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Five of the best mid-season gloves

11 Mar 2019
Updated: 27 Jan 2022 If your hands are always chilly, these five gloves will give you some extra insulation without robbing you of too much feel for the controls...

There are days where it’s too warm for thermal gloves, but not warm enough for light summer ones.

Preparing for every eventuality in biking is difficult, but a mid-season glove like those in our top-five guide, offer the warmth and waterproofing you’ll need for spring and autumn rides…

Held Air N Dry Glove

Customer rating:

4.8 (130)

Many Sportsbikeshop customers describe the Air n Dry gloves as the perfect three-season glove, giving them an impressive average of 4.80 stars from the first 119 reviews. They particularly like the dual chamber , which offers two types of protection from the weather – the ‘Air’ side offers more feel, while ‘Dry’ is the lined Gore-Tex waterproof chamber. Customers are surprised the Dry side isn’t bulky, and love that you can choose different finger lengths.

Richa Invader Gore-Tex Gloves - Black

Gore-Tex gloves usually carry a big price premium, but with the Richa Invader you can get the Gore quality without having to pay that extra. These are now a Sportsbikeshop exclusive made just for us, allowing us to drop the price. They’re made to the same exacting Gore standards as before, with a textile outer construction that’s reinforced with leather in the key impact areas. There’s the famed waterproof and breathable membrane inside, where there’s also a lightweight thermal lining for chilly days. Some reviewers say they suit cold days, but we’d suggest a thicker glove is likely to be required when the temperature drops much below double digits.

Knox Covert Leather Glove MkIII - Black

Knox started out in body armour but added gloves to their repertoire over a decade ago, and have made some very popular models over those years. These Covert III gloves are among them, offering a bit of warmth for days where the summer is either approaching or waning. They’re made entirely from leather, with Knox’s Micro-Lock armour at the knuckles, and two of their scaphoid sliders on the palm. The waterproof membrane is bonded directly to the leather outer, boosting your chances of the gloves shrugging off rain in the first instance. Customers say the gloves take a little bedding in, but that’s not unusual for leather gloves.

Oxford Mondial Long MS Gloves - Tech Black

These gloves are perhaps the epitome of the mid-season glove. Too warm when the sun is casting its rays, too cold when Jack Frost is nipping at your nose. So when the temperature is in high single digits through to the mid-teens these come into their own. They’re made from leather with Oxford’s Dry2Dry membrane laminated to it for superior weather resistance. There’s knuckle protection, an accordion stretch panel for flexibility and a visor wipe on the left thumb to make sure you can see where you’re going. They’ve been a hit with those who bought a pair… 14 of the first 15 customer reviewers all saw fit to award them a maximum five stars.

Alpinestars Valparaiso V2 Drystar Mixed Gloves - Black

These gloves from Alpinestars are clearly designed for touring, bringing a neat blend of dexterity and weather protection that would suit a large proportion of the riding conditions we face here in Britain, especially for riders who suffer a little with their circulation. The Valparaiso V2 Drystar gloves have a textile back-hand that’s armoured with soft knuckled protection. The palm is made from leather, and there’s a wipe on the left forefinger so you clear rain from your visor. Inside there’s Alpinestar’s Drystar waterproof membrane and a light thermal lining to protect against chills. The cuffs are definitely designed to be worn under a jacket sleeve, not over.