Keis G701 Heated Armoured Gloves - Black

Waterproof and breathable heated gloves with soft knuckle protection and touchscreen finger pads

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Verified Customer Reviews for Keis G701 Heated Armoured Gloves

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Super Service
09 February 2024 by Douglas G
Initially, thank you for finally opening a store in the North West. The staff at your new Preston store are a credit to you, on all my visits they have gone above and beyond.
Now, regarding the Keis 701 gloves. I have now used them on several occasions and they are a game changer-keeping the backs of my hands and fingers warm even in traffic when my hand are covering the clutch and front brake, something that heated grips cannot do. When connected to my heated jacket they are fine, but I'm not a great fan of the cables running down my arms when connected to my heated vest or using the y lead for connection. I find the touch screen fingers fine for using the sat nav but haven't tried them on the smart phone yet.
In conclusion, not cheap but the quality appears to be good and hopefully they will last years.
Style: Black
Game changer!
07 January 2024 by Danny
Firstly, SBS are superb! I've purchased a fair few items from them now and they haven't let me down. Fast FREE delivery, you can't complain! First place I look to buy stuff now is SBS.

I have used these gloves for a few days now. Temps have been as low as 2 degrees with some windy wet rides on motorways.

First impressions, arrived in a smart box with all the necessary parts.

The gloves themselves looked and felt great! The inner feelt soft and premium.

First ride - setting up was a piece of cake! Mmmmm....cake....sorry, back to it! Setting up was easy. You hardly notice the cables in your jacket either.

Once the gloves were on and operating the controls of the bike they seemed a bit big and clumsy and wasnt able to make a fist. But literally, after a 4 hour ride, they softened up and now feel great with a decent flex to them.

I would say, be careful if your jacket has a small cuff as these can be a bit bulky to fit under a jacket sleeve. My jacket has a zip to expand and fit over the glove cuff snugly. Maybe worth considering the smaller cuffed gloves if this can be an issue.

The temp colours run like a traffic light system. Red - hot, Amber - medium, and green low.

I've tried all these settings and work for all the right temperatures etc.

The coldest being 2 degrees I've had them on the max setting (red) and your hands don't sweat but you know they're warm if that makes sense?

The heat only runs along the top of your hand and down your fingers.

So I think these paired with heated grips would be spot on!

I can't feel the wind or rain them either.

Touch screen is a bit pants if I'm honest. The added visor cleaner on the left index finger does actually work and can make a difference.

I considered the RST version but I was put off with the battery lasting and charge times.

I like the Keis as you have the battery back option for an extra £85 but all honestly, the cable is good enough!

Summary then. I'll just list some pros and cons.

Pros -
Well made
Great protection
Decent heat output
Battery pack capability
Links in with other keis heated gear

Cons -
Pricey (but worth it)
Extra for battery packs
Cuff can be too big for small cuffed jackets.
Touch screen fingers are pants.

I'd recommend these to anyone and they've been a life saver on these chilly commutes!

I'm hoping I win £100 from SBS so I can buy the heated socks next!
Style: Black
Warm hands
17 December 2023 by Anonymous
Gloves fit well. Good feel for controls with these gloves, better than my winter gloves. Heat is good to all fingers and thumb. Not hot but warm. Tried on a 4 hour ride. About 5deg and medium heat was fine.
Without gloves I would normally lose circulation in a couple of fingers. I suffer from reynads and these seem to alleviate that.

Hopefully these will resolve my cold hands this winter.

Gloves were comfortable and seem well made.
Only took 20 mins to fit cables to bike and jacket.
Style: Black
Good if used with heated grips
04 December 2023 by Jason K
I'll get the negatives out of the way first. The thumb is way to wide to get any heat really. Touch screen, just no, doesn't work but that wasn't why I purchased them anyway. Without heated grips you can feel the difference between the palms and the back of the fingers. Palm heating on the glove is none existent.
Used in combo with heated grips, I had 2 hours in near freezing temperatures without needing to stop and hug my engine like I previously had to do in order to feel my fingers!
Ridden them in torrential rain and my hands stayed dry and warm so no complaints there either.
They're not as bulky as my previous non heated winter gloves so that's an added bonus also.
Style: Black
Best I've tried
02 December 2023 by Joel E
After massive disappointment with Macna gloves I tried a friend's Gerbing heated gloves and was quite impressed (not as though the competition was fierce) so decided I'd have another go.
The sales assistant at SBS was extremely helpful and brought 4 or five types for me to try on, I settled on the Keis G701 as these were the best fit for my hands (fairly wide palm with not so long fingers).

On a ride around Scotland's north coast during Storm Agnes, the G701 coped with 3 days of grim weather. 1st day was 10+ hours of riding in some of the worst conditions I've ever ridden. Dry hands.
2nd day was a bit better but had it's moments, plenty of rain to go around. Dry hands.
3rd day wasn't so wet but I was getting cold, as most of my gear hadn't properly dried overnight, pretty much everywhere but my hands. I'd been running them on low/mid setting for battery longevity and for the first time I felt I needed max heat.

Heat wasn't amazing, I thought... but after a few hours the battery died and I realised just how much difference it had been making, unlike my first 'heated' gloves which were just crap from start to finish.

Water resistance 5/5
Insulation 4.5/5
Heat 4/5 (never toasty, but always comfy)

Would recommend to people who like dry hands 4.666/5
Style: Black
Warm hands make all the difference
04 November 2023 by James L
Easily connects to heated gillet with different heat settings for optimum comfort
Style: Black
Seem Pretty Decent
08 May 2023 by Matt N
Good Glove in it's own right, warm, comfortable and as waterproof as any. Well made. They are not the hottest of heated gloves but do take the edge off in all but the coldest of conditions.
Style: Black
24 April 2023 by Spence
Fed up of commuting, with no heated grips or hand guards, in near zero degree's and turning up after 20 miles with numb fingers. Read plenty of reviews on all heated gloves, these always seemed to be in the top few, so decided to splash the cash and go for the G701. These are a well made waterproof glove with good protection. The whole point of buying these gloves is they are heated. They are plugged into my bike, not batteries, and even on high, they only just keep my hands from getting cold. I've ridden in temps down to 2 or 3 degree's and my hands do get a little cold, not as bad as before. Not sure how they would fare in subzero temps. I only use these gloves on the coldest days, as they are a bit bulky and I prefer not to have the hassle of plugging myself in on every ride. Would of liked more heat.
Style: Black
Warm and comfy
12 April 2023 by James G
I've had these for a few weeks now and they're very nice. Comfy and warm, even without the heating. Not too bulky. Touchscreen works most of the time (gloves + case can occasionally struggle). Hands remain dry during rain.

The heating is good, but it's not miraculous - after a few hours on the motorway my fingers are still cold (especially if it's raining). Warmer than without these of course! The heating does seem to be more focussed on back of the hand than the fingers. My heated grips are definitely hotter... Although only one currently works, hence buying these gloves! I'd say for very cold weather you'd need both, but for a mild winter or spring these are wonderful.

I just wish someone had batteries in stock, as messing about with the cabling can be a tad annoying.
Style: Black
17 March 2023 by Patrick C
These are well made and do keep your hands warm but not as warm as I thought they would be. Easy to use and the little wiper blade on the finger actually works well.
Style: Black
Cozy warm
06 March 2023 by Dale J
I sent the first pair back as one of the seems had an issue inside the glove. They were replaced without any issues...great service. The glove itself is great. I was looking for a textile glove that offered protection and kept my hands warm and they didnt disappoint. If aynthing they were too The overall fit and construction of the glove was excellent and I'm looking forward to getting some good use from them over the next few months.
Style: Black
Huge improvement on previous model
28 February 2023 by Michael J
I bought these to replace a pair which were 4 years old and had stopped being effective. These ones are much more comfortable to wear, and the heating action is more even and effective. The gloves are more tactile and useful than previously too, and the waterproofing is much better. Given they are pretty much the same price as the old ones, I'm delighted with them.
Style: Black
Perfect fit and comfortable gloves
28 February 2023 by Tom A
I had previously tried a pair of Bering heated gloves which I found very good heating wise but when stretching your hand out to operate the clutch/front brake I found the distance between the index finger and thumb too restrictive. The Keis gloves seem much better in this regard and not so bulky as the Bering. Not tried in extreme cold yet but the heating effect is certainly sufficient to allow you to ride in cold weather. As always, SBS were very helpful and provided great service.
Style: Black
Life (/finger) saver, but don't expect miracles
10 February 2023 by Luke
I got these as I recently changed jobs and going from a 30-40 minute commute each way that was COLD in recent temps, I now have a 1.5 hour commute each way and I genuinely feared permanent damage to my fingers.

I got these and the battery packs and so far so good.

I've used them for one of the 1.5 hour each way commutes and three 15 mile each way journeys to see mates and the gloves have held up really well. Other reviews suggest you get about 6 hours of life at medium heat and so far it seems that's probably right? The gloves did 2 hours at medium and 1 hour at high yesterday in ~5 degrees temp.

This should be obvious going in but I'll say it here again; the heated membrane is on the top of the gloves. It's good but in the super cold weather we've had recently they're not miracle workers - your fingertips wrapped around the handlebars will be pulled away from the heat so you will occasionally have to flex your fingers and get the heat moving around again.

But still - you have that option and they honestly take the cold weather's effect on your hands from unbearable/borderline dangerous, to perfectly manageable.

I've not tried them in the rain yet.

One negative comment they I hope isn't actually an issue; the battery compartment is in the top of the cuffs and is zipped up with one of those waterproof zippers you'd find on your waterproof jacket etc. But the cable connecting the battery to the glove sticks out through the zipper too, so the zipper isn't completely sealed when the battery is connected. I'm hoping it's not an issue - everything is wrapped up and the zips don't appear to lose while riding, but we all know how wet things get when it's really raining on a bike.

The fit is great, I'm a medium and these fit really well. They're a little clunkier than my favourite non-heated gloves but they're less clunky than those big gauntlets I used to try and keep the cold out with.

All that said; I would absolutely recommend these to anyone who rides in winter. Be comfortable, treat yourself. It's been a game changer for me. Next stop: a bike with wind protection (any at all would be nice) and heated grips.
Style: Black
Seem Pretty Decent.
06 February 2023 by Matt N
I think SBS ask for reviews to soon, you don't really get a chance to test purchases. Anyway, The gloves seem well made, are comfortable enough, like all Keis kit they don't get very warm but do take the edge off, particularly if paired with heated grips. Despite wearing them every day I haven't tested them in the wet, if they prove to be waterproof then I'd recommend.
Style: Black
Great quality
04 February 2023 by Susie M
Not uncomfortably warm, but really good quality. Size wise I had to go down two sizes which is the opposite to what they recommend.
Style: Black
Keep the hands warm
02 February 2023 by Kerstin S
Tested out on a really cold day. The best is that the gloves heat the hands on the top so the wind chill is minimised. Expensive but worthwhile
Style: Black
Remember to turn them on!
01 February 2023 by Kimberly N
So, I rode with these the first time on a long trip and I'm delighted to say I arrived happy.

The first 20 minutes I thought they were no good until I realised I hadn't turned then on!

They don't make your hands hot, in fact I didn't think they were very good at first until I turned them off! Then I realised they were keeping my hands very comfortable and without the heat they were extremely cold in just 5 minutes.

The fit is great as I can actually move my hands unlike unheated winter gloves that are so thick I can barely do anything.

The wires are a bit annoying but I can't see any other way of doing it. On the plus side though, you can take you gloves off and they're still attached to you rather than falling on the floor!

Can't imagine riding in the winter without them now.
Style: Black

Keis G701 Heated Armoured Gloves - Black

  • Ballistic spandex outer shell construction
  • Bonded Hipora waterproof and breathable membrane
  • Flexible soft armour across knuckles deliver the perfect balance between strong protection and all-day comfort
  • Strategically positioned reinforcement for outstanding gravel protection
  • High quality synthetic leather palm
  • Keis branded scaphoid slider offering maximum protection to both wrist and palm
  • Generous 3M Thinsulate insulation retains the heat whatever the weather
  • Independent integral heat controller positioned at back of wrist for easy operation
  • Visor wipe positioned on left index finger
  • Touchscreen pad on index fingers and thumb
  • Integrated battery pocket built into cuff for accommodation of optional Keis 2600mAh glove battery pack
  • Glove 'Y' lead, motorcycle connection lead and easy to follow instructions included
  • EN 13594:2015 certified

Using technology in both heat generation and all-weather comfort, Keis' G701 Heated Gloves have a ballistic spandex outer shell with a semi bonded Hipora waterproof and breathable membrane for outstanding comfort and performance in all conditions. The outer hydrophobic (water resistant) textile is attached to the Hipora waterproof layers using strategically placed bonding tape in the palm, fingers and top areas of the gloves. During the manufacturing process the gloves are exposed to extreme heat around the bonding tape, thereby causing it to fuse the layers together. This makes a glove with dramatically reduced movement between the layers - perfect for maximum feel and direct control of the motorcycle controls. Keis G701 bonded-textile gloves feel like a second skin, reducing any 'lag' between the movement of your hands and the controls.
Gloves measured by palm circumference (excluding thumb)

Size Guide

Product Specification Battery Packs Manufacturer
Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

  • Do you need to buy the battery packs to go with these gloves or does it come with batteries?

    March 7, 2023

    Unfortunately, these gloves do not come with the batteries, however, the compatible batteries are listed on the website, and can be found by searching Quickfind number "558675".

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