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Gerbing 12V XR-12 Hybrid Gloves - Black

Gerbing 12V XR-12 Hybrid Gloves - Black

Customer Product Reviews

4.5 Stars from 110 reviews

Price From £152.99 £169.98
Showing 1 - 20 of 110
Gerbing 12V XR-12 Hybrid Gloves - Black
March 8, 2019

Best heated gloves

These are the best heated gloves I have found. Use daily on 7 mile commute and hands are always warm. I use these with the rechargeable battery pack which can be purchased separately. Only issue is that this is now my 3rd pair as heating wire keeps cracking in glove which stops them working. They have tended to last about 9 months so always in warranty period to return and get replacement. Just have to wait a couple of weeks to normally receive replacement gloves. Would have been 5 star rating without this issue.

Gerbing 12V XR-12 Hybrid Gloves - Black
February 20, 2019

Great gloves

I should have got these before great gloves but the only problem I can find is the connection I thought it would have been a plug straight into the glove as some times they can disconnect. Make sure you unlock the controller to get max heat, best gloves for the money.

Gerbing 12V XR-12 Hybrid Gloves - Black
February 17, 2019

Warm gloves

Lovely pair of gloves. Great to actually be able to get heated gloves in a size that fits (xxs). They are pretty warm even without the heating on. Wiring into the battery was actually simple although I did watch a quick 'how to' clip on YouTube first. Definitely makes a difference in the cold weather. I've also bought the battery packs to go with them. The batteries are a bit bulky but I've not had chance to try them out riding yet.

Gerbing 12V XR-12 Hybrid Gloves - Black
February 13, 2019

Look no further for warm hands in winter

First time I've been compelled to write a review on any motorcycle product! I suffer poor circulation and riding in cold weather was quite painful. These gloves though are the only ones I've used which keep my hands warm. In the last cold snap, I turned it up to orange (75%) and my hands felt like they were in summer! My last gloves not only fell apart and weren't warm enough, but they cost more than these. Thanks to SBS, the refund more than covered this purchase (bless em!) I'm usually medium fit, but chose large as the advice was have plenty of room, and the adjustable strap means a perfect fit. The wiring job is a piece of cake. The routine of attaching cables from your sleeves to the gloves and then to the bike cable feels a bit awkward at first but you get used to it. Yesterday I was laughing into my helmet at the joy of having comfortable hands at last! Great length too draught free. Nothing to think about here, just buy em!

Gerbing 12V XR-12 Hybrid Gloves - Black
February 12, 2019

Comfortable and warm

Got these when it was cold and SO glad I did. Just angry I didn't get them sooner! Arrived next day and great product. 3 settings work great and they are mega comfortable.

Gerbing 12V XR-12 Hybrid Gloves - Black
February 7, 2019

Hands toasty warm, battery flat

After a 130 mile commute on a frosty January morning my hands were toasty warm on 75%. They replaced a pair of Held gloves that weren't heated and I always got cold fingers on this journey. Trouble was the gloves had flattened the battery. I suspect a 2001 Honda Blackbird's alternator was never designed for this loading. The fix, just turn off the gloves about 1 mile before you stop. The wiring is easy to attach to the battery, make sure it comes out on the left side of the bike. You want your left hand to operate the switch. The cuffs are very big, I'm struggling to get them inside my coat. So far the gloves sit outside the coat. Finally , the visor wipe is great. Quite a long, thick rubber on the thumb. One wipe and your visor's clear.

Gerbing 12V XR-12 Hybrid Gloves - Black
February 2, 2019

Winter game changer

I got these gloves for this winter to help with my 70 mile commute. Connected straight to battery and routed cable out of fairing to connect the main controller. Main controller and glove wires routed through the arms of my jacket. -6 lowest temperature I ridden in and hands were toasty on highest setting. Only 4 star rating as I don't see the point in using other settings other than the highest one.

Gerbing 12V XR-12 Hybrid Gloves - Black
January 28, 2019

2nd pair

Great product, enables me to keep riding through all weather's. Warm glove without the heating element turned on. This is my 2nd pair, the first pair wore out, i ride everyday, bought the 1st pair 4 years ago. Buy them, you won't regret it!

Gerbing 12V XR-12 Hybrid Gloves - Black
January 24, 2019

Just Excellent.

I'm a size 10 in gloves, but the Large version of the Hybrid gloves fitted perfectly. The quality of the glove itself is excellent. Whilst you dont feel as though your hands are touching anything hot, they stay warm. I've been riding this week in -2 not counting the wind chill of riding and my hands have been warm throughout the rides. It took 5 minutes to wire it to the bike. Highly recommended.

Gerbing 12V XR-12 Hybrid Gloves - Black
January 23, 2019

Variable fit

The gloves when used on the bike are brilliant at keeping me warm. I'd not been able to ride due to painful fingers in cold weather so kudos. The first pair were too tight (med) the second pair (large) had one fitting looser than the other so ordered a third (large) pair and all was good. SBS were faultless in the returns process. The wire takes a bit of getting used to but overall I'd recommend them to anyone. If you're debating, just do it!

Gerbing 12V XR-12 Hybrid Gloves - Black
January 23, 2019


So easy to set up. No need for battery pack. Quality product. Wish I brought them years ago. Would definitely recommend them.

Gerbing 12V XR-12 Hybrid Gloves - Black
January 21, 2019

Heated gloves

Good quality leather and well made, they are rather thick and take a little getting used to,the leather it supple, so your hand movements are fine and they are comfy. Overall a very good product.

Gerbing 12V XR-12 Hybrid Gloves - Black
January 10, 2019

Get A Pair

Looking for a way to prevent the pain of riding in the cold, I found these, dozens of great reviews and a great price. So I went ahead and bought some from the ever excellent Sports Bike Shop. I measured my hands according to SBS guide and was in the upper end of medium, however I had to change the gloves for a large size, no fuss from SBS, my hands are medium measured around the palm, but at 210mm from wrist to finger tip, are large, so be careful when ordering. The quality and attention to detailin these gloves is superb and the fit is tight but comfortable. Yes its a bit of a faff getting them on and hooking up, but hey, as soon as connected the warmth is there, in fact they are warm before you connect the power supply.So warm in fact I removed my muffs and haven't turned on my heated grips, right down to 3C.Ive wired the plug in and it pokes out under the seat on the LH side, the controller sits on my left thigh. Ive wired the long wires inside the lining of my leather, and the connectors just exit from the wrist gusset, so I can push them up there out of the way of my breakfast. The controller sits in the LH hip pocket when not riding, perfect. An excellent piece of kit, wish I'd bought some years ago. Get some, you wont be dissapointed.

Gerbing 12V XR-12 Hybrid Gloves - Black
January 10, 2019

Best Glove I Have Had So Far

Very warm even with the power off. Very easy to install on the bike. If I had any criticism it would be I would like the cable to be another 150 - 300mmn long

Gerbing 12V XR-12 Hybrid Gloves - Black
January 6, 2019

Cannot fault these

My wife is my love and passenger and unfortunately she has to take Warfrin for her blood which means her blood goes thin and resulting in her feeling the cold a lot more faster than the norm, Anyhow after buying thick winter gloves,silk liners, then hot pads you hold on to I thought I'd shell out and try these. Normally we would be 30min in the saddle till she would be feeling the chill, but with these and the BMW canbus adapter riding is so much comfier for her. They do take a bit of getting used to as regards of un-plugging before you get off and reconnecting when you get back on but you can soon get in the habit. Very warm on medium and (So far) waterproof)

Gerbing 12V XR-12 Hybrid Gloves - Black
December 30, 2018

Excellent Product.

You have to consider the pros and cons of what you are buying here: firstly, a very good quality leather glove, very well made without an skimping on material;, secondly water proof; thirdly, well insulated and fourthly heating which works well to keep you hands comfortable on a winter ride; they are also more economical than fitting all my three bikes with heated grips. On cons side, they are bulkier than unheated gloves which was noticeable when using the clutch and having to change hand position; the battery is also very bulky but once the glove is on and you are riding it's not that noticeable; and lastly - they are very expensive. I've yet to try them in pouring rain but assume they will keep my hands dry as well as warm. Back to cost - if this is a consideration then I wouldn't get them, I've lasted thirty-five years of motorcycling without heated gloves but decided this year to stop having to grit my teeth and put up with cold hands. To be good value they'll need to last five years without any faults in my book, so I'll have to wait to see if they end up being a good buy.

Gerbing 12V XR-12 Hybrid Gloves - Black
December 28, 2018


I'm used to cheap heated gloves so when I bought these I was amazed. Excellent build quality and even without any heating they are warm. They don't get hot like cheap gear do but they're so well insulated they don't need to. They are waterproof and are brilliant at keeping the chill at bay (thoroughly tested) hooking yourself up every morning with the cables can be a pain but then forgetting to charge your gloves are worse!! You can buy a battery pack if you want & they have little slots ideal for a debit card etc so you can buy petrol with contactless without the hassle of taking all your gloves off. I'm so happy I spent the cash and got them rather than going for the usual cheap rubbish that only last a year or so. And finally these have great warranty options.

Gerbing 12V XR-12 Hybrid Gloves - Black
December 24, 2018


These gloves are simply the best I've used on the market, excellent value for money

Gerbing 12V XR-12 Hybrid Gloves - Black
December 22, 2018

Actually looking forward to the cold now!

Not had a chance to test to the max, but these gloves fit well and most of all, they are warm! I have used in temps between 0 and 10C so far, and not even had to turn them on. Granted, at the lower end of those temps, then ride was only circa 30 mins ... so I'd venture a guess that a much longer ride would only require the lowest temp setting.

Gerbing 12V XR-12 Hybrid Gloves - Black
December 22, 2018

Brilliant Gerbing 12v XR-12 gloves

I suffer from the dreaded white finger when riding in even moderately cold weather. I have Honda three stage heated grips, which usually means hot palms and still very cold fingers. I have just tried these Gerbing gloves and I was amazed! You don't notice hot hands just very comfortable fingers and thr gloves are not as bulky as normal winter gloves. Wiring into the bike battery was easy and I really wish that I had bought a pair a long time ago. I would really recommend these gloves.

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