Gerbing Xtreme XR Heated Gloves

Waterproof, windproof and breathable 12V vehicle powered heated gloves with Thinsulate liner



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Verified Customer Reviews for Gerbing Xtreme XR Heated Gloves

7 reviews
Step down from previous Gerbings
01 February 2024 by Prahlster
The glove itself is really nicely made and quite slim for a heated glove. Leather is soft and flexible.
The heating side of things is a bit disappointing compared to my old XR12 gloves. The wire to run in the jacket is extremely short and can hinder your movement or easy pop out of the bike connection. The controls for the heating are awkward and hard to use. You need to set the heating before you set off. To set the left glove you need to let go of throttle/brake to adjust, this is both distraction and takes focus away from the road. The old system with a one bottom dongle for both gloves was superior. Last but not least, if you are not on the highest setting they struggle to heat up the ring finger and middle finger. Over all, the glove is better on its own, but the heating side of it is disappointing compared to previous models.
Style: Black
Really Disappointed
22 January 2024 by Aaron S
I ride a 100 mile round trip commute several times a week and all through winter. Therefore, I need gloves that can handle freezing temperatures and wind chill and motorway speeds. I own Gerbing's older XR-12 heated gloves which have kept my hands comfortably warm for the last 6 years so I decided to stick with Gerbing when looking for a new pair. I was expecting warmer and better quality but unfortunately the new Xtreme XR are simply awful in comparison and i sent them back.

In brief,
1.Of 3 heat settings only the max heat setting is noticeably (but not comfortably) warm. The old gloves had 4 settings of which 2 are comfortably warm.
2.The heat does not dispersed well through the glove and feels localised to the backs of the fingers. No heat is felt in the thumbs at all! Therefore, the palms and wrists suffer more too.
3. No insulation in the thumbs.
4. Due to the lack of heat offered the gloves would always be on the max setting which caused them to burn the back of the wrists along the creases caused when my hand were slightly raised over the brake/clutch levers.
5. Control button on top could be better.
6. Visor wipes are generally a bit useless but these are beyond useless.

I bought these gloves Nov/Dec 2023 which wasn't that cold and they failed miserably. I am now back with my old XR-12 gloves.

Real shame because i was going to invest in the jacket if they performed well.
I am looking elsewhere now.

4 months old and already falling apart
18 January 2024 by Pierre
Would not recommend this glove to anyone, after using Keis I thought I'd try these in the hope that they were made of better quality materials. They are not.

They are warm and the leather does feel nice and soft much like a leather ski glove, that being said I'm not sure how well that would do in an accident.

Anyway after 4 months of infrequent use the inner lining has really started to show its age and a crack has started to form in the palm. Sportsbike shops took them back and returned them to Gerbing but they were returned stating wear and tear is not covered by the warranty. I didnt feel that was fair. They were regularly moisturised aswell.

If I were to buy again I'd spend a little more and go for the Revit heated glove. It's made to a much higher standard.
Absolute comfort
03 November 2023 by James G
I've had some before, but second hand - so this was my first "new" pair.

Knowing the difference they can make to any journey and it heading into the colder period I knew I needed something decent and Gerbing have for years now been a big, well known brand.

These are a doddle to wire into the bike's electrics, with the usual posi-negi fitment and inline fuse.

The difference being, the fuses are included and you can fit the one which best suits the level you set the gloves to - so for low or medium you can fit the appropriate fuse, with the hottest setting reserved to the highest ampage fuse.

The socket the Y-splitter fits to comfortably pokes above my seat and has a nice waterproof cover to protect when it's not in use.

Usage is simple, fit the splitter through your jacket arms (unless you have a Gerbing jacket with the in-built connectors at the sleeve in which case, use those!) and once connected you hold the button down and these will pop on - I've so far been completely satisfied with the lowest setting.

This is mostly down to the fleecy lining of the gloves being extremely good at keeping you comfortable and warm, with the heated element warming the back of your hand and fingers wonderfully and anything above would just be making me sweat.

I look forward to many winters with these and it's encouraging that Gerbing have a lifetime guarantee on the elements also, should anything go wrong in future.
Style: Black
Winter riding sorted
24 October 2023 by Dave R
I have always found Gerbing gloves to be well made, comfortable and a perfect fit straight out of the box.
These gloves incorporate palm sliders and knuckle armour in addition to finger protection pads. These are perfectly positioned to provide maximum protection without compromising overall comfort.
The gloves come with everything you need to connect to the bikes 12V electrical supply. The cabes are long enough to be fitted easily, though I highly recommend the optional curly extension cable.
In use the gloves warm quickly providing heat around the hand and fingers, essential when covering the brake or during heavy clutch use in traffic. The three heat settings provide a perfect range of settings easily keeping my 63 year old hand warm and cosy even on frosty days.
Only down side. Take care when removing the gloves if your hand are wet. The liner can stick to your fingers.
Perfectly snug
13 May 2023 by Miroslaw H
These gloves are well made.
A good safety addition is that you have to switch on the hottest "red" setting via the button.The gloves give good control and also have a squidgy to clear water from your helmet visor.
Style: Black
Nice warm hands at last.
16 January 2023 by Robert P
I'm really impressed with these gloves, even without the heater they keep my hands much warmer than any other gloves I've used in the past.

I have bad circulation so normally I really struggle keeping my hands warm, but not anymore. The heat isn't like the jacket where you feel it straight away, it's more of a subtle heat but it's more than enough. You can definitely feel the heat on the top of your hand where it's exposed to the wind.

It's a bit of a faff plugging them into the jacket as the leads are too short in my opinion. The trick it to plug them in and then leave them dangling (like when you used to have your gloves on a cord through your jacket as a kid) and then put the gloves on. Don't try put the gloves on and then connect the wires.

The sizing is perfect, all my other gloves are a size L and these are no different.

I've not give them five stars as I went out on a rainy day and I was using the integrated screen wiper. A few days later I noticed my visor was heavily scratched with quite deep horizontal lines. It was then that I realised that the screen wiper is made out of very hard plastic and has extremely sharp corners. I've cut the edges of the corners off but probably wont be using it again.

Overall I'd thoroughly recommend these gloves, not having cold hands anymore allows me to concentrate more on the ride, which is always a good thing.

Gerbing Xtreme XR Heated Gloves

  • Hard-wearing leather construction
  • Heats the entire length of each finger, including the thumb and back of hand
  • Waterproof, windproof and breathable Hipora lining
  • Adjustable wrist enclosure with extra knuckle protection
  • Integrated visor wipe, ideal for wet weather riding
  • Thinsulate insulation and brushed liner for added comfort
  • Lifetime warranty on the heating elements
  • Integrated push-button temperature control
  • Designed to be connected to your 12V motorcycle battery
  • MicroWirePro technology is incorporated throughout the whole glove

Size Guide

Due to the shorter style of this glove, it is unsuitable for use with portable batteries.

The Gerbing Xtreme XR heated motorcycle gloves are the shorter version of our Xtreme XRL glove. The Xtreme XR gloves have a short cuff and can be worn under the sleeves of most jackets.

The Gerbing Xtreme XR glove is designed to be connected through Gerbing's long Y-cable to the 12V battery of your vehicle through the Gerbing battery hook-up (supplied).

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