, making them quite versatile.

The dual-compound sole has also proved to be very durable over the years. It’s still fully attached and not peeling away from the boot anywhere. The tread on the ball of the foot and the heel has started to wear away but this is to be expected over this amount of time and use – and despite the wear I haven’t had any issues with my feet slipping off the pegs.

As for sizing and fit, I always go one up from the my normal size when buying motorcycle boots. The next size up in these fits really nice also gives me the room to wear thermal socks in them if need be.

After using them for so many years and in all weathers they aren’t looking so pristine anymore, which is due to my lack of cleaning so I’m sure if they were looked after properly they would look just as good as new!

Overall I cannot shout about these boots enough. On top of performing so well and providing so much protection they also look really stylish. I feel very loyal to the Sidi ST after the fantastic performance they have provided, so much so that when I do try another boot I feel they are going to have some serious standards to live up to.

Fit & Comfort

I’m a UK size 7 but I ordered these in a size 42 (UK 8), because I always go up one size when purchasing motorcycle boots as I find this works well for me.


These boots offer plenty of protection being a race boot while still remaining flexible enough when it comes to being off the bike such as walking.


The ST provides an average ventilation system (compared to the ST Air) with the air intake vents on the side of the boot and the Air Teflon Mesh to help keep the boot cool. The closeable intake vents make the boots quite versatile for those cooler days.

Build quality

I can’t rate the build quality highly enough after using them for over five years and not having to replace a single part. These boots have proven to be completely solid for me in the years of using them.


The ST provides a good amount of features for a boot of its price. The STs only lose marks because the toesliders are plastic rather than harder wearing material. Otherwise, they have the full set of expected features.