HJC F70 - Tino Blue / Red / White

Fibreglass helmet with advanced airflow, internal sun visor, speaker pockets and MultiCool liner

RRP £289.99
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Verified Customer Reviews for HJC F70

34 reviews
Great value
07 July 2024 by Anonymous
Delivered in less than 24 hours. Great value.
Absolutely Spot On!
20 May 2024 by John B
I am very pleased with this helmet. Bit overdue a new one, so after a bit of research I opted for this one. Only being a fair weather rider didn't need to spend megabucks but wanted something with a quality look and feel to it. This ticks all the boxes. Having the built in space for Bluetooth headset makes it very comfortable with any headset (mine is not an HJC set but fits fine) I find the wind noise not too bad at all, well designed vents actually do prevent fogging very well and keep my head cool. In-built slide down sun visor always a winner also in my books. One thing I'd say is if you can get to a store-try on first, I'm usually a medium but ended up getting the large. (Perhaps just my personal preference but worth mentioning)
All in all a great value, quality look and feel, very comfortable helmet I'll be happy to use and will happily buy HJC going forward.
15 May 2024 by Adam L
Bought for my daughter so she can ride pillion. Very light for a cheap helmet. Fit is good and comfy apparently. Great that pin lock is included. I bought the intercom specifically built and that is also great.
A good helmet at a discontinued price
05 May 2024 by Nathan
With the release of newer generations of helmets I grabbed this at a discounted price whilst the last few units in stock were sold off, previously I'd used a HJC RPHA 70 as my daily helmet.

Very good and wide eye port, dual openings on the visor are a bonus too. The grey colour scheme is very dull (looks like velcro on a helmet) so opted for white. Tried three colour schemes on in the shop and one had a broken clip (came open too easy) so was sent back -- look out for this (not common I don't think).

Very good vents, instantly much cooler. Gotten used to it now though after a few rides so not as noticeable. Yet to test in very warm weather, but on a cool day was a noticeable feeling of air flow.

Doesn't feature quick release pads (think the F70 carbon might) which although I don't plan to crash would be a nice inclusion.

Would buy another second hand if this ever needs replacing and they no longer sell it.
Good helmet with lots of features
29 April 2024 by Neil T
Bought one each for myself and my wife to replace older HJC helmets. Main reasons for picking this model were the speaker pockets and sun visor. Sun visor is lighter that the old model but still OK. The speaker pockets were perfect for the sprint HD earsets and really improve the sound, We both found the helmets a bit tight but this should ease over time. Field of vision is good, so all in all a great helmet.
28 April 2024 by David N
Tight fit which makes it a bit difficult to put on and take off, but I expect it to 'give' a bit and it will become easier. Only worn it once on the bike. The cheek pads are a little intrusive pushing my cheeks between my teeth. Otherwise very comfortable with a very effective ventilation system. Vent slides are easy to operate as is the sun visor. Quieter than other helmets I've recently used.
£150 is the most I've ever paid for a helmet, but against the Japanese makers' prices, seems like good value.
Would definitely recommend.
Good fit, quality feel
21 December 2023 by Adam M
I have been looking for a helmet to replace my aging HJC IS-17 but i will admit i am a bit attached to it!
Looking for a direct replacement but a bit of an upgrade too, really pleased with this helmet. Great cosy fit - same shape and size as my old one but obviously the padding is new so a bit tighter. Quality is a noticeable improvement on the IS-17 with better materials and a better feel to it. Controls for stuff like the vents and drop down shade screen are all easy to find and use and the ventilation is a step up too

Really impressed, highly recommended.
Great fit for round/oval heads
21 October 2023 by Maks P
This is my second HJC helmet - they offer the best fit for my round/oval head type. Not too expensive - good value for money. Comes with a fog lense that you can fit on the inside of your visor. Easy to install your intercom - you just have to remove some inner pads.
Good buy
15 October 2023 by Robert P
This is my third HJC helmet. The fit and size is consistently good for my shape of head. Initially it felt tight across the cheeks but I know from experience that will ease with use. I found it reasonably quiet on both naked and faired bikes although my externally mounted blue tooth caused a bit of wind noise on the naked bike. Could clearly hear my music with ear plugs in. Excellent field of vision with the large visor and easy to use sun visor. Combination of included pinlock and huge breath guard means no misting up no matter the weather. Finally a great price and service from SPORTSBIKESHOP.
Top Quality, Good Value
30 September 2023 by Nick L
I upgraded from an older HJC and was pleased with the fit and finish of the F70. The helmet sizes run small. I normally use a medium but needed a large for the F70. I installer the 20B intercom system and it was pretty easy. I recommend watching the YouTube video on how to install the 20B.
Great purchase
01 July 2023 by Steve B
After taking up biking, my first two purchases were very cheap. Albeit HJC is mid price range the difference in quality between this and £100 helmets I've bought before is huge. Better ventilation, lower wind noise are clear positives. Need to get used to the D ring fastening but so pleased with my purchase.
Superb helmet with great field of view
19 January 2023 by Gary C
I bought this helmet as the HJC helmet I used to use couldn't accommodate the Cardo Packtalk comms system my wife bought me for Christmas.
What a helmet!
The helmet is fully set up for aftermarket comms systems plus the HJC Smart system.
All recesses are in place for speakers and wires, so everything fits neatly and tidily.

Onto the helmet itself, it is comfortable and quiet with just the expected level of wind noise. The helmet is also light in weight.. Although it is quite large it certainly doesn't feel it whilst being worn. The large visor area gives a much greater field of view and makes lifesaver checks so much easier and safer.
With the included Pinlock visor installed, the helmet never misted up at all. Even on a freezing cold day. I can't say how it would have been without as I fitted the Pinlock as soon as I unboxed it.

Aesthetically, the helmet looks amazing with a mean, modern look. The ventilation system works very well with plenty of airflow. Even when I closed them due to the cold, the helmet still didn't steam up. There is a large space between the mouth and chinguard and coupled with the included breath guard I'm sure this helps.

The liner and cheek pads are a doddle to remove and refit for cleaning and although I do prefer ratchet type chin straps over D ring straps such as the one fitted to this helmet, its certainly not a big deal to use once you get used to it.

All in all, highly recommended!
HJC F70 helmet
11 January 2023 by Anonymous
Recently bought this helmet from Sportsbikeshop. After first trying a cheaper HJC for £142 on sale which fitted nicely I decided it was worth paying the extra £60 for HJC F70. The helmet fitted really well making your head feel supported all over and with a bit of red piping to the material it finished it off. Would recommend this helmet as well priced but with a more expensive feel.
Style: Tino Red
Decent mid priced helmet
20 December 2022 by Anonymous
Well priced helmet, comfortable, reasonably quiet and in sun visor is handy and easy to use on the move. I've had a few of these HJCs over the years and they are great for the money.
Style: Tino Red
Replacement lid
08 December 2022 by Paul M
The helmet was what I had expected from HJC. High quality and excellent fit also designed for intercoms. The helmet is to replace an HJC Rpha 11 I had damaged. The colours where what I wanted but was surprised that the Visor was held in place with a screw. I should have noticed this my fault therefore the good Rating takes that into account.
Style: Tino Red
HJC quality
05 December 2022 by Richard W
Since I had an 'off' some years ago and HJC saved my nut without a scratch I've always bought them. This one is 1st rate with indents to take intercom headphones, very comfortable and quieter than my previous one. Two points though, the extra breath deflector restricts vision a bit and makes looking at instruments a risky business requiring head deflection rather than an eyeball glance. Secondly the visor has the old screw fixing which means visor is up or fully down at any speed rather than staying put say 'one click' up. Minor points though and the sun visor much easier to use with side slider.
22 October 2022 by Matthew M
Love my new lid. Lighter than my old helmet and very comfortable. There is very little wind noise and the visor is massive. I can barely see the chin bar when im in it.

The red colour is definitely orange
Hjc f70 new helmet
18 September 2022 by Jon N
Bought this as a replacement for my aging agv helmet and fancied a change of brand lovely light helmet, finish is brilliant, fit wise good, noise wise good, buffeting not as good as the agv , vision is brilliant better than the agv,, vent elation is better than the agv, overall I'd reccomend this over the agv I had which was the k5 series I'd give this eight out of ten would but again in this price range

HJC F70 - Tino Blue / Red / White

  • Lightweight fibreglass composite shell construction
  • Aerodynamic advanced CAD shape with enlarged eye port for greater visibility
  • ACS 'Advanced Channelling Ventilation' system features front to back airflow channels
  • Scoop top intake vent and rear exhaust exit vents help pull heat from the interior
  • Chin bar vent flows air across the visor to help eliminate fogging
  • MultiCool T interior anti-bacterial fabric for superior wicking and fast-drying properties
  • Fully removable and washable interior lining
  • Emergency quick-release cheek pads
  • HJ-32 visor with 95% UV protection
  • Pinlock anti-fog insert included
  • Large internal sun visor with patented One-Touch mechanism deploys quickly and easily
  • Breath deflector and chin curtain included
  • Secure double-D ring chin strap closure
  • Bluetooth-ready design accepts SMART HJC 10B or 20B systems (sold separately)
  • Ergonomic groove for riders who wear eyeglasses or sunglasses

All helmets are supplied with a clear visor as standard
The HJC F70 Helmet features an aerodynamic shell made from a fibreglass composite for a lightweight yet stiff exterior. HJC's Advanced Channelling Ventilation System (ACS) helps move air through the helmet and pull heat and moisture out. Anti-bacterial fabric lining the interior wicks sweat away and dries quickly. Emergency quick-release cheek pads are a welcome feature, usually reserved for more expensive track day helmets. An integrated drop-down internal sun visor makes it easy to manage the sun. Speaker pockets allow the F70 Helmet to more easily fit an optional Bluetooth communication system.

Product Specification Variants Visor Intercom Systems Manufacturer
Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

  • Is this helmet acu gold rated?

    April 3, 2023

    The HJC F70 helmets are ACU Approved.

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