Introducing… Shoei Glamster featured image

Introducing… Shoei Glamster

5 Nov 2019
The burgeoning retro custom helmet world will expand once more in 2020 with the arrival of Shoei’s new Glamster

Shoei's lastest model follows on from the success of the open-face J-O and motocross-style EX-Zero, bringing a road-style full-face lid to the collection.

The Shoei Glamster harks back to the 1980s with its narrow chinbar and mesh-backed vents, which go straight through to the interior without any option to close them.

There’s no new-school quick-release visor, instead relying on a screw-down mechanism to secure the all-new visor itself to the composite-fibre shell.

Modernity does get a look in with the opening and locking mechanism at the lower left edge of the visor, which is taken directly from Shoei’s NXR sports helmet.

And a Pinlock Evo anti-mist insert is included with the helmet, again taken from the NXR, to keep vision clear.

The new visor seals against a rubber strip around the visor aperture to keep out wind and rain, with Shoei promising the Glamster is a credible option for touring riding.

A vent below the retro Shoei logo does have a shutter to give the rider the option to block or allow air to flow through channels in the multiple-density EPS liner, which is backed by a brushed interior similar to its retro stablemates.

That interior includes modern essentials like emergency-release cheekpads and synthetic leather panels above the eyebrows and around the neckroll. The lid is secured by a D-ring strap to maintain the simplicity of the design.

The Glamster is due to arrive in spring 2020 in three shell sizes, one covering sizes XS-M, another for M-L and the largest shell covering XL and XXL.

Four plain paintschemes – off-white, basalt grey, gloss black and matt black – will be joined in the UK line-up by the Resurrection graphic in the three colour options in the photos above.

Prices at launch will be £409.99 for the plain colours and £499.99 for the graphics, which features a different Shoei logo that’s more reminiscent of the 1970s than the ʼ80s emblem used on the plain lids.