Nolan N70-2 X - Stunner N-Com Metal White / Blue / Red

Dual homologated adventure helmet with ultra-wide Pinlock visor and removable chin piece

RRP £299.99
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Verified Customer Reviews for Nolan N70-2 X

53 reviews
Pleasantly impressed
29 January 2024 by Peter B
This is my first adventure style helmet and after my first outing I'm pleasantly impressed. Excellent field of vision compared to contemporary full-face helmets. No misting with the pinlock visor fully closed. Visor easy to operate with thick gloves. Excellent sun shielding with the peak. Felt slightly cool around my temples but not excessive for a winter ride. I've not tried it with the chin bar removed or the inbuilt sun shade but both features appear easy to operate. Feels light to wear. I'm normally large and like the Shoei fit, the Nolan is a little looser but stayed well planted throughout the ride and no flapping from the peak although my ride was at fairly low speeds.
A bit drafty and creaks
08 November 2023 by Anonymous
The helmet let's in a good bit of air around the cheeks, not great in cold weather, it also creaks a lot that can be very annoying when moving your head around, I don't recommend this lid if you are a motovlogger as you will hear the creaking in your video and possibly the wind, the helmet is a comfortable fit, I got size S, vents are adequate, though I doubt you will need to open them with the air that gets in already, I like the idea of the detachable jaw and keeping it for that reason only, vision from the helmet is wide.
Nolan N70-2x
26 October 2023 by Anonymous
Really well fitting lid, comfortable,
Dual use, chin comes off when you want to ride without the restriction of a full face helmet. Has a very optically clear smoked internal lens with easy push button return.
Great Helmet - good value
26 October 2023 by Anonymous
This helmet is great. The design is well thought out, aesthetically it is good looking and all in all good value for money. I would recommend.
Great service, love the product
28 July 2023 by Keith M
Bought this helmet after trying many. I chose it for the style, love the removable peak and chin, and the sun visor. Feels quality. No wind noise and well ventilated. Tried £500 helmets and this is as good for less than half that. Would recommend.
Quality Helmet
29 June 2023 by MIKE
Great helmet and quieter than my AGV K6 , Love the increased field of vision it gives . Fit was spot on although my K6 felt a little tighter initially . Biggest surprise was the lack of buffeting even on the motorway doing 65 to 70 on my Honda CB500X , Nothing negative but its early days but so far it bodes well moving forward. Icing on the cake was the sale price made it a no brainer .
Great value
19 May 2023 by Tim R
£200 for a really stylish and very functional adventure helmet. It looks and feels more expensive. Very comfortable and good with glasses.
I love the looks of it!
06 April 2023 by Sotirios.
I love the looks of it!
Regardless if ADV "transformer" lids are frowned upon by some or not, I literally bought it because of it's looks, could care less what the rest of the bunch says!
I will probably never use it for daily city commutes (without peak & chin) simply because it's just too good looking of a helmet to have it scratched during daily use.
Size M fits me right. It is a tight entry when putting it on, but once fitted it feels like a luxury sportscar's bucket seat. Comfortable and secure. I've worn it on three separate 7 hour roundtrips and never felt any annoying pressure points, or other discomforts.
Weight? Not sure of it's exact weight, but if it wasn't for it's snug interior, I probably wouldn't even know that I was wearing a lid.
Good heat retention, never felt cold despite my rides being on high (1650m so far) snow-covered mountain passes. Cannot comment on the air vents because I haven't needed them just yet.
Noise. Yeah, it's a loud lid. No way getting around this. Earplugs recommended. Although I must add that I have never tried tightening the neck pad to see if it would help.
Peak. Looks great, not too much drama on highway speeds, keeps the low lying evening sun under control but boy, side winds will certainly "grab" your attention.
The cord which tightens the neck pad interferes with the sun visor's retract button making it an Odyssey when trying to retract the sun visor with winter gloves.
Pinlock ready. Fog free, period!
Overall, I am truly satisfied with this purchase, it fits great, it feels great, and it looks great.
I do read other SBS reviews and I do know that SBS has a devoted following. I am not here to go against the flow, but you see the thing is I live abroad (not in the UK that is). I opted for the extra €17 for quicker delivery only to have my lid delivered 2,5 weeks later. That was €17 down the drain if you ask me. On Friday, 31 of March, I ordered a textile touring jacket from SBS, and according to DHL's notifications, it will be arriving on the 20th of April. I just wish SBS could be as punctual with it's overseas customers as well. No hard feelings, just saying.
Did I mention that the Nolan N70-2X looks great? LOL
Take care guys and gals, safe ridings!

Style: Torpedo Metal White / Blue / Red
Really comfortable
10 January 2023 by Dave M
Really comfy helmet looks great with the colours matching my 850 GS. I wore it for about 3 hours of foul Peak District rain and had no problems at all with the pinlock, unlike every other helmet I've owned. Fantastic price as well, definitely recommend.
Style: Grandes Alpes Black / White / Blue / Red
Very Pleased
24 November 2022 by Chris W
My previous lids have varied between size S and M, so I chose S based on my head measurement & it's perfect. If you like snug padding around the cheeks it might not be for you, but this makes it great for specs wearers. It's comfy, quiet at the low speeds I've done so far, and the peak keeps sun off once it's adjusted fully forward. Visor has a nice click action and can be locked in the closed position. Sun visor has a nice click action too. Ventilation seems good; I can feel the cool air over my head. The ability to use it as an open face with goggles was a big attraction for me. In summary, I find absolutely nothing to dislike.
Great helmet
27 October 2022 by Piotr
Bought this helmet after my N44 got damaged. The N70-2X is great and flexible helmet. It is easy to convert by removing peak or chin bar - you don't need any tools ! Everything works smoothly, inside materials are quite comfy. Decent noise isolation (better than N44). Thanks to large visor the visibility is great - no need to stretch your neck to extremes ;)
Supplier at Last
28 June 2022 by Roy H
After trying many outlets in trying to purchase the above item Sportsbike shop finally had one available. In addition I needed additional information regarding a comms unit to replace my existing item. Service on both accounts was excellent. Packaged appropriately and arrive on scheduled day.
Style: Grandes Alpes Black / White / Blue / Red
Excellent multi purpose helmet!
23 March 2022 by Sean F
It's got great build quality. The medium fits me fine as I went for my usual style. It has not leaked in heavy rain during a 8 mile commute home last week but, despite the Pinlock, part of the visor was a bit misted but it was pouring down. On cold morning rides, the Pinlock works as expected. The visor retracts smoothly and the removable chin piece will be great come summer. The colour I opted for looks better than the picture IMO.
SPS were fast to despatch and the gear arrived the following day. The N-com device was easily fitted and works well and looks just like a part of the helmet rather than a chunky aftermarket B/tooth unit clamped on the side.
Yeah, I am REALLY pleased with the helmet and comms unit. SportsbikeShop have excelled again with great service and good updates re delivery.
Style: Grandes Alpes Flat Lava
28 February 2022 by John D
I have just ridden to work in heavy rain, visor does not steam up thanks to pin lock which was fitted at the factory or leak, wind noise is minimal with the visor shut.
Really comfortable, great side view with large visor, sun visor visor works well, the quick release fastens and opens with minimal effort but still feels secure.
I can wear my glasses without removing an ear every time I take them off.
I have always used AGV until now but this at a new level without breaking the bank.
All round excellent helmet.
Very good helmet
28 January 2022 by Rod
Well finished. Surprisingly quiet. Excellent visor with pre fitted pin lock.
Style: Grandes Alpes Flat Lava
Good helmet, but not great
25 January 2022 by Bivibag_ADV
Coming from a Shoei Hornet this is a bit of a let down. The internal liner is already puckering up, and it's pretty draughty in winter. It's also noisier on the road than the Shoei helmets. Trying to fit a non-Nolan intercom such as a Cardo Packtalk really shows the cheapness of the shell and is a real challenge. The only plus side is the large visor giving a good view. Once the weather warms up I'll try the open-face option, but overall a flip front with a peak (Nexx or Schuberth) would have been a better choice.
Style: Grandes Alpes Lava Grey / Yellow
Versatile Helmet with Quality Features
21 January 2022 by Paul H
A good X Platform helmet for riding on road, touring, trails Open/Full Face with or without a visor (using goggles). Its a little noisy at speed with the peak attached - but to be expected (good stability though). Internal visor is a great feature as is the ready fitted pinlock. Not keen on the ratchet closure as prefer the double D loop.
Style: Grandes Alpes Flat Lava
Good helmet, could be better
03 December 2021 by Joey
I got tired of being blinded by low, high intensity winter sun while trail riding last month. My other nolan helmet didn't have a peak, so thought I'd stick with a brand I trust and try this one.

While it IS supremely comfy, light and has a great field of vision, the visor fogs up quickly if you're not moving, doesn't seal properly, and the the removable chin section doesn't fill me with faith it'll last a minor off, and the peak is trash - sadly yet another victim of the "adventure" obsession everyone seems to have at present. I don't give a crap how good I look while smelling of sweat, covered in crap on a 200 mile trailing trip.

The peak simply doesn't come down far enough to make any difference to having your retinas burnt out.

If you're sat still with the visor down, it fogs up until you're moving again.

You can see a visible air gap between the helmet seal and the visor around the bottom.

The chinbar being removable is dumb.

So much stuff out there now concentrates on the LOOK rather than the FUNCTION of a product. Nolan needs to stop pandering to this idiotic ideal and make a proper, sturdy dualsport lid that is functional above stylish.
Style: Classic Flat Vulcan Grey

Nolan N70-2 X - Stunner N-Com Metal White / Blue / Red

  • Dual-homologated removable protective chin
  • Polycarbonate outer shell construction
  • Ultra-wide anti-scratch visor with fitted Pinlock
  • Clima comfort padding for enhanced comfort
  • Easy to use the internal drop-down sun visor
  • Removable and washable neck-roll
  • Neck-roll features minor adjustment points
  • Prepared for N-Com intercom systems
  • Large top vents force air around the head
  • Dual-action micrometric chin strap
  • Removable and washable chin strap covers

All helmets are supplied with a clear visor as standard

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