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Arai Tour X4 - Diamond Black

Arai Tour X4 - Diamond Black

Customer Product Reviews

5 Stars from 11 reviews

Price From $551.05 $612.28
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Arai Tour X4 Depart - Blue
August 7, 2019

Best lid

Was worried about spending so much on a helmet but it's by far the best lid I've ever had. Have a tour coming up and my shoie RYD was noisy so after reading many reviews I opted for this aria, money well spent, much quieter, wider field of vision and oozes quality. Yes it's bloody expensive but probably justified.

Arai Tour X4 - Catch Yellow
August 4, 2019

Brilliant lid

Have an ARAI RX7GP also, but the X4 is just so much better for general road use on a touring bike. You see soooo much more with the wider field of view. Really great quality helmet and surprisingly quiet too. Really like it thank you.

Arai Tour X4 - Catch Yellow
July 13, 2019

Fantastic touring lid.

I bought this lid to tour Spain and Portugal. I've found that helmets primarily designed for the racetrack don't have adequate ventilation for warmer climates. And that open faced helmets tend to dry my face out on long journeys, as well as providing a lesser degree of protection. The fit of the helmet is excellent. It has no tight spots and the cheek pads don't pinch. It feels light and the peripheral vision is second to none. I removed the peak for normal road use. Which tended to catch the wind at motorway speeds, making lifesavers a little awkward on a sports bike. Everything is as it should be on an Arai quality lid... The visor is optically correct, ventilation is excellent and the visor doesn't tend to fog up so much as other styles of helmet in bad weather. To the extent that I didn't bother with the pinlock. The only minor drawback with this helmet is that. It tends to produce a little more wind noise, than I would expect from an Arai lid. Even with the peak removed at high speed. In brief: Fantastic lid.... The best I have used for touring hot Countries and the UK…. Remove the peak and plug up, for high speed long journeys!

Arai Tour X4 - Diamond White
July 9, 2019

Top top quality

Ok it's expensive but it's a true case of getting what you pay for. I'm new to motorcycling so this was my first helmet. I tried eleven helmets including this one across the entire price range. Ignoring the price for one second i'd have put this helmet at number 1 due to 1) fit/comfort perfect e.g. doesn't squeeze my ears 2) wide front opening gives excellent peripheral especially for the 'life savers'. Then add the top rated safety rating and it was a no brainer this was the helmet for me. Now warn it on 10 rides ... definitely the right helmet!!

Arai Tour X4 - Break Blue
June 23, 2019

Excellent helmet and excellent service

The x4 is a excellent tour helmet excellent on the motorway no wind buffering. I won't be moving from the arai brand.

Arai Tour X4 - Break Orange
June 10, 2019

Nice Helmet

Never owned a Arai,this Is a very comfy lid with a lot of visability, loads of air vents which work well, it is of very good quality,

Arai Tour X4 - Catch Yellow
June 8, 2019

Should have waited...

Brilliant helmet, love everything about it (but should have waited a couple of weeks before buying as I've just noticed that SBS has dropped the price to under £400!). Great fit, very comfortable and of a quality which inspires confidence in the wearer. Would I buy another? Absolutely.

Arai Tour X4 - Vision Grey
May 13, 2019

Arai Tour x 4

Excellent quick service. Helmet is a great fit, quiet and looks great!

Arai Tour X4 - Vision Grey
March 22, 2019

Best of the best

This helmet let me wear the glasses without having them steamed. The interior is plush and very well crafted. My head size is 57cm and the medium size is perfect. Yes, the price is high but you get what you pay for. Simply fantastic.

Arai Tour X4 - Catch Yellow
January 22, 2019

Better than l expected

Fantastic quality l cant wait to use it.

Arai Tour X4 - Vision Grey
January 13, 2019

Arai Tour X4

Bought to replace my black X3, love it, great colours and lighter. Great fit.

Arai Tour X4 - Honda Africa Twin
January 5, 2019

Is it worth it?

It's a question everyone will ask. I took the plunge after mid range AGV's for many years. I have now tested the helmet in all weathers, fog, frost and gale force winds, the joys of riding all year round to work! Firstly, do not be put off by those who had trouble with the pinlock, it's a nonsense to say it's hard. Watch the videos on pinlock site, you can adjust the little screw on the visor to get a perfect fit and it's doddle to fit, just copy what they show you, there is a technique! The helmet itself fits perfectly and I had not tried one before ordering. There is no buffering or head wrench from the peak even at high speed, the visibility gains are a must in traffic, the visor area seems much bigger than my AGV's. Arai's are sometime heavy but this is just fine, no noticeable difference. So to sum up, visibility excellent, Pinlock works perfectly even on a foggy morning, ensure all the vents are open though to get the best from it, weight is good and the vanity to finish, it looks the business! Yea, it cost a packet but in my opinion, well worth it!

Arai Tour X4 - Break Blue
January 2, 2019

The best!

I had a tour-x3 before that, so I stood at proven values. The best helmet.

Arai Tour X4 - Break Orange
January 1, 2019

Arai Quality

Supremely comfortable and looks great. It is also a quiet helmet with excellent vision.

Arai Tour X4 - Diamond White
December 22, 2018

Worth every cent

It´s my first Arai and I´m deeply impressed. It´s very well engineered with a superb quality and elaborated to the tiniest peace of foam. Excellent.

Arai Tour X4 - Frost Black
December 17, 2018

Well Engineered

Arai once again excels itself with the production of this helmet. Well engineered, with superb quality this helmet is probably the best I've ever owned. The peaked visor helps with easing that perpetual winter sun from causing you to squint or stop to put on sunglasses. At first compared to other Arai helmets I've owned it's a little on the snug side, however this is easily fixed by the clever padding system which allows you to remove padding around the face section in 5mm intervals! Brilliant!

Arai Tour X4 - Diamond Black
December 13, 2018

Great fit

This is my second Tour X4, after Tour X3. Great visibility and perfect fit for me, all day comfort, literally, worn for overnight National Rally - 18hrs+, comfy all day and also day in day out when touring. Didn't even consider anything else when previous one needed replacing due to age and miles. Also quick delivery and good communications from Sportsbikeshop

Arai Tour X4 - Catch Red
October 21, 2018

Great helmet, visor slightly disturbing

I've been using this helm with great pleasure. The quality and feel of this helmet is absolutely amazing. At the moment of opening the box I did notice the mudshield was slightly bent, but was easily fixed by bending it back (it's quite flexible). Just hoping that they will make replacement mudshields in the same color pattern. The only downside I had with this helmet is that the visor is distorting lights when riding with it in the dark. It also doesn't go really well with glasses, the reflections in the visor make lights look blurry somehow. I cleaned thoroughly but with no effect. Would require a different visor that's not reflective or distorting lights. Not sure if anyone else has had this problem, but for me it basically makes me only wear the helmet during daytime, not what I expected from a helmet at this price (maybe it's the curvature of the visor in combination with glasses?). FYI I do not have this issue using the same glasses on any other helmets, I've used (Shark / Shoei).

Arai Tour X4 - Frost Black
October 13, 2018


Just the best, had an AGV that became faulty within months, swapped and paid the difference. Worth every penny!!!

Arai Tour X4 - Diamond White
October 13, 2018

Is it worth it

If you're reading reviews & checking prices on this helmet you're probably asking yourself (as I was) can I justify paying sooo much for a helmet. In a word, yes. The first thing is the fit. Watch the Arai videos, measure your head and trust them to make the helmet size you need rather than guess. For me the fit is so close there is no movement if I shake my head but it's so comfortable straight out of the box. Visibility is amazing. It's got a big opening but the width is fantastic for your peripheral vision especially on life savers! One concern I had was the Pinlock. Lots of reviews saying it's hard to fit due to the visor shape. It is, but check out the instruction videos, set the pins to the widest setting, wear rubber gloves to prevent finger prints and don't be afraid to stretch the visor as shown in the video. My Pinlock touches in the centre but this doesn't affect the visibility. First commute in the rain and I can honestly say there was zero fogging, even better than my Evo 1 with the chin bar up! I ride 365 so this helmet will not last forever, if you only ride occasionally it may be a bit of a luxury, but if you can afford it buy it, you won't be disappointed.

PLEASE NOTE: The views and opinions expressed in the above reviews are solely those of the author and are not necessarily representative of the views of SPORTSBIKESHOP LTD.