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Nolan N100-5 Consistency N-Com - Flat Lava Grey

Nolan N100-5 Consistency N-Com - Flat Lava Grey

Customer Product Reviews

5 Stars from 5 reviews

Price From $387.55
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Nolan N100-5 Lumiere N-Com - Flat Blue
September 2, 2019

Nolan crash helmet

Sizing chart very good, arrived on time, packaged well and the product was high quality. Staff on the phone are knowledgeable and very helpful.

Nolan N100-5 Consistency N-Com - Matt Clayman Blue
August 19, 2019

Nolan N100

I'd seen and tried out this lid at a retail stall at a BSB meet and was impressed by its build quality and design but held back on purchasing it as I was concerned about it being genuine and of course the validity of its guarantee. I ordered one from Sportsbikeshop happy to know if there was a problem it would soon be sorted out and if the size wasn't right it would be changed. Yea I paid I think £30 more but have piece of mind. Very happy with it.

Nolan N100-5 Lumiere N-Com - Black / Red
July 17, 2019

Good helmet, but maybe not for a sportsbike.

My second flip front helmet which is replacing a Caberg Duke 2. Everything about the N100-5 is a step up in quality from the Duke (not that the Duke is a bad helmet, it's served me well and I would recommend it to others). The two stage opening on the N100-5 is simple to use and the flip front opening seems to be assisted so it springs back at the end of its travel to the fully open position. The padding round the neck is snug and I assume helps reduce noise. I thought it might be a bit too warm on hotter days but so far it's been fine. It's definitely quieter helmet than the Duke with less drafts or whistles. Sizing seems a little small, i've worn mediums for years but needed a large this time. The Pinlock fitted visor opening has a large viewing angle however, it seems that the view through the visor is at quite a low angle. This is fine for naked/touring bikes as you have a great view of all your instruments and the road but not as helpful on a sportsbike where I can see too much bike and not enough road. The plush padding round the neck, for me, adds to the problem as it pushes the helmet forward. It's by no means dangerous but it is distracting, a bit like driving your car with the sun visor down all the time. I'm hoping this will be less of an issue as I break the helmet in and can adjust how it sits on my head. In conclusion, it's a good helmet, just make sure it suits your riding position.

Nolan N100-5 Consistency N-Com - Flat Silver
June 22, 2019

Good not great helmet (overpriced)

Good helmet, good wide visor & air vents

Nolan N100-5 Consistency N-Com - Matt Clayman Blue
June 18, 2019

Nice Lid

Its my first flip lid and I am very pleased with it. Quieter than my Shoei GT Air was. Good ventilation. Comfortable too.Easy to install my Cardo headset to it.

Nolan N100-5 Consistency N-Com - Metal White
June 18, 2019

Good Helmet, good shop and service

My old HJC helmet was way past its best. I tried a number of helmets, SportsBike where excellent at allowing me to order six helmets in chosen size, then once they were in stock (few days) try them all on. The N100-5 was by far the most comfortable, which was great because on paper it also had the best features. It is a snug fit but never gets too much or causes discomfort. The ventilation could be a little more for my taste but the visor click stops work fine if I want more air. The sun visor is very nice, good optics and easy to operate. Now six weeks in and I am still happy with it. Above 65+mph it starts to get noisy, but only what one would expect. My partner also went through the same process independently and also selected the N100-5 for comfort. I added the N-Com intercom system which fitted easily enough and works well.

Nolan N100-5 Consistency N-Com - Metal White
June 8, 2019

Good helmet but not perfect

I had a Nolan N4 which was at its end but I wanted to retain the N-Com system so plumped for this. Cannot fault SportsBikeShop for value and service but..the helmet is very noisy unless you have a huge fairing or are bimbling with the lid up. You WILL need an adapter plate for the n-com as the fixing is different but, once again, was sorted by SBS. All in all, well worth it but it is noisy. The slightly adapted visor system is much better too.

Nolan N100-5 Consistency N-Com - Flat Lava Grey
May 22, 2019

A Home for your Head

My first Nolan Helmet, and what a surpise, in comfort, weight, quietness and a moulding fit, by the seven use. Both visors are good, with the outer giving a good wind seal. The strap locking mechanism takes a bit of getting use to, if like me having tree trucks for fingers, but like all things when use to it, becomes very easy, just like the level and retract buttons for the inner visor. Overall for the price, its has excellent design, construction, comfort, style, and choices of colours.

Nolan N100-5 Classic N-Com - Metal White
May 13, 2019

Good Buy

Comfortable helmet, medium fits 57cm head. Also has slots for glasses making it easy to put them on and take off. Good venting and internal shades have four lowered settings which is great. Weight ok for modular helmet and can use on road up or down. Easy to open visor. Ready for comms, but not installed. Recommended

Nolan N100-5 Consistency N-Com - Flat Lava Grey
May 1, 2019

Super helmet

Great quality and able to fit the com system which is excellent

Nolan N100-5 Consistency N-Com - Corsa Red
April 29, 2019

Fab helmet

My wife's new lid, very impressed with quality and fit. She loves internal sun visor

Nolan N100-5 Classic N-Com - Matt Black
April 19, 2019

Good comfy helmet

Excellent helmet . Recommended for people with larger head. Very noisy when closed. A lot of wind noise. I bought it however to use it in open position.

Nolan N100-5 Classic N-Com - Metal White
April 19, 2019

N100-5 great helmet

Can not think of a negative for the Nolan to be honest. It's not heavy the fit and finish are excellent - good quality materials all round. The visor has great periferal vision, the opening mechanism is easy to use, as is the sun visor. Flip up works great and is solid. No flex. I like that the p/j switch is protected by the flip up unlike most other helmets I've had. Lastly the ventilation works. Opening the top vent really cools you. 10/10

Nolan N100-5 Consistency N-Com - Metal White
April 12, 2019

Excellent comfort

Bought as an replacement for my old Nolan n90. Measurement was the same as my old helmet and also matched the fitting guide provided. A good snug feel with no roll or movement once on. Visibility is excellent and the noise levels are low compared to my previous one. Opening of vents and sun visor are really easy even with gloves on. Also bought the n-com system which can go with it. Easy to fit and use, so a perfect match. Would total recommend to anyone.

Nolan N100-5 Consistency N-Com - Metal White
April 12, 2019

Very Happy

Lovely Helmet! I've used this for about 600 miles now. I had a Shoei Raid II, this is very slighly quieter, although I wear ear plugs anyway. I bought it because it was a very good fit, so it's very comfy in a tight way (hamster cheeks!). It's my first flip up, so the extra weight was a surprise to begin with, but I'm not aware of it now. On the bike, it's very stable, more-so that my old lid, with very little lift at speed. Visor is nice and big and the internal visor is excellent in town with the main visor up. Ventilation feels a bit feeble. The chin vent doesn't seem to do much at all, the top vent is noticeable but I find it very hard to operate with winter gloves. However I suspect the ventilation is a little limited due to the very effective cushioning around the neck, This is also my first polycarbonate feels more bendy and softer than a fibre lid. Why only 4 stars? The sun-visor retraction button can be very hard to find sometimes (winter gloves) The sun-visor can fog a little at low speed, probably could use some kind of coating..but won't be an issue above 10'C Occasionally I get some weird reflections from the main visor. These really are minor niggles - if it fits you, and you want a really good helmet in the £300 price range - I'd highly recommend...and I love the metallic black and white paint scheme. SBS awesome as usual.

Nolan N100-5 Classic N-Com - Metal White
March 19, 2019


Very nice, very comfortable. The best helmet I've had for vision, there is a bit of wind noise at 70 mph. The airflow is great and I am very impressed with it.

Nolan N100-5 Consistency N-Com - Flat Lava Grey
March 2, 2019

Great design but.......

This is my first flip front helmet, so possibly unfair to comment negatively about the design of the inner tinted visor mechanism. The slider to put it down is difficult to locate with a gloved hand when moving and the release button to send it back up is even trickier. I have no doubt that in time it will get easier, as my hand gets used to it's position. Also I think the sizing is a bit on the small side. I have been riding for 40+ years and I have always been a medium size (58/59), This is a medium (58/59) and is tight to put on and take off, but a lovely snug fit once on. Again this is something which will hopefully settle in time. I did read reviews before buying my new helmet, and many said how quiet they are. Ok, if you are riding around at speed up to say 40/50mph ish, then maybe. Ride at anything above 50mph or at motorway speeds and the wind noise is definitely there, and loud. I ride a Yamaha Tracer 900, and yes the fairing screen does create turbulence, and I will be fitting a different and hopefully better screen to reduce this effect, but this helmet isn't quiet. Also although there is plenty of room for my eye glasses, there is no dedicated slot in the lining so my glasses fall down and I am forever opening the visor to push them back up. I will either try and get my glasses adjusted or buy a new pair. The noise the visor makes on the ratchet is also loud, leaving ringing in my ears. I can't wear earplugs (for medical reasons) which is one of the reasons I bought the Nolan N100-5 after reading how quiet they are supposed to be. These moans are compared to the other helmets I have owned over the years. On the plus side, it is stylish and well built, all the latches are positive, and the positive clunk leaves you confident that the front is down. The colour really does match my bike. The intercom ready lining is a good thing, but I doubt I will ever use it. I have yet to try out the ventilation, but they work, though the top one is a bit stiff to operate, even without the helmet on my head. I have never previously bought a helmet online, and perhaps I shouldn't have done in this case as if I had tried the helmet on first, I would have probably gone for the next size up. That said, I can't fault the speedy delivery from Sportsbikeshop. I have no doubt that if I had asked to return it and buy the next size, they would have done without issue. This is an honest review, which will hopefully help future buyers in making a decision.

Nolan N100-5 Classic N-Com - Metal White
March 1, 2019


Been riding bikes and scooters for 34 years and this is the best helmet I have used so far. Quality, fit & finish are great. Easy to install Nolan Intercom.

Nolan N100-5 Consistency N-Com - Corsa Red
January 30, 2019

a perfect flip front Helmet

I purchased the first Nolan flip front, bust be 18 years or more ago and a great helmet. The new Nolan N100-5 is just fantastic, locks down and open's easy. The 5 position sun visor is great and can be used with the front opened. The fir for me is perfect, QD strap is a breeze to use. Finish is excellent with a great visor that comes with the "PinLock" fitted. The weight of the helmet is good and 50gr lighter than the early version, wind noise is very low indeed. To sum up a great purchase.

Nolan N100-5 Consistency N-Com - LED Yellow
January 22, 2019

Upgrades from N104 are well worth it

Continuing on from the N104 Nolan have incorporated upgrades. Quality, fit & finish are superb & Pinlok is fitted to visor. The first opening position of the visor is now much smaller which permits useful ventilation. The neck roll is adjustable for fit. The prone to leaking vents immediately above the visor have been removed. Chin & top vents have been increased in size. Only negative comment I have is that, as in my case, I was swopping over my Ncom5 from my N104, & found you need a keypad adaptor which is not provided with the helmet. Apparently if you buy an Ncom5 kit it is included. I could find no source of the adaptor in the UK & had to order from Germany. Should be included with the helmet.

PLEASE NOTE: The views and opinions expressed in the above reviews are solely those of the author and are not necessarily representative of the views of SPORTSBIKESHOP LTD.