Gerbing Xtreme Defender Heated Gloves - Black

Heated gloves with waterproof Hipora liner, Thinsulate thermal lining and touchscreen fingers



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Verified Customer Reviews for Gerbing Xtreme Defender Heated Gloves

4 reviews
blah . . . not as good as the previous gen
24 February 2023 by Lew
Almost sent these back , but My heated grips & jacket aid with how cold these are compared to the previous generation.

Maybe the textile variant is a factor as my previous pair were leather

Overall I'm disappointed but as i said I hacve the jacket & heated grips so it works , have to say the 3rd jouney felt warmer than the 1st 2 , essentially 300 miles in - maybe they needed breaking in
20 February 2023 by Tim W
I commute all year round by bike and was wanting a new pair of winter gloves. I chose these based on reviews and claims of extreme heat. My commute is roughly 20 miles with 12 or so on motorways.

The gloves are powered through the Hella DIN connection and I've also unlocked the highest setting, mindful of the warning that comes with doing so and the advised conditions in which this setting should be used.

Basically the gloves are very disappointing, to the point where I have sent them to Gerbing to see if they were working as intended. Apparently they are. How is it then that I can barely feel the heat when the highest level is set? By the end of my commute my hands feel no warmer than when using unheated winter gloves. At lower settings the heat is not detectable at all.

I have tested using a different 12V cable, tested with one glove powered on and the other off but the results are always the same - these gloves are lukewarm at best, to the point where they don't even keep the chill off.

They were bought three months ago and over that time there have been some truly cold days and the exact conditions I would want heated gloves but the only rides that I have felt the benefit of them have been recently on fairly mild days.

I've rated these as poor because of their price v performance. The benefits are that they are at least comfortable to wear so I am using them until I can put my summer gloves back on but in the meantime I have had to lower my expectations of what 'heat' means.
Nice gloves
08 February 2023 by W T
I had the Gerbing heated jacket for a couple of years and put off purchasing their gloves for a while. SBS as always delivered quickly and gloves tried in garage with my heated jacket.
No fault of gloves, but the integration of the jacket and glove gave problems as there's just not enough cable in the jacket to reach the gloves without undue straining of the jack and sockets terminating at the wrists. Fearing of fatiguing and snapping leads.
Quite surprised with this, I released what cable I could from the jacket to connect the gloves to the jacket on its connection and attempt to put gloves on. Just too tight and cable in jacket too short I can feel it tight pulling behind jacket lining up my spine so no more to free up.
So much so, after a faff in the driveway, I managed to connect up and for a 8 mile journey performed fantastic in zero degree on my Tenere. The heat provided was much welcomed and nice to feel the heat on the front for my knuckles, and the material very compliant and easily adapted to the bars. Very soft lining and a very good feature is the gauntlet toggle drawstring where tightening down the wrist cord is easily carried out by other hand without gripping between my knees. But couldn't be bothered to re connect up after as too much faff with the short cords and didn't want to damage gloves.
This is easily overcome by an extension to the jacket leads perhaps but luckily the Grebing gloves came with its own long Y lead for use with any bike that feeds down the sleeves of any jacket which is what I have done now.
Now I can slip jacket on, connect gloves with excess cable fit gloves and hide the thin cable under the wrist gauntlet.
Over all very happy with the gloves and its provided accessories including batter connection lead and SBS service. Not tried in wet.
Why did I wait :-)
20 November 2022 by Ian S
I've been promising myself these for about two years, riding all weather's and using a cup of tea to warm my hands when I got to work. Finally took the plunge and bought some and couldn't be happier. Warm hands ready to start work when I get in. always the same great service from SBS.

Gerbing Xtreme Defender Heated Gloves - Black

  • Textile construction with goat durable leather palm and rigid shell
  • Waterproof and windproof breathable Hipora liner
  • Thinsulate insulated thermal liner
  • Protective knuckle insert
  • Pre-curved finger design for added comfort
  • Mid-length cuff with integrated push-button temperature control
  • Power connection kit included (long Y-cable and battery harness)
  • Can be used with optional Gerbing portable battery kits
  • Integrated index finger visor wipe
  • Touchscreen compatible index fingertip
  • Lifetime warranty on the heating elements

Requires connection to 12v vehicle battery or optional portable battery kit
If using batteries, the hottest setting is only available when using the 12v Xtreme battery kit.
Not compatible with Gerbing Dual Temperature Controller, please use Portable Digital Temperature Controller if combined with a Gerbing heated jacket.
Gloves measured by palm circumference
Size Guide

The Gerbing Xtreme offers approximately 30% more heat than other Gerbing gloves for those extreme cold days! Note: due to the high heat produced by this product, the hottest setting is deactivated. The user can choose to permanently activate this setting using the instructions provided.

Product Specification Optional Batteries Manufacturer

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