Metzeler Roadtec 02 - 120/70 17 (58W)

High-performance, super-sport touring tyre with adaptive tread design


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Metzeler Roadtec 02 - 120/70 17 (58W)

  • Riding pleasure, high-performance and safety in a wide range of temperatures and asphalt conditions
  • 2-tyres-in-one, super-sport or sport-touring according to your riding style
  • Adaptive tread design
  • Dual-compound rear
  • Full-silica compounds

When riding softly, the long grooves under the footprint grant an optimal water evacuation and proper tread mobility that contribute to quick warm-up, contact-patch conformability and hence better comfort and grip: the optimal behaviour of a Sport-Touring class tyre.

When riding sporty and the tyre is engaged at a higher pace, the walls of the narrow portion of the grooves join together, increasing tread pattern stability. This entrusts the compound to deliver all the grip potential, improves trajectory precision especially when leaning, and determines a Super-Sport class tyre behaviour.

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