Introducing... Beeline Moto II featured image

Introducing... Beeline Moto II

14 Feb 2024
Updated: 5 Mar 2024 Biking's dinkiest sat-nav is moving on to its second generation...

Casual sat-nav Beeline Moto is about to see its first revamp since smashing onto the biking scene six years ago.

The Beeline Moto II promises to be more informative, easier to read and offer simpler functionality than the original model, but without over-complicating the experience.

A huge part of the Beeline appeal is the simplicity compared to using either a smartphone or dedicated motorcycle sat-nav to show you the way.

For the uninitiated, Beeline is a small device that connects wirelessly to your smartphone and piggybacks its GPS to give you simple route guidance as you ride.

It displays your direction of travel, distance to the next turn, direction of that turn and a quick idea of how far you are through your journey.

Beeline Moto II moves the concept on a stage, hoping to make it appeal to a wider range of riders.

The Moto II has a larger display to make it easier to read and it has a more detailed image to show which turning you should be taking.

On the newer model the display takes up more of the unit’s surface, allowing it to be larger while only slightly increasing the size of the actual unit. At 53mm the overall diameter of the Moto II increases by just 3mm, but reducing the size of the border means the display portion is more than doubled. The new unit's screen covers 1064mm2 compared to 507mm2 on the current model.

Some find the buttons fiddly on the current Beeline models, so there are now RockerTop buttons to make life simpler, and a bright anti-glare screen.

The battery is bigger (Beeline claim a 14-hour ride time from a full charge) and the screen is now an IPS TFT with anti-reflection and hydrophobic coatings.

Weight increases, but if you notice a jump of 13 grams from 29g to 42g in the way your bike handles or consumes fuel then a medal ceremony awaits.

The new device is being revealed on February 14, 2024 and is expected to go on sale in May 2024.

There will be two versions. The Moto II Black will launch with an RRP of £179.99 and the Moto II Silver and Moto II Grey models will be £199.99.

In the meantime, the original devices are still available, and at the time of writing there are competitive deals on the original Beeline Moto Black and Beeline Moto Metal.