Keis G601 Premium Heated Armoured Gloves - Black

Waterproof leather and textile heated winter gloves with hard knuckle protection

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Verified Customer Reviews for Keis G601 Premium Heated Armoured Gloves

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Our customers say…
Customers consistently praise these gloves for their quality, warmth, and fit, though heat output varies. Many highlight effective performance in very cold conditions, maintaining warmth without being overly bulky, thus preserving control and feel. Some customers mention pairing them with heated jackets or grips for optimal warmth. However, a few note challenges with sizing and the heat levels on their own. In general, the gloves are recommended for their build and insulating abilities, making them a worthy investment for all-weather riders.
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Keis heated gloves
16 March 2024 by Ian W
Although I've heated grips the back of my hands don't get any heat. Bought these gloves and to say I am impressed is an understatement. Brilliant is all I can say for the extra cold days.
Style: Black
Warm hands
02 March 2024 by Anonymous
Great service as always from SBS. These gloves make the winter commute bearable. They heat up very quickly and I have found on the high setting I can't keep it there very long before they become too hot. I have taken one star off the gloves due to the fact that they are not supplied with adapters to connect to the various types of plugs/sockets that Keis have used on their other products. At this price point I find that a bit miserable.
Style: Black
Very effective
01 March 2024 by Anonymous
Heating performance is very good without getting too hot. Plugs to connect gloves to heated jacket are a little stiff / fiddley, but I guess this will improve with time. Overall; very pleased.
Style: Black
Fantastic Gloves
28 February 2024 by Simon G
I have tried lots of gloves in search of waterproofness including Rukka gortex and all let water in. I bought these longer gloves assuming wearing them over the sleeves would stop water ingress but that was not the case. I wear these under the cuffs and they work great. The heating is brilliant and when wearing them the top setting is too hot even when riding just above freezing. I've only used them with the batteries so can't comment on connection to the bike.
Best gloves I've bought so far!
Style: Black
Very good for what they are but...
25 February 2024 by James F
I bought these as I had been told that they were about as thin as a heated glove might be compared to others and while that may be the case, they feel very much like standard winter gloves and so are far too thick for me. I had no grip sensitivity at all and would struggle with my bike's controls and switchgear. Never got to test the heating part but if you are looking for 'thinner' heated gloves, I doubt these will be the answer.
Style: Black
Simple, effective and beautifully well made.
21 February 2024 by Ben C
Having used very tech heavy alternatives from another brand for a few years (bluetooth etc) the 601s are a breath of fresh air. They are simple, with a fantastic level of heat and a really comfortable fit. The materials used and the finish is a really high quality. I particularly appreciate how thin they are with control feel more akin to summer gloves and plenty flexibility. The only grip and the reason for 4 stars is the cuff strap which pulls from the opposite direction to most other gloves. I found this made it quite hard to do up snugly although I have got used to this over time. Also the external connectors are relatively bulky making it a little tricky to put the gloves under tighter jacket cuffs.
Style: Black
Toasty Fingers
16 February 2024 by Steve S
Having had several motorcycles with heated grips I've always found that although the grips get warm, the heat is concentrated around the palm area of your hands so the outer extremities remain cold due to the wind blast. I thought I'd try the alternative approach of heated gloves, I looked at several options but settled on the Keis G 601 gloves with the additional battery packs. After trying them out on recent cold weather trips I have found them to be exceptionally good at keeping my hands warm, even on the lowest setting I have sufficient heat to remain comfortable, they are well made and fit well, the only downside is a slight bulkiness around the cuff area due to the additional battery packs but I can live with that to have warm hands. I am more than satisfied with the fantastic quality.
Style: Black
Money well spent
09 February 2024 by Brian M
Expensive but brilliant. You get what you pay for.
Style: Black
Excellent winter gloves
02 February 2024 by Michael L
So comfortable and so warm. Haven't needed to have them on red (hottest) setting. Amber is fine for me. Absolutely spot on.
Style: Black
02 February 2024 by Michelle B
These gloves are just lovely, too hot on the hottest setting for me but perfect on the middle one, I've used them on a 2 hour freezing ride on the motorway and they kept my hands snug, They are great quality and well made, I also have the jacket and highly recommend that too.
Style: Black
Excellent Keis gloves
28 January 2024 by Chris H
Excellent heated gloves, heating element heats back of hands and fingers. I have a dodgy index finger and these have resolved the issue, only need them on first setting, plenty of heat, plugged in to bike but also got the batteries for walking dog. Can be linked to other Keis clothing so great option to choose this brand as they specialise in ok heated clothing
Style: Black
Keis G601 gloves awesome
12 January 2024 by Shaun L
This product is amazing. 70 miles at 2 degrees and my hands were lovely and warm. The quality of the gloves is spot on and I would highly recommend them. They are a game changer. Sportsbikeshop delivery service first class
Style: Black
Warm hands at last
12 December 2023 by Lex C
Last years I've been using Keis heated under gloves which work fine but struggle to get a pair of winter gloves that are either too tight or too big for safe control of the motorcycle.
These heated gloves fit me perfectly and keep my hands warm. I have the Keis heated jacket and with the gloves I've been out for a two hour ride in 2 degrees and can confirm that these heated gloves are very much worth investing in.
Very swift delivery from Sportsbikeshop as normal.
Style: Black
Amazing gloves
09 December 2023 by Andrew P
For the first time ever I've been on a ride with completely warm hands. Heated grips only warm your palms but these gloves kept my fingers warm as well. Temp was 5°c at night and I had no issue. They are not cheap but the quality is outstanding.

Usual great service from
Style: Black
Keis gloves
07 December 2023 by Nick F
Had Keis gloves but needed some new ones. The new ones are so much better. Nice and warm, comfortable, and keep my hands dry.
Style: Black
Great buy
01 December 2023 by Robert B
I bought the jacket with these (trousers and socks too), and a while a small faff to get them plugged in during the routine of getting ready (im looking to try batteries to simplify this) the gloves work excellent in combination with heated grips.

I went for a 4 hour round trip in 1 degree (to SBS Boston) and not once felt the cold with these, so highly recommend. Medium setting was more than warm enough without being sweaty, and the high setting being too much for me. Easy to adjust on the move too.

Size wise, go for your normal glove size, I went for a medium as they were a nice snug fit, but when it came to using the clutch, the heating element was pressing across the top of my knuckles, so make sure you try them on the mock set up in store, no issue though as SBS happily exchanged them for a large.

Just a few personal niggles:

I'm still experimenting with how best to put them on, but slightly bulky around the wrist once you have these over your jacket, and getting the elasticated part of my waterproof over it all is a bit of a struggle to do as the gloves are on.

The velcro strap I find isn't the right side for me, it starts on the outer of the wrist and goes under, where I prefer over the wrist strap as easier to tighten up.

I find the Scaphoid slider in the way to start with but its presence goes after a while and certain that once the gloves have bedded in this will be much less of an issue.

Quality appears good, and time will tell.

Installation is easy on the bike too.

One suggestion, when combined with the jacket, trousers and socks, would be great for the glove to control all items individually from buttons on the back of the glove rather than having the separate controller which can be awkward.

Overall a great product.
Style: Black
Warm and lots of feel
01 November 2023 by Austin H
These are head and shoulders above my last pair of heated gloves. They were like wearing marshmallows on your hands. Nothing worse than not being able to feel the bars and levers IMO. They're plenty warm and would definitely rescommend.
Style: Black
Good so far
16 October 2023 by Tim B
Bought these as having heated grips is just not enough to keep my fingers warm in the cold. Have ridden with them for over 300 miles in less than 5C temperatures and found that they do keep the chill out. My hands don't feel like they warm but neither are they as frozen as not having these gloves on. My perfect solution so far is gloves on medium (amber) and heated grips on low means I can get straight onto the PC when I get to work without having to defrost my fingers around a cup of tea first
Style: Black

Keis G601 Premium Heated Armoured Gloves - Black

  • Integral heat controller, positioned on the back of the wrist for easy operation when riding
  • Flexible hard armour across the knuckles
  • Scaphoid guard for maximum protection to the palm
  • Visor Wipe positioned on the left index finger
  • 3M Thinsulate and Hipora waterproof membrane for premium water and wind protection
  • Current Draw 1.6A
  • Typical Power 19.2W

The new G601 glove with comfortable hard armour, is designed specifically for motorcycling and certified to the new EU PPE Regulation 2016/425.

For riders who still need great protection and warmth in the winter, with the dexterity of an all-season glove, look no further.

Gloves measured by palm circumference (excluding thumb)

Size Guide

Product Specification Manufacturer
Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

  • Are the batteries for these gloves still available?

    March 7, 2023

    The compatible batteries for these gloves can be found on our website, by searching Quickfind number "558675".

  • I would like to know what length and type of warranty the Keis G601 Premium Heated Armoured Gloves come with. Best wishes.

    January 23, 2023

    We can confirm that Keis offer a lifetime warranty on the heating element within all Keis heated garments. In addition to this, Keis Heated Apparel provide a two-year warranty on all products, excluding battery packs; which come with a 180-day warranty. For further information, please use the following link

  • Hey. Can these connect to the Keis jacket?

    January 21, 2020

    All Keis Gloves come complete with everything required to power them independently. However, their Heated Vests and Bodywarmers incorporate integrated power sockets specifically to power Keis Heated Gloves using optional connection leads: Part No W54-370100 needed.

  • Hi, does these come with the battery? If not, which one is the one to buy? And do they come with the cables as well? Well and if not, which one are the ones to buy? Thank you.

    December 18, 2019

    These G601 gloves can be powered from a 12V vehicle battery using the power cable supplied, or from optional Battery Packs (not included). 2600 mAh batteries are available to order from our website and you can find them using Quick find 469761.

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