Introducing... Cardo Packtalk Pro featured image

Introducing... Cardo Packtalk Pro

21 May 2024
Updated: 22 May 2024 An intercom that comes to your rescue if you crash? Say hello to the new Cardo Packtalk Pro

The world of on-bike communication is about to take a huge step with the new accident-detecting Cardo Packtalk Pro intercom.

The Packtalk Pro contains an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) like most modern bikes, which monitors acceleration and angular velocity.

If it suspects a crash has occurred, an alert is sent from the Cardo Connect app on the rider’s smartphone to Cardo’s cloud-based analysis system.

If this system diagnoses a crash, it sends an alert to the Packtalk Pro unit and the rider’s phone. The rider then has a pre-determined amount of time to tell the system there’s been a false alarm. This can be done through either the phone app, or via a button or voice command on the Packtalk Pro.

If Cardo’s system receives no response from the rider, it sends a text message to the rider’s nominated emergency contact, along with the geolocation of the accident site to help them seek medical assistance on the rider’s behalf.

After the initial purchase of the unit, the only cost associated with running the system is having the mobile phone data required for it to work correctly.

Several accident-detecting systems have been released over the years, but it will be interesting to see if bundling one in with an everyday accessory like an intercom will make the idea more attractive to the rider. 

There’s plenty more to discover about the new unit as the rest of the Packtalk Pro’s features will elevate it to a clear position at the top of Cardo’s range.

A new auto on/off function will be particularly welcomed by those who’ve inadvertently left an intercom switched on and caused needless battery drain.

If the Packtalk Pro’s sensors detect no motion then the unit will automatically power down, before coming back to life when it starts moving again.

Another upgrade over existing Cardo units is the inclusion of 45mm JBL speakers as standard. At the moment these are available only as an optional accessory that costs an extra £89.99.

Externally, the Packtalk Pro is similar to the very popular Cardo Packtalk Edge unit, but is in a stealthy matt black colour.

It inherits Cardo’s crazy-fast magnetic Air Mount to attach into its mounting cradle and runs the same Cardo Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) protocol to connect with other Cardo units.

The new Cardo Packtalk Pro will be available in single-unit packs from June 2024 with a list price of £405.