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Five of the best sub-£250 helmets for bigger heads

14 Jan 2019
Updated: 28 Nov 2022 The bigger the head, surely the bigger the brain inside. Use all that power to check out our list of plus-size lids

If you’ve got a large bonce, finding a helmet to fit properly can be an arduous task.

We’ve scoured through the helmets on the Sportsbikeshop website to find the best rated helmets in larger sizes, to help you find the one that perfectly accommodates your head.

LS2 Pioneer Evo

If it’s an adventure helmet you’re hankering for, then LS2’s entry-level option is the one for riders with plenty of brainspace. It’s picked up an average of 4.8 from the first 12 customer reviews, though it’s a pretty common suggestion to go one size up from your norm. This may negate some of the benefit of having a 3XL (65-66cm) in the range, though these things are always down to individual preference. This is one of the few lids where the biggest size is available in all colours, which is welcome news for riders with a bit more up top.

Bell Qualifier

Bell’s Qualifier is a sporty helmet with a plastic shell, D-ring fastener and a very attractive price. It goes up to a 3XL (65-66cm), though only the matt black colourscheme is available in that size. Reviewers rate the helmet highly, with an average of 4.9 from the first 33 reviews, though ‘noisy’ is a fairly common description so it’s worth knowing that if you prefer to ride without earplugs. The fast-change visor has an anti-fog coating and there’s a five-year warranty, which is a rarity for lids in this price bracket.

Icon Airflite

If you’re a fan of extravagant paintschemes and more aggressively-styled helmets, American brand Icon are always a good choice. The Airflite comes highly recommended from customers, many of whom describe the helmet as light and comfortable, if a little snug when first putting the helmet on. The large field of vision afforded by the large visor aperture is also a plus-point among reviewers. The Icon Airflite is available up to 3XL (65-66cm).


The CL-SP makes our list because it’s made specifically to suit larger heads. It’s produced only in 3XL and 4XL, which means you’ll get a more accurate fit as the shell and EPS were designed with large heads in mind. It’s also the only road helmet on our site that’s available in a 4XL size (66-67cm). The helmet’s features include glasses grooves, a RapidFire visor replacement system and a removable and washable lining. It’s had eight positive reviews from buyers, though there is a degree of frustration that the lid only comes in plain black.

HJC i90

For those in need of a flipfront helmet that’s not going to break the bank, Sportsbikeshop customers highly recommend the HJC I90, with several customers praising the helmet for its build quality and value. Reviewers also commented on the ease of use of the vents, as well as the airflow and effectiveness of the internal sun visor. Customers have noted that the special groove along the temples to accommodate glasses works well, and there’s plenty of room around the ears to comfortably fit an intercom system. The HJC I90 is available up to 3XL (64-65cm), but those sizes only come in matt black or glossy white.