Scorpion ADF-9000 Air - Desert White / Blue / Red

TCT ultra-lightweight adventure helmet with ultrawide Pinlock visor and removable peak

RRP £329.99
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Verified Customer Reviews for Scorpion ADF-9000 Air

20 reviews
Protection, Quality and Value!
16 July 2024 by Steve C
Starting with protection, this helmet meets the latest ECE 22.06 requirements AND is approved by British Motorcycle Sport for racing - more than some helmets at twice the price. If nothing else survives, at least you'll know your head will be in one piece! The materials and construction all have a quality feel and this also extends to that cosy environment where your head goes. Clear or tinted visor with large tabs that even fat fingered gorilla's can use to easily flip up and down, with a similarly sized smooth action lever located on the left side to flip the built in tinted sun visor up and down. The peak is quick and easy to remove or install; the visors are quick and easy to remove and install (even though it feels a little brutal) and you are provided with a wide panoramic field of vision. Now to the Pinlock - I'm really not to sure what other people are doing with their Pinlocks, but within two minutes it was out its nice protective bag and installed - knives? scissors? really? This is a brilliant, well made, great fitting, great quality and great value for money helmet. And one last tip - go for the white. Why? It's cheaper and your head won't boil in the sun like it may do in the black or other dark finishes.
Great lid
14 June 2024 by Anonymous
Fits great, ordered large. Peak non intrusive at higher speeds, easy fitment of senna Comms system. Only slight issue was fitting pinlock but nothing to stop me giving it a 5 stars
Great value Quality helmet.
04 June 2024 by Anonymous
Very comfortable with a good field of vision. Pinlock was fiddly but did click firmly into place. Great that this was included along with the dark visor which I doubt I'll use. The peak works well at shielding the sun and the drop down visor works well when the sun is lower on the horizon.
Airfit cheek pads? Not sure I'll use the feature as the helmet is comfortable anyway.
Scorpion ADF-9000
10 April 2024 by Alan B
2nd Scorpion Air helmet from Sportsbikeshop, good sizing, comfortable and a lot quieter than most helmets, cracking price and delivery as always from SBS
Really can't fault the product or service.
Scorpion helmet
07 April 2024 by Anonymous
Well made, but adventure helmets I found are difficult to put on to get the right fit. Best to try them on before buying
Greatest All round helmet
26 March 2024 by Kevin H
Looks good
Feels great
Suits all ride positions Rain or sunshine very happy with it
Excellent all-around helmet
21 March 2024 by Evan
- Great quality helmet, fits nice on my head shape. Seems really well made.
- High quality, soft interior. Airfit cheek pads are great.
- Embedded sun visor.
- Easily removable peak.
- Excellent ventilation.

- Pinlock visor does not fit the helmet's visor. Seems like Pinlock's fault, as on the cover it says it's designed for this specific helmet. Needs some DIY to fit properly. I had to use a knife + pair of scissors to make it work. Not something tremendous, just 10mins of extra work. Still, not a good thing to have to do.
- The sun visor causes some distortion along its bottom edge, so when reading the instruments or sat-nav, expect some visual distortion.
- While "compatible" with Scorpion's intercom system, the battery has to be placed on the lower back of the outside of the helmet. Odd.
- Average weight. Not as light as some of the more premium priced helmets.
Fantastic Helmet
20 March 2024 by Andy
I'll start with what you want to hear, it's worth the money and a fantastic helmet to wear day in-day out. I've owned it for around a month now and it has bedded in nicely. Initially it was quite tight around the cheeks, but this has improved, and I'm sure is why the air fit is in place to retain a good fit over time. I find that it's an odd shaped helmet, though. It fits, but fits differently to other helmets I've owned (Nolan N70-2X, AGV K3 etc...). Not a bad different, just different.
It's very light, noticeably so compared to my old Nolan N70-2X. The included tinted visor is a nice touch!
I love the huge visor, its action is smooth and the pinlock is a great addition. The visor almost has some form of water-beading properties to it. It beads much nicer than other visors that I have used, not sure if this is just because how new it is, but I don't remember the same thing with other helmets. I haven't applied any Rainex or similar to it, it just sheds water!
The drop-down sun visor works well and comes down quite far.
Vents don't appear to do much, so I don't see this being a cooler helmet in warmer climates. I will say that it's lovely and warm in winter though!
The peak doesn't seem to drag at speed, it is a very flexible peak so maybe that helps.
I fitted a Cardo Freecom with JBL speakers easily enough, the helmet has cut-outs for the speakers and does fit the larger JBL speakers.
I'd recommend this helmet. It's comfy, looks great and performs well. It's definitely amazing value for money and is a quality product.
Get a head Get a hat
28 February 2024 by Chris S
Nice helmet. Good fit with wide field of vision. The drop down sun visor is a bonus on an adventure helmet.
Wind noise might be slightly up on my Arai x4 but great value all round.
Comfortable and looks good
04 February 2024 by Elliot
It's a comfortable helmet to wear.
I personally also really like the look.
The internal sun visor control is easy to interact with, the larger visor aperture offers a great field of view.

The ability to attach a plate to mount an action camera is useful as it avoids having to stick things directly to the helmet.
However, as it's screwed in it's awkward/ next to impossible to easily remove. Once the camera is stuck on, you can no longer access the screw. I got around this issue by drilling a hole through the GoPro mounting piece so I can get a screw driver through.

I'm not entirely sure what the little air pump thing just inside the chin of the helmet is supposed to achieve.
It inflates small bladders around the ears. I haven't been able to feel any difference, so don't really know what it's trying to accomplish.
Just what I wanted
29 January 2024 by Andrew D
Purchased after using SBS try buy option.
It's just what I wanted, quality helmet with loads of great features.
Great fit and nice and quiet.
Excellent service every time you make a purchase with SBS
23 January 2024 by Martin B
Excellent product and very good quality. Sized correctly.
Good to have a clear and tinted visor included in the price.
Only negative was the pinlock was fiddly to fit correctly
Great product and great service
21 January 2024 by Kevin G
Scorpion ADF 9000 Air - great helmet ticking all the boxes for a modern day adventure helmet.
Usual great service from SPORTSBIKESHOP - can't beat them.
Great Value Adventure Helmet
20 January 2024 by Paul
After reading good reviews on this helmet and not wanting to pay Arai money, I took advantage of SBS's 20% off.

Comfort is good and there's no obvious points where it's causing discomfort. Adjustment using the air pump definitely works and allows just the right amount of tightness across the face. Whether it will hold the air over a longer period of time I just don't know. Worth remembering that the air must be released before removing the helmet.

Pumping it up and then releasing it could be described as more work than normal but that's the price you pay for the convenience of a custom fit.

I've used it on a bike with a very small screen, basically a naked bike, and I was extremely impressed by the lack of buffeting. I honestly expected it to be moving my head around at 70 mph but it didn't and that's a big bonus.

In terms of noise, I can only say that this is the first helmet where I've listened to music at 60-70mph and heard the tune clearly (wearing filtered earplugs).

The only reason I would potentially drop half a star to 4.5 stars is that on a 4 degree C winter day I could feel a bit of cold air which came via the chin skirt. I used a different neck tube and it pretty much sorted it. This could of course be a bonus in very hot weather.

Pinlock was completely clear in that cold weather.

Build quality is really way above what you'd expect for the price.

Great value helmet.

Great Helmet
27 December 2023 by Tim F
Love the cut-outs for intercom speakers which makes wearing the helmet so much more comfortable than my previous helmet. It's also very quiet at speed but the best thing is the size of the Pinlock. No more looking out of a pillbox slot, when the non Pinlock covered edges mist. Pretty much the whole visor area is covered meaning you can ride on cold wet days leaving the visor down even when waiting in traffic and have super clear vison.
Great lid, brilliant shop, good deal
11 December 2023 by Jay
We used the whole 'click and try on' system to order 3 different lids in 2 sizes for my wife to make sure she got the best possible fit. We went to MK and she tried them all on and we went home to decide. A week later we ordered this lid delivered to home for free. It's a brilliant system and I can't recommend SBS enough. The ADV-9000 is lightweight, has excellent graphics, a quality feel about it and had £60 off so what's not to love?
Five star comfort
08 December 2023 by Kim S
Very nice Helmet, light in weight. Construction of the Helmet is of lightweight modern materials for High Strength and Quality oozes from this lid also being 22.06 to the latest test specs, really comfortable I went for the colour purely for safety reasons other colours are available. I also purchased an Exo-com which is a breeze to fit
Decent quiet helmet
30 November 2023 by Derek B
A decent helmet the only thing is the pinlock visor very hard to fit the groves or cut outs are not right you have to trim them a little bit to make it fit without damaging the silicon seal otherwise you have to buy a new one at £45 not good I'd let the SBS fit it so any damage it's for them to replace it
But otherwise a good helmet quite good visibility recommend it

Scorpion ADF-9000 Air - Desert White / Blue / Red

  • TCT-Ultra lightweight composite shell construction
  • Ultrawide Max Vision Pinlock visor and insert
  • 3 shell sizes for optimal fit and comfort
  • Emergency quick-release cheek pads
  • Adjustable front and aero-tuned rear air vents
  • Speed View internal drop-down sun visor
  • Airfit customisable cheek pads for an optimal fit
  • Soft antimicrobial KwickWick 3 interior
  • Titanium Double-D ring fastening
  • Two action camera mounting points
  • Removable peak included

All helmets are supplied with a clear visor as standard

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