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Rapid Bike Evo Fuelling Kit

Performance fuelling management module with auto-adaptive features and multiple map control

Rapid Bike's Evo add-on module puts total control of fuelling operations in your hands, as it directly connects to all stock injectors (up to eight) while managing corresponding air/fuel ratios at the same time. This way the carburetion values can be modified throughout the entire engine power delivery curve.
The ability to manage the stock lambda sensor signal allows the exclusive auto-adaptive feature to ensure that fuelling is constantly adjusted while riding the bike. The injection map becomes a dynamic value in order to match the changing weather conditions and riding style. This function is highly beneficial at low and medium RPM where the engine performance is limited due to more and more restrictive anti-polluting regulations. Rapid Bike Evo supports the optional Quickshifter, multiple maps management, raising RPM limiter (up to 1000 RPM) and the elimination of the speed limiter. For twin cylinder engines equipped with double lambda sensors, it is possible to develop a specific injection map as well as an auto-injection remapping set specific for each cylinder.
Installing a YouTune controller allows you to manage additional features such as real time management of additional functions such as modulation of auto-adaptive target for air/fuel ratio calibration, fine tuning of engine braking effects, full customisation of quick-shifting, while also displaying a number of engine operation parameters.  
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