Bruhl MD2800 Pro Dual Turbine Dryer

A twin turbine powered vehicle dryer without a heating system

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Verified Customer Reviews for Bruhl MD2800 Pro Dual Turbine Dryer

21 reviews
Totally Blown Away
19 February 2024 by John M
An excellent piece of equipment to keep your bike dry. Amazing the amount of water it finds in all those nooks and crannies. Which if not removed could cause corrosion. Very powerful easy to use. You can even clean the car with it no drying off with a chamois no water droplet marks. A great price from SBS cheaper than from the manufacturer.
21 January 2024 by Mike
Absolutely brilliant. I wish I had invested my money in this a long time ago. It will leave your bike bone dry. Hi quality product. I'm very happy with it and would definitely recommend. Thanks SBS
Force 10 on the Beaufort Scale
16 January 2024 by Jeremy R
One of those purchases you wish you made had decades ago. The dual turbine version comes with hefty cable with an inline safety cutout. You can have either one or both turbines running. No heater but the work done compressing and accelerating the air adds warmth. By the time the air exits the nozzle it is cool again but the hose warms up. The hose is a quality item too as the whole thing is. If you turn it on and you are not holding the nozzle, it will fly around like a scene from Backdraft. The velocity of the air exiting the nozzle will shift water very rapidly indeed. A great bit of kit. Longevity will dictate if it's worth the price, but it seems well made so fingers crossed.
It blew me away!
23 December 2023 by Anonymous
What an amazing blow job this machine can do. It'll dry your thing in seconds! Also, the hose is a grower so don't get disappointed when you see the tiny hose it comes with. The moment it starts to blow the hose gets HUGE and can reach and hit any spots you desire!

I was worried as my bike was still wet after sitting in the garage for 4 days. The bike never dries up in this cold/humid weather. I tried cloth but that was useless as you can't reach all the parts and would take forever. This machine though, dries everything in an instant! This machine blows so hard that I'm also using it to clean the garage of all the dust. The only thing to note is that it's very loud, but, I think a good blow job will always going to be loud. Anyways, I highly recommend it :)
27 October 2023 by Lloyd
What an absolute weapon! Great for cars, bikes, the dog and even drying the mrs after a hose down.

Make sure you've got a tight grip on this wep though, she needs taming on full twin turbine mode.. if you lose control of her you could easily dent or scratch your pride & joy or could smash you in the bonce.

Great quality bit of kit, not for the faint hearted.
Great piece of kit
12 September 2023 by Paul R
This will save you a lot of time when it comes to drying your bike. Yes it's not cheap, but it is good value. If you can afford one, get one - you'll be glad you did.
Worth every penny!
09 September 2023 by Tim W
Have been considering purchasing a bike dryer for years, but could never quite justify it.

I wish I'd purchased it a long time ago! Saves a load of time, gets rid of all the water from the nooks and crannies, use it for the car as well!

No heating element, but the air coming out of the hose is warm.

Very powerful!
'Excellent Piece of Kit'
30 May 2023 by Ian J
Very well made and feels like quality.
Both settings equate to 'powerful' and very powerful.
I had wanted one of these for some time but found it difficult to justify but now that I have I'm very impressed. It is worth the extra expense.
Excellent service as always from Sportsbikeshop.
Bike dryer
02 March 2023 by Keith B
When I first plugged the product in to the power it blew the rod in our house after a big flash from the in line rcd on the blower. Luckily my son was at home who is a qualified electrical engineer. Once we got the power on to the house we had a look at the blower and my son removed the in line rcd cover to reveal a screw floating about that had blown the rcd unit it actually stank of burning and was full of black soot. Due to the fact my house is fully rcd protected my son removed the damaged rcd and fit a standard 13amp fuse. I paid for a premium product and got a dud. I know this was not the fault of SPORTSBIKESHOP who's service was first class as usual.
What a Blast!
01 February 2023 by Johann D
This is a really well-made, powerful motorcycle dryer - it has made quick work of a thoroughly wet Triumph Tiger 1200 XCA every time I have washed it since receiving the dryer, and I am well impressed.

The build quality is impressive, and it certainly looks like it will outlast me!

An option to add heat to the air coming out of the dryer might feel necessary when initially turning it on, but after a minute or two of drying is clear that a heating element would have been utterly superfluous. The air coming out through the nozzle is lovely and warm without being hot enough to endanger the paintwork or the plastics.

I am very happy with this dryer, and would recommend it without a second thought.
Blown away
12 January 2023 by Nigel W
Top quality product, even more powerful than I was expecting.
Didn't know I needed one!
12 January 2023 by Anonymous
I've been using my air compressor for years to blow out water from water traps in the bike but this is a game changer, wish I'd got one years ago
Powerful peace of kit
07 January 2023 by Anonymous
A brilliant piece of gear which will make cleaning/drying my motorcycle much easier and dry my bike so no water will be left to attack the engine and cause damage. This power dryer is top of the range, a must if you own a Motorcycle/Car, I absolutely love it.
06 October 2021 by Ahmet Y
I wish I'd known about this before, an amazing product every biker should own. Essential bit of kit to clear and dry your bike from the damaging effects of water. Powerful well made unit, easy to operate and takes up little space.
Great piece of kit
02 October 2021 by Conchur
Makes drying bikes and even the car very easy work, more than half's the time of the task and great service from sports bike shop as usual
Very nice dryer
20 June 2021 by Anonymous
Should have got one of these a longtime ago dryes my bikes much quicker and gets into every little space
Amazing Kit
23 May 2021 by Tim B
This thing is amazing. Bought to blow water out of the ebike. It does just that. With setting one it's got power but with setting two, make sure you have a firm hold of the hose at the nozzle. Serious power.

All in all the company was brilliant products amazing and I can highly recommend.
Turbine dryer
07 May 2021 by Garry L
Great service very happy with the product does a great job

Bruhl MD2800 Pro Dual Turbine Dryer

  • Twin Turbine, with no assisted heat
  • AC 220-240V, 50HZ
  • Protective RCD - for external use
  • Rugged industrial design
  • Extra-long Hi-Vis power lead
  • Turbine Power 2800W
  • Hose Length up to 3 Metres

Using the Bruhl MD2800PRO after every wash will help to eliminate water spotting and corrosion on your vehicle, increasing the life cycle of your bike. The 2800 Pro Dryer is the top of the range for maximum power drying capabilities especially for those with multiple vehicles.

It is the essential tool to have in your garage to take care of your vehicle and keep it in perfect condition for years avoiding the appearance of any corrosion. After a heavy rain or after a wash, your vehicle must be stored dry otherwise the rust does not take long to appear on the screws and metal parts. In addition, air drying prevents the appearance of water residues in the form of small white spots.

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