Cardo gives riders the power to record featured image

Cardo gives riders the power to record

28 Jul 2023
Cardo’s new voice recording feature lets you keep your favourite chats for posterity

Cardo’s mission to lead the in-helmet communication revolution continues with a new voice recording feature on their premium intercoms.

Riders with a second-generation Cardo mesh system will be able to record their intercom conversations, or simply their own voice, as they ride.

It works through Cardo’s phone app, where pressing a button on the screen will record both incoming and outgoing audio to the phone.

It’s available on versions of the Cardo Connect app from 7.0 and above and it works with Cardo’s range-topping intercoms at the moment.

The function is available for riders who have a Cardo Packtalk Edge or Packtalk Neo, or riders who have a Packtalk Custom unit and pay for a Platinium subscription to have access to the full suite of possible features.

Only the rider recording the conversation needs to have a unit with the feature enabled. If that rider is connected to riders who have either another Cardo mesh intercom such as Packtalk Bold, or a non-Cardo Bluetooth intercom that’s bridged into the chat then the host’s phone will record all voices, according to Cardo’s information on the new function.

The ability to easily record intercom conversations will make it easier for riders to narrate onboard videos as they ride, opening motovlogging up to a wider audience.

Cardo’s Chief Marketing Officer Dan Emodi said: “Providing solutions to enhance the riding experience is our number one goal. With this update, we are at the forefront of advanced technology, offering a simple and seamless platform to record and store audio directly on the rider’s phone.”

Here at Sportsbikeshop, we’ll be trying out the new voice recording function as soon as we can and updating this report with some insight from the road.


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