V2 Sponge Visor Cleaner Kit

The unique visor cleaning system that requires no chemicals

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Verified Customer Reviews for V2 Sponge Visor Cleaner Kit

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Our customers say…
Customers have praised the V2 sponge for its effectiveness in cleaning motorcycle visors. They appreciate its portability and ease of use, noting it can be conveniently carried in a jacket pocket. Users highlight its ability to remove bugs and grime without scratching, and some have relied on it for years. However, it's warned not to use it on anti-fog treated visors or Pinlock inserts. Overall, it’s highly recommended for enhancing riding safety and visibility.
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Does the job
24 May 2024 by Anonymous
Does exactly what it says. Sportsbikeshop excellent as always
V2 sponge visor cleaner
22 May 2024 by Lee
Definitely does the job and nice compact clever design - tore the sponge after a couple of uses but it still works!
15 May 2024 by Adam L
Best way to clean your visor!
Simple, cheap and no chemicals. They do die eventually but are great.
Simple but effective.
24 March 2024 by Stuart T
Great little bit of kit. Works really well.
Pretty good idea.
22 February 2024 by Phil K
Having a small wet sponge in a plastic bag and a dry cloth which comes with it in your pocket is very handy, works very well cleaning the outside of your visor with just sponge technology with no chemicals.
Not for inside of your visor if you have a pin lock they say it will scratch it.
Great for pulling over with a dirty visor and quickly cleaning it. Very handy.
Excellent Service - New Helmet
02 January 2024 by David O
I'd got two helmets in mind, but having a second opinion and help with different thickness internal pads resulted in a perfect fit Shoei Neotec with Sena comms. Great service from Boston Sportsbikeshop.
Does the job
20 November 2023 by Vince
Does what is says on the tin
Simple yet affective
11 October 2023 by Matthew T
For what it is, it does it well and for the price can't complain all around really useful to carry on a leg bag etc
Does what is says on the packet
11 August 2023 by Ian D
Removes fly squash easily and fits in jacket pocket
Sponge cleaner
08 August 2023 by Veeraraj S
Quick and easy to use
08 July 2023 by Anonymous
Used V2 sponges over a umber of years, easy to use and carry in a pocket, last a few months of regular use
Great piece of sponge
20 May 2023 by Chris H
Works well on flies and bugs. Easy to carry
Visor kit
12 May 2023 by Gavin L
Great wee sponge keeps the visor clean and scratch free
Bug mush remover
11 May 2023 by Alexander D
The V sponge does exactly what it says but with heavy use , it is worthwhile replacing them more frequently, I tend to buy 3 at a time but by far the easiest way to remove bug splatter when out and about
Best visor cleaner
11 May 2023 by T
Really is the best visor cleaner, especially on the go. I've used it on three different visors, some with dark tints and has not left any marks or scratches. Highly recommended
The sponge seems great, the bag was pierced.
11 March 2023 by Adam D
The V shaped sponge is excellent at getting road salt off in winter and hopefully the bugs come summer. The little bag in comes in seems a good idea but was pierced on delivery. For the price I have no issues with this and it stays damp in the bag for over a week regardless. You can go wrong for the price point, it's nicely in the pocket and obviously very easy to use.
Not just for bugs!
07 March 2023 by Lynda H
Have been using these for years, decided to introduce my fellow riders, am sure they will get addicted too!
Great for winter riding too, road spray soon removed! General road dust etc easily removed for great vision! As long as plenty of fluid in watertight v wipe package! Ensure plenty of fluid to avoid visor scratches!
Just common sense1 GREAT handy size package all year around. Fully recommend. Without doubt Sportsbikeshop service and comms perfect even when there's hiccups. cant recommend enough 5*

Cant fault sports bike shop even with inevitable hiccups of items 5 * satisfaction
V2 sponge
22 February 2023 by Frank F
Very good, does what it says, it cleans all the dust, dirt and grease off your visor

V2 Sponge Visor Cleaner Kit

  • Requires no chemicals
  • Unique V2 Sponge
  • Heavy duty grip seal bag keeps V2 Sponge wet and your pocket dry
  • Two lint free absorbent cloths included

NOTE Not to be used on any visor with an anti fog treatment.

The finest materials technology lab in Europe have delivered us a miracle material - it's Micro-cell structure is made entirely of the tiniest fibres you can imagine. Unlike a normal sponge or cleaning cloth these fibres don't just slide over the muck that's left on your visor, they actually cut into it like little cheese wires and lift it away. Whilst they are ruthless at removing the cack, they won't damage any visor with an anti-scratch treatment, rub as hard as you like, you'll just get the muck off even faster! Because it's the unique cell structure that provides this cleaning the V2 Sponge requires no chemicals, the V2 Sponge isn't impregnated with anything, just add water and it's ready to go. Once we had nailed the material we looked hard at what would be the best shape to fulfill all the key attributes required of this little marvel.The V-shape we've researched and put into manufacture was clearly the best.

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

  • Sponge is great product. Can I use the cloth on the inside of my pin lock visor?

    August 9, 2018

    Pinlock recommend that only a microfibre cloth is used when cleaning your visor insert.

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