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The Spada motorcycle helmet collection offers a style to suit every rider

Spada, as a brand, is fast approaching its 20th birthday and has become renowned during that time for producing nothing but quality motorcycle gear. Spada helmets, although a more recent addition to the range, are no exception to that rule with a bike helmet to suit every style of rider. Whether you are after a full face, flip up, open face or even an adventure lid, the Spada range will most certainly have something for you. All Spada helmets are EC2205 approved and come with the usual Spada reassurance of a 2 year warranty.
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Compact, streamlined full face helmet with internal sun visor and integrated rear spoiler

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Flip-up helmet with internal sun visor and integrated rear spoiler

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Classic style open face helmet with removable peak

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Spada Orion - Matt Blue
Spada Orion - Matt Blue
April 30, 2022 - by Stephen W

Lovely helmet

After much to-ing and fro-ing I opted for the Spada. So glad that I did, the fit is perfect, the field of vision is excellent and the flip front is so easy to operate. The helmet is light and extremely well made. An excellent product all round, Superbikeshop once again provided a quick and efficient service. Thank you.

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Spada Orion - Slate Matt Black / Grey / White
Spada Orion - Slate Matt Black / Grey / White
April 7, 2022 - by Gordon H

Not too bad

This helmet looks stylish, and for a modular it's fairly light. When you put it on, with the chin bar up, it feels comfortable, no doubt due to the soft lining, and the size guide is spot on so no need to go up a size. The ratchet chin strap fastener is easy to operate with gloved hands, smooth and secure. Lower the chin bar and you can feel a slight pressure on your cheeks, not too tight though and common for modulars. I wore this helmet for a six hour ride on it's first outing with no major discomfort and the pads break in after a few months use. The chin area is a bit close to your face and you can touch it with your tongue, as mentioned by someone else. But unless your preferred style of riding is with your tongue sticking out, there's no problem. However, because of this it does push your neck warmer closer to your skin, which means you do feel a bit of a chill. Opening the chin bar is easy with gloved hands, by depressing the catch, front centre. The chin bar operates quite smoothly but I find that when closing it I have to put one hand on the top of the the helmet to stop it being pulled forward (And yes, this helmet is the correct size for me) CHIN BAR JET LOCK is easy to operate with summer gloves on and is quite secure. If you haven't used a modular in open face mode before, just be aware that at speed or in the wind, the bar will cause slight buffering and drag. VENTS: Seem to work quite well, although even with them closed, you'll find the face area quite cool on a cold day. And the chin vent has an annoying habit of letting you hear a whistling wind sound now and then, when closed. More noticeable in a wind. Work well in the heat of the sun. VISOR: Basic three position.. Closed, half open, fully open. Operates well with gloved hands quite smooth (catch centre bottom) repels rain well. And the seal around the helmet keeps the rain out well. Good field of vision. SUN VISOR: Lightly tinted but does a good job of keeping just enough sunlight out, and not so dark that you have to raise it when you hit shaded areas. It is a little loose and sometimes comes down a few mm just into you field of view, but it doesn't close fully on it's own. What takes getting used to is the gap created by the nose cut out, and the visor being quite short. It just throws you a bit when you look down, check your mirrors/speed, and get a flash of daylight. You get used to it quickly though. PINLOCK: A great bit of kit! Unfortunatley because the helmet gets cold around the face, if you wear glasses like I do, you loose some of the benefit because your glasses mist up when you're stationary, and you have to raise the visor to clear the mist. After a while this means a mist gathers INSIDE the visor and pinlock (sometimes happens to the visor when you've just been riding a while) Not very good at all and something I haven't experienced on any other helmet. (Yes the pinlock is fitted correctly) Overall not a bad helmet, though probably better suited to summer rides for those who wear glasses. Could be a lot better if Spada paid a bit more attention to detail and customer reviews. I'd put the helmet at about the £90 retail point.

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Spada Reveal - White
Spada Reveal - White
March 2, 2022 - by David B

So good I bought 2

So good I bought another one. My first helmet is 2 years old now and is still in good condition. Nothing seems to have deteriorated, so now needing another one for an occasional pillion I bought another. Good helmets at an affordable price, what more do you need?

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