Interphone Tour Bluetooth Intercom

Hi-fi quality slimline Bluetooth intercom individual headset

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

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So good I bought another one.
18 September 2023 by Cutho
Bought to replace same item damaged in an accident, Original was bought from SBS as it was the cheapest price i could find and once again the cheapest price. Simple to connect and use. Sound quality/volume good. Seen comments about the volume being low, if you go into settings to the automatic volume option full face, jet or off choose off and you will get full volume and you just adjust it via the external volume control. If you use the radio function the reception tends to easlily fade in and out it seems to have directional reception (depends on which way your head is pointing). Battery life is exceptional Have bought quite a few things from SBS always fast delivery and no quibble when exchanged a Klim jacket for a different size.
Great Product
16 February 2023 by Anonymous
Excellent item with clear installation and use instructions. Very good sound quality and connectivity. Long battery life. Good volume range and the installation, whilst a little fiddly, was straightforward.
My only issue with this item is with the buttons which can be difficult to use when wearing thicker gloves, other than that, a great item.
Fantastic product
20 October 2022 by John L
Used a couple of times now and still getting use to the setting, but the sound is a good quality (only compare with my old Intercom). The bluetooth and the radio reception is reliable.

Quality kit
22 May 2022 by Leigh R
Great intercom at a good price ( sale price £142.99 ) very clear under 70 mph but anything over is muffled as expected due to wind noise unless your on a bike with a huge screen.
Would recommend though.
Excellent battery life.
29 April 2022 by Ray M
Good build quality with a battery life of around 20 hours when being used between talk and music. Completely water proof, even in the heaviest of downpours.
Good sound quality for both talking and listening to music.
Buttons can be a little difficult to find if you have winter gloves.
Excellent choice if touring due to battery life and charges to 80% in less than an hour if you need to do a quick tip up.
Interphone tour intercom
21 April 2022 by Graham A
Excellent product, easy to use and set up.
reliable reception and bluetooth.
Great service as usual from Sportsbikeshop.
Great Product
02 March 2022 by Blacklec
Installed in a full face HJC RHPA 70 helmet, a little fiddley however speakers work fine. Microphone best fitted slightly off-centre in this helmet as it was touching my lips. Tested for GPS and radio only so cant comment on Intercom at this time..
I have used the clip to fit the unit which allows the comms socket to protrude slightly lower than I would have liked at the base of the helmet. This means that when the helmet is seated down it is resting on the the socket. Fix for this would be to use the adhesive strip and mount unit further up the helmet shell.
Sound quality is good however at higher speeds I was unable to hear the radio due to wind noise. Fix for this is to turn volume up!
However, I am finding the buttons slightly awkward to find and adjust although 'm sure this is something I will get used to.
In summary, a great product, love the fact I can listen to music and receive GPS instructions when on the move as I will be touring later this year. 4 stars as clip fitment not great and wind noise effects overall enjoyment. Maybe some form of noise cancelling facility would help although I am no expert on this.
My first Intercom
02 February 2022 by Steven R
This was recommended to me by biker freinds, not tested out in the feild yet. Fits in and onto helmet good
Great product, great value
22 December 2021 by Anonymous
I recently purchased this intercom for my son who has just joined the motorcycling world. My wife, myself, and parents already have these so it was a no brainer. These are fantastic devices, have never let us down, clear and easy to pair up. Manufacturer very responsive and helpful. My lad is very pleased with his. Not the latest model so I can only assume they are even better. Highly recommended. Usual fantastic service from the SBS.
Cracking intercom
24 November 2021 by Damian E
Great product, feels well made and securely fitted Fabulous battery life. It was a little bigger than I expected but this does not cause any issues. Great sound can hear easily at motorway speeds. Sound a tinnier than my previous Cardio system but good on the whole navigation and calls crystal clear. Very happy with the product.
First expensive headset-brilliant!
04 October 2021 by Mac
I was dubious to spend this amount of money on a headset. So glad I did, after trying the cheaper ones the quality of this is clear to see.
Battery life is amazing and the sound quality is impressive even on a naked bike. I especially like the easy to use buttons and the clear instructions.
As always this product arrived quickly and without fuss, well done sportsbikeshop!
Coms perfection
16 September 2021 by Anonymous
Once again sportsbikeshop deliver with speed but also a super bit of kit works well clear with such clarity even at range.
Only down side is pairing with other makes as the range is far less than the paired same make.
Works well with 3 linked up
14 August 2021 by Darren M
These are top quality units and the sound quality is second to none. The fitting kit is also really good with a choice of 2 microphones and 2 fixing brackets.
Pairing is very easy if you need to add up to 4 units. Just place them next to each other and they pair automatically. Battery life is amazing. I went on a 12 hour ride and got home to find the battery was still good and it only took 25 minutes to charge back to full power. I can only highly recommend this.
Pleasantly surprised
27 July 2021 by Chris
I'm really very impressed with this. Audio quality is good. Volume is loud enough for me to hear with ear plugs in on the motorway. Phone calls nice and clear. Music is from phone works well. My only gripe is having to manually adjust the FM radio when it loses signal.

I'm not disappointed at all though. Great purchase!
A quality system.
29 June 2021 by Craig H
You get what you pay for! Superb quality, connected immediately and everything worked as it should.
Great whilst the battery lasts.
26 June 2021 by Peter H
great piece of kit with easy controls.
distance never as good as they say but
its a shame that after a number of years you made need a new battery
and then you find out that Interphone are just not interested in supplying you
with one !!!!!
Technology at its best
24 June 2021 by James M
This product took me by surprise. I have had a couple of headsets in the past but they have been difficult to set up they have not always proved reliable and the sound quality not the best, also the operation has been difficult when on the bike. The inter phone tour has been a revelation easy to fit easy to use and great sound quality. The wife and I converse as though we were at home in the same room. Great bit of kit and the usual first class service from SBS.
Back with the best
13 June 2021 by Philip J
I had one of the these for several years before 'upgrading' to another well known brand that makes a more discreet unit for my Arai. I was very disappointed with that more expensive device, so I have just purchased another Interphone Tour

It works so well, the whole thing is very simple to fit and the physical buttons on the unit are so much easier to use than the other brand. No need for remote controls etc ....

With the app, you can boost the volume and it is more than loud enough even at motorway speeds.

Love it

Interphone Tour Bluetooth Intercom

ADVICE Please check the Interphone website regularly for the latest firmware updates to keep your unit current taking advantage of the latest upgrades and improvements.

The Interphone Tour is the top product in the Interphone line by Cellularline. Top-level construction, quality and an elegant shape for the Interphone featuring a black chrome titanium body. The Interphone Tour can connect up to four motorcyclists within a maximum distance of 1.5 km. It is compatible with all smartphones fitted with Bluetooth technology and will let you receive and make calls, listen to music and follow GPS directions. Compatible with all helmet models. The Interphone Tour is totally waterproof, its battery has record-breaking autonomy of 20 hours and it can be recharged rapidly thanks to fast charge technology. It's the perfect Interphone for long journeys. Interphone Tour is easy to install and combines advanced technology, design and user friendliness.

Control unit rapid release system
Double installation bracket for helmet (clip and adhesive)
Internal audio unit with ultra-thin earpieces
Boom microphone (jet and flip helmets) and adhesive pad microphone (full face helmets)
Micro USB data and charging cable

Interphone Quick Guide

  • Talk time: up to 20 hours
  • Standby: 1000 hours
  • Fast Charge, 80% charged in 1 hour
  • Intercom range up to 1.5 km in full duplex
  • Shared telephone conversation with passenger
  • 4-way: conference mode between 4 Bikes, or 2 Bikes with Rider and Passenger
  • 3-way: 3 Bikes or 1 Bike and 1 Bike with Rider-to-Passenger
  • 2-way: Bike-to-Bike or Rider-to-Passenger
  • Wireless MP3 music through Smartphone and MP3 player
Features Manufacturer
Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

  • Looking for a pair of the interphone is it £155 each or pair?

    April 27, 2019

    This listing is for a single intercom.

  • Is the Interphone tour fully compatible with BMW Navigator V.

    November 22, 2017

    Unfortunately we are unable to provide this information due to the Interphone Tour system not being a BMW product.