Keis G701S Heated Armoured Short Cuff Gloves - Black

Waterproof and breathable heated gloves with soft knuckle protection and touchscreen finger pads

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Verified Customer Reviews for Keis G701S Heated Armoured Short Cuff Gloves

37 reviews
Solid heated gloves
12 January 2024 by Shaun W
I have had 2 pairs of heated gloves over the years when I lived in Scandinavia. So when I bought these I realised that they were designed to heat the back of your hands and along with heated grips work really well.
I had forgotten that they had individual heat settings on the back of the gloves but once sorted worked a treat.
Solidly built with strong material especially on the palms where my old Exo2 went.
Along with a vest where you plug in both work perfectly well.
Comfortable fit with good armour
29 December 2023 by Clare M
The Keis gloves came in a well presented box, complete with connections to the battery and Y cable for the Jacket/Sleeves, also comes with various fuses. The gloves are a snug fit and warm, even without the power on. The quality and feel of the glove and its armour is very good, the outer shell and flexible soft armour across the knuckles makes for a comfortable fit. I tried the gloves on all heat settings and found the medium setting very warm, it warmed up the glove and fingers very quickly and my hands were cosy and warm. Connecting the gloves to the cables is very easy and the the short cuff fits under my Jacket sleeve very easily, it is also very easy to change the heat settings, and can have different heat settings for each hand. Great kit when combined with my heated waistcoat. .
Game changing gloves
22 December 2023 by Anonymous
I bought these as a replacement for my Keis Gauntlets, which had served me well for many years but had started to become unreliable. I moved over to these as I wanted to get away from having to choose between wet or warm hands, when it was cold and wet. These are small enough to tuck under my waterproof jacket cuffs so avoid the issue of filling up with rainwater running down my sleeves, but equally sit happily over my jacket when it's dry.
They seem warmer than my old gloves and the new connector works well.
I like the individual temperature control as I often find that my right hand gets hotter than my left, so can dial down the temperature on just one glove. I adjust the left glove by knocking the button against my mirror, which avoids having to come off the throttle!
These are game changing gloves that allow for warm dry hands when it's below zero - brilliant!!
Cosy comfort
06 December 2023 by Gordon C
Heated grips are great but the back of my hand would really get cold and turning the grips up didn't cure the problem. These heated gloves by Keis combined with the grips on a lower setting make for a really cosy and comfortable experience, a real game changer for winter riding.
Game changer
06 December 2023 by Tony W
Bought these as I ride through winter. I don't like being too trussed up but I find with these short cuff gloves that's not a problem great fitting fingers not over long and surprisingly good waterproofing. I find the gloves are very warm and with that comes good concentration levels..I haven't used battery with these as I've wired straight to battery so all good. I can't find fault at the time of writing this, a great purchase well worth the money
Very good
28 November 2023 by Mihaita C
Good quality and work properly in cold weather, riding with this gloves it's so good,
Game changer
10 November 2023 by Sarah J
Bought these a couple of weeks ago and I've used them twice now. They are amazing ! I already had a gilet so they plug into that is a bit faffy with the wires but well worth the comfort. I would definitely recommend.
Comfy, warm, works!
08 November 2023 by Anonymous
So now it is getting colder I thought i'd get these for the coming months, seeing as they are not a huge amount more than non heated gloves I thought they seemed like good value. They are comfy and warm even when off, and seem well made and are lightweight but with good protection. The cable they supply is very easy to connect to battery (i'm a new rider and had no issues) and then runs up the back of jacket and down each arm so that the cable comes pout of the wrist and then plugs in to glove. I have been out the last few weeks when it has ben around 6-8 degrees and have not needed to have them on high. Medium or even low is normally enough. I agree with another review that it would be nice for the gloves to sync when you change temperature. Having to press the button on each one with the other hand is not ideal, as you'll want a clear quiet stretch (especially when using throttle hand to change setting on left glove). Everyone will have different hands but I have found that the thumb could be slightly longer, but thats just me perhaps. Been out in the rain and seems waterproof so far. The only other thing if you're using the cable hooked up to battery is to remember to unplug when you climb off bike! All in for the money I think they make journeys more comfortable, and on motorways I have really noticed the difference. Definitely recommend but make sure you try the size you think you are and the one above.
The best gloves.
06 November 2023 by Colin B
No animals involved! Brilliant build quality and finish. They feel like they will last forever and stand up really well in a crash. They are more than warm enough - so far the medium setting has shrugged off 8C in the rain. I should have bought these year's ago and I highly recommend them.
Not as good as my old gloves
20 April 2023 by Tim F
Long cuff gloves make no sense to me. In the rain the water just runs down your sleeve and into the gloves, so short cuff is a must.
I had a pair of short cuff Gerbing 12v gloves for several years and was really happy with them. However, all manufacturers seem to have decided that the heat control button needs to be on the glove and not the cable anymore, which makes no sense to me!
I returned a pair of new short cuff Gerbing ones as their button is at the end of the cuff, which if you're putting the cuff inside your jacket sleeve means that you cannot reach the button!
Bought these instead as at least the button is accessible when worn. However, having to set each glove individually is an un-necessarily slow and clumsy process, and potentially dangerous when moving. When I had a controller on my left thigh everything was great. Not so anymore. They work, but don't get as warm as previous gloves, so don't fancy their chances when it's kicking around freezing.
Also the finger/thumb tips have this material for using your smart phone, but it is slippery and can be a nuisance when trying to indicate.
Might be the best of the bunch, but that's not saying much about the competition! Come on guys (manufacturers), do some practical research during your garment development!
Not worth the money imho
13 April 2023 by Ali R
Having the Keiss jacket, which really is a superb jacket and great for keeping warm, I decided to go for the gloves.
These are unfortunately not of the same quality and do not follow the same high design standards.

I chose the short version as I don't like long gauntlet style gloves, but these are not shorty gloves and they are not long. If you have a tight cuffed jacket you will struggle to get these under anyways, so maybe better with the original longer gloves.

The zip on the gloves serves little purpose.

The cinch down velcro is not positioned well and the buckle tightens in right on my wrist bone so I cannot use that function and have to leave them loose.

Running the cable from my Keiss jacket it has to run down the arm, out of the internal cuff of my actual bike jacket, back up slightly and then bend round to fit the connector on the gloves. This is putting stress of the cable and creates an annoying pressure and feeling where the cable interferes with my jacket and wrist. I did consider popping a small hole through the inner sleeve of my bike jacket but decided against that as that would probably void the warranty of a great jacket.
This stress each time on the cable will potentially cause a failure on the Keiss jacket and then I am down a heated jacket and am left with a pair of not very good gloves that I would be even less inclined to use if i had to run an independent cable through my jacket. Not to mention being out of pocket.

Build and design: They are a bulky enough glove as it is. The heat generation is minimal. Even on the highest setting. For that money I wish I had gone for a premium glove from an more bike specific alternative brand with the likes of Goregrip and a good standard of insulation rather than what seems like a cheaper glove, with a substandard heating element within and lining that bunches up and moves around. I really am not impressed with the quality of these compared to what I thought I was getting after the jacket.

Very difficult to get back on when the gloves are wet or you have any hint of moisture on your hands. No matter how hard you try to leave everything in place when you remove the gloves.
A simple fuel stop where my hands had become slightly wet was enough to make putting the gloves back on a right faff. I was back on the highest setting and on the road. It felt like the moisture had soaked well into the lining but had no chance of escape. The heat was then insufficient to give wet and warm hands. Only wet and maybe slightly off wet and freezing.
So real world test use and breathability were not good in my experience.

There is stitching right on the edge of my right hand index finger which is not on the left glove. Very annoying and irritating. This rubs whenever I operate the throttle. The bend of the fingers also seems to create a pressure across the fingers like there is a rubbing or friction coming from the run of the heating elements.

Regrettable purchase this time.

Not sure if I have a poor pair of if they just do not suit my hands and other gear. But I bought these off the back of other reviews who rated them well. This was simply not my experience.
12 April 2023 by TobyM
These are brilliant. Feb mornings I was setting off in -3C with toasty hands. And they've been 100% waterproof.
The short cuff is great for going inside jacket cuffs. Being heated they're not too bulky with insulation, so have OK feel and dexterity - and I expect this will improve with time.
For me the finger length is perfect but the thumb length a tad too short, so a tiny bit uncomfortable depending on thumb position - but they're so good otherwise that I'm wondering if I can shorten my thumbs a bit.
G701S-Heated Gloves
31 March 2023 by Trev T
I can only mirror other recommended reviews. The gloves provide heating over the back of the hand and along the top of each finger. For me, they are true to size and offer good feel for a winter/all weather glove. The visor wipe and smartphone finger tips are useful although I never used these features. On a very cold day at motorway speeds your hands will eventually cool down, even so, mine were never cold enough to affect safety or use of controls. The heating on full power is warm rather than hot but makes the difference between an enjoyable or miserable longer ride. They are quite costly but you get a good quality, well designed glove for your money. Used in a prolonged downpour, they proved to be waterproof and are a worthwhile addition to your biking wardrobe.
A warm feeling
28 March 2023 by Anonymous
My first pair of heated gloves. They do not feel unduly stiff and so control of all switches, brakes etc not impeded.
Will probably buy a battery pack at some point, it's a bit of a faff plugging in to the bike supply getting on and off but is manageable.
G701 Shorties
17 March 2023 by Ian P
These gloves offer heating over the back of the hand and along the top of each finger. They are true to size and offer good feel with a useful visor wipe and smartphone touch finger tips. The heating on full power is warm not hot. On a very cold day at higher motorway/national speed limit speeds your hands will eventually get cold. However it is possible to temporarily improve heating to the fingers by stretching out your hands. This forces the heating element into contact with the fingers and offers noticeable warmth. Note that these are designed to go under your jacket cuff so have the advantage of being less bulky but do let cold air into the sleeve of your jacket. These are great gloves and make a real difference but on very cold days heated grips would work well with them to offer ultimate comfort
Very pleased
20 February 2023 by Terence O
Very well made product and a worthwhile purchase
Great Gloves
09 February 2023 by Mark H
Not had the chance to wear them in the real cold yet, but so far so good. Very warm and very comfortable.
Great gloves
27 January 2023 by Dave M
Really great gloves, they're comfortable with plenty of feel. I dropped a point because when connected to the heated vest they don't power up when used in conjunction with the vest controller, though they work perfectly when the controller is disconnected which means the vest is on maximum power all the time and I wasted 35 quid on the controller!

Keis G701S Heated Armoured Short Cuff Gloves - Black

  • Ballistic spandex outer shell construction
  • Bonded Hipora waterproof and breathable membrane
  • Flexible soft armour across knuckles deliver the perfect balance between strong protection and all-day comfort
  • Strategically positioned reinforcement for outstanding gravel protection
  • High-quality synthetic leather palm
  • Keis branded scaphoid slider offering maximum protection to the palm
  • Generous 3M Thinsulate insulation retains the heat whatever the weather
  • Independent integral heat controller positioned at back of wrist for easy operation
  • Visor wipe positioned on left index finger
  • Touchscreen pad on index fingers and thumb
  • Glove 'Y' lead, motorcycle connection lead and easy to follow instructions included
  • EN 13594:2015 certified

Using technology in both heat generation and all-weather comfort, Keis' G701S Heated Gloves have a ballistic spandex outer shell with a semi bonded Hipora waterproof and breathable membrane for outstanding comfort and performance in all conditions. The outer hydrophobic (water resistant) textile is attached to the Hipora waterproof layers using strategically placed bonding tape in the palm, fingers and top areas of the gloves. During the manufacturing process the gloves are exposed to extreme heat around the bonding tape, thereby causing it to fuse the layers together. This makes a glove with dramatically reduced movement between the layers - perfect for maximum feel and direct control of the motorcycle controls. Keis G701 bonded-textile gloves feel like a second skin, reducing any 'lag' between the movement of your hands and the controls.

Gloves measured by palm circumference (excluding thumb)

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