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Scorpion ADX 2 - Camino Black / Silver / Yellow

Lightweight flip-front helmet with cut-outs for intercom and removable KwikiWick interior

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Verified Customer Reviews for Scorpion ADX 2

25 reviews
Cracking bit of kit
28 November 2023 by Andrew B
Purchased this helmet to be a spare however it's so versatile that it is now my go to helmet.
Seems to be fairly waterproof,
Excellent value for money.
Great Peak Helmet
24 November 2023 by James T
Following the need for a new helmet with a peak and much research, I went to the Harlow shop to buy. The staff were very helpful and accommodating and although not a white one in my size I ordered whilst there and the new helmet arrived at my home the next day. Great Service
A couple of days later out on the bike and I found the helmet very comfortable, visibility good and the peak did the job. Very pleased with purchase at a very competitive price.
Excellent replacement for ADX1
09 November 2023 by Janet S
Excellent value for money, good fit. I like the colour.
Appears better quality than ADX1 which I was always satisfied with.
All round good helmet for the price.
Scorpion ADX2
01 November 2023 by John O
I purchased this helmet just over 12 months ago, it has been the most comfortable helmet I have in my collection and that includes Arai Rx7 and a shoei air ...it is my go to lid.
Fit is good true to size and the pinlock supplied keeps vision clear no matter what the weather.
Only negative is it developed what I think is a crack, I sent it back as I want to be sure it's safe to wear ...my head's in it after all ....sportsbikeshop polished the lid and said it was a scratch in the lawyer and returned it..
As much as I love the lid I am not comfortable wearing it with what I think is a crack and still present. Who's right ? I'm not taking the chance so saving up to purchase another ..and yes I will be buying it from sportsbikeshop again.
Top helmet top supplier sportsbikeshop.
Excellent all rounder
16 October 2023 by Rodney E
This is my first flip up helmet and wished I would have bought sooner , its great quality
Excellent Helmet
14 October 2023 by Lee M
This has to be one of the best helmets I've owned. The mech for the chin bar flip up is easy to use and tucked away nicely, also the drop down sun shield is nice and big and easily operated even with winter gloves on.

Fit is perfect for me, but obviously like all lids you're better off trying them on, but easily done through SBS amazing service. I use an aftermarket Bluetooth intercom and it works really well, also as a glasses wearer the helmet is mega comfy with them on.

Finally, onto the visor. It's huge, the field of vision is absolutely amazing and leaves no blind spots, seals well and easy to operate. Anti fog is taken care of with the industry standard Pinlock set up.

In conclusion I am now a Scorpion helmet convert, design, looks and build quality are top notch. Price wise they are more than competitive especially coupled with one of SBS deals.
01 September 2023 by Anonymous
Quieter, good fit feels quality
Great fit. nice style
31 July 2023 by Neal P
Great helmet. I love the functionality and the looks. Fit is good but I found that the cheek pieces a little loose on the side of my face but have found this has been made better since fitting the exocom ear pieces. I use this for commuting as well as pleasure riding so have worn in some quite bad weather and have found it to keep me mainly dry, but you do get some splashes through the front vent if left open. Was also the cheapest price that I could find.
22 July 2023 by Derek M
Had ADX-1 so went to upgrade or so I thought.
Got an ADX-2 in January had visor issues as capture bolt fell out on motorway, so sent it back to get Visor checked due to leaking through the top of it and serious fogging up even though "pinlock" fitted. Came back and still same leak and fogging issue to actually being dangerous to use when raining.
Sent it back and got refunded.

Pulled trigger after doing groundwork and asking people on forums if they had any leak and fogging issues. Bought this ADX-2 and within a week right hand visor bolt sheared off. Back it went and replaced/ repaired. Got helmet back and wore it in one day of rain. Leaking in and serious fogging. So bad I had to pull over on M6 to clear visor. Returning the helmet as dangerous to use if wet / raining.

Good points ADX-2 fits well and has reasonable wind noise. Excellent vision as visor area is big like ADX-1. Brilliant Helmet when dry and sunny.

Sportsbikeshop service second to none
Bad points
Dangerous due to restricted vision due to fogging up and leaking on visor.
No good for all weather / every day use.
Spends more time in DPD returns box than actually on my head.
Scorpion ADX-2
13 July 2023 by David H
Used once so far, 300 mile trip and experienced all types of weather; sun, wind, rain and thunder storms for 2 hours.
Fit is true to size and very comfortable, the helmet is well made and feels premium on and off my head. I found the venting was great with good airflow when required although it did fog up in torrential rain which gave the need to crack the visor open to clear the fog! Unfortunately and understandably rain penetrated the helmet and soaked the cheek pads. Wasn't a big issue as my head and face remained warm and there was no dripping of water down my face or neck. Not a game changer, love the fit and styling as well, lastly it's as quiet as my Shoe full face, which is surprising considering it is a modular helmet. Highly recommend, great price from SBS.
Great buy
23 June 2023 by Gilli
This was bought as present for my hubby. This is the next model up from helmet he already had for years but needed replacing as had it for years worn every day. He says it's even comfier and quieter than first one. Great buy
Excellent modular helmet
21 May 2023 by Mike
This is my 2nd Scorpion helmet and no complaints. Great fit, great value, and looks good. Not the lightest helmet, but can't say I've noticed the weight when riding. Peak is easily removed without tools which makes is great if you're lucky enough to ride more than one bike. Plus Pinlock included.
16 May 2023 by Stevo
Nice helmet, matches my bike. The fit is good (M), it enables the Scorpion comms unit to be neatly fitted inside. The real bonus is that it comes with a pinlock visor insert.
It's a flip front adventure style helmet!
14 May 2023 by Anonymous
Excellent helmet, except for one point. The fit is superb, comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and you don't feel sweaty. The ability to wear this flipped up is helpful too, maybe if you're in slow moving traffic and want a bit more air.

There are speaker cutouts so you can fit an intercom, along with Scorpions built in system that can clip in. I've stuck my Cardo mount on the side as the clip mount didn't seem to fit.

The only downside is that it fogs really quickly when the temp is less than about 12 degrees C. This can be avoided somewhat by leaving the front vents shut (the Venturi effect then seems to pull enough air over the visor from the always open vent at the front?) through the rear exhaust.

This also causes a problem if you wish to use the sun visor in colder weather, if you don't deploy it the moment you start riding, it will get very cold from the air flowing over it in the top of the helmet, and then all the moisture condensates onto it.

For summer rides, I don't think any of this is a problem. However, for winter/cooler rides, you have to be prepared to flip the visor up at every opportunity to exhaust the moisture.
Great helmet at a great price
26 April 2023 by Anonymous
Saw various YouTube channels singing its praises and they aren't wrong. Simple flip up system, strong hold points for the visor. I haven't noticed wobble or excessive noise at speed with the peak. Only niggle so far has been misting on the visor at very low speeds or stationary, maybe I have the vents set up incorrectly.
Well made helmet for the Price
09 April 2023 by David S
This is my second Scorpion Helmet l had the ADX 1 but the ADX 2 is improved and refined. The only little problem I encountered was the top vent rattled, it was not clipped in position properly. But that was easily sorted, great service from sportsbikeshop as usual.
My first Scorion Helmet But it wont be my last.
22 March 2023 by Simon B
Wow! This is a great helmet, Its very well made and the comfort is much better than my Caberg Droid.

The inner lining is very soft and feels good against the skin.

The flip up release button is very easy to access and operate.

The visor is clear and the pinlock fit is good.

The vents give more than enough air flow and are easy to access.

The sunvisor is easy to operate and it comes down a good way.

Although the helmet has a dedicated area for the scorpion comms system I fitted the Cardo Edge to the helmet and stuck the comms unit directly over the hatch where the scorpion system should go. The cardo base plate stuck on great and the mic and earphones fitted perfectly.
Scorpion ADX2
21 March 2023 by Philip W
Usual great service from SBS.
Not been on the bike with this helmet yet, went on recommend of you tubes Rider Cam. Fits well, and goes to show, you don't have to spend a lot to get a decent helmet

Scorpion ADX 2 - Camino Black / Silver / Yellow

  • Lightweight thermo-resin outer shell construction
  • Flip-front design with P/J double homologation
  • Internal drop-down Speed view sun-visor
  • Removable KwikiWick cheek pads and liner
  • Fully padded interior for a plush snug fit
  • Cut-outs specifically designed for EXO-COM (sold separately)
  • Two shell sizes for optimal head shape size
  • Compatible with goggles for off-road adventures

All helmets are supplied with a clear visor as standard

Product Specification Variants


Scorpion Exo is a relatively new addition to the plethora of motorcycle helmet brands available in Europe but they have most certainly hit the ground running. From their European base in Strasbourg, France, Scorpion have developed some of the most technical elements found on motorcycle helmets today, that have since become commonplace on the feature lists of the biggest brand names. A form of Scorpion's own Airfit pump system can now be found on models of both Shark and HJC helmets but it was Scorpion Exo who pioneered the technology, along with other innovations such as their Kwikwick liner system. The Scorpion helmet range, whilst focusing on technological advancements, also focuses on the more core expectations of today's biking fraternity, style, quality and fit. To that end, they've hired some of the most famous names in motorcycle helmet design and are able to control their entire production process, by manufacturing all elements of the helmet themselves, in their own production facilities. Scorpion say that their philosophy behind every single helmet they produce can be summarized in five words: protection, aesthetics, dynamism, comfort and innovation. We say, that over the next few years, Scorpion helmets will continue to grow in popularity throughout Europe and will undoubtedly take their place alongside the other major brands of motorcycle helmet.

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