Oxford Solariser Optimiser

Essential solar battery optimiser

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Free charging
18 February 2024 by Dessie W
Why not use the daylight to to keep your battery topped up, it won't work every day but the battery does not need charging every day, only topping up to maintain the float voltage.
Good build quality and easy to install
Super charger
12 February 2024 by Stephen M
Well happy, had one of these before and it lasted a good ten tears before it gave up the ghost, if this one does as well I'll be as happy, great service from sports bike shop as usual.
Not being totally waterproof is not a problem as I still had the waterproof box with the clear front on it to keep it out of the rain, but I knew that when I got it.
No Brainer
20 January 2024 by Mark C
What a great little product. My Bike lives outside, this slots into the clear pouch on my Oxford Stormex. Totally self contained system. Brilliant.
Usual great service from SBS as usual.
Oxford Solariser Optimiser - Customer Service
24 November 2023 by Mark S
I purchased an Oxford Solariser Optimiser from Sports Bike Shop and after about 4 weeks it stopped working. I contacted Sportsbikeshop Customer Services and they said they would send me a replacement and a postage paid sticker to return the faulty Oxford Solariser Optimiser.
Within a few days the replacement arrived with the return postage paid sticker to return the faulty Oxford Solariser Optimiser.
Sportsbikeshop Customer Services 11/10 - a rare thing in today's world. Many Thanks to Sportsbikeshop for their very reasonably priced quality products with a vast range of goods, their very fast delivery service and their 1st class customer services,
20 November 2023 by Nigel T
Great product, does exactly what the description states. Easy to install. Fantastic
Does the job
10 November 2023 by David H
Useful for me as I've not got a close power socket to trickle charge the bike. Seems to keep the bike topped up but only reason not 5 stars it it doesn't feel robust and not sure how good if hit by bad weather.
Works well
08 November 2023 by John
Bought 1 as a trial on a boat to keep echo sounder battery topped up. It was outside exposed to the weather for about 3 months without problem, despite not being sold as fully waterproof. Purchased 3 more for other boats.
Great for price
16 October 2023 by Martin P
Bought an Oxford cover and saw the slot for the Solariser and thought it was such a good idea, was pleased when I saw that it was fairly inexpensive also.
Keeps my bike topped up when not used.
Will see how it works in the winter months.
Excellent product
11 September 2023 by Anonymous
Good Price
Good Quality
Good Delivery
Great - so I bought another, and another..
07 September 2023 by Laverdabru
Recently bought my 3rd, as I bought another bike & Oxford cover.
Quality At A Great Price
11 August 2023 by Richard
I bought two of these Solariser chargers by Oxford Products. I had an Auto-electrician wire one to my WAV minibus as and one to my car. They immediately gave excellent charge readings when measured. So definitely worth the money, but even better from SportsBikeShop as they were half the RRP. They are easy to mount with plenty of cable and the size is just right. Recommend
Great - so I bought another!
08 August 2023 by Bruce E
Following on from my anon review of July 28. the newer one has arrived & been fitted to the other bike cover. Works well, but will be interested to see how it does in the shorter days with less sunlight. Usual speedy service & good price from SBS.
Great - so I bought another!
28 July 2023 by Anonymous
As I have 3 running bikes, 2 used rarely, the battery chargers in the hall were getting to be a pain. As was having to disconnect & remove the batteries to be brought in for charging.
Then I bought an Oxford cover, which had a window for one of these.
So my two less used bikes will be fitted with these.
Good price & rapid delivery from SBS, as usual.
Easy to set up Battery Preserver
19 June 2023 by Gavla
A simple to use and install product that maintains the health of my battery and ultimately my bike (1250 GSA). It fits neatly in the pouch of my Stormex motorcycle cover and supplied with multiple connection leads included. I fitted the permanent tails to my battery. Screw cap helps maintain the connection too. Offer price made it a great deal, backed up by SBS superb service and quick delivery.
30 May 2023 by James W
Great bit of kit, keeps the battery nicely topped up.
Good bit of kit
30 May 2023 by Conor
Easy to use and reliable. Works even without direct sunlight.
At a couple meters in length, the wire could be longer (though could easily extend with some spare wire). Comfortably reaches my bike through the side of my garage door with the bike parked just behind the door, but with little to spare.
Excellent charger
26 May 2023 by Ian B
Second one of these I've bought, only replacing due to a broken wire on the first one, which was my fault. Had the first one for about 5/6 years and keeps my BMW K1200 RS fully charged all year round. The bike is kept outside under an Oxford cover and the charger fits in perfectly. Excellent price and highly recommended!
Solariser 10 out of 10
12 May 2023 by Andrew J
This is my 2nd one, 1 for the shed over winter, 2nd for the Oxford Stormex cover, these I can't recommend enough, just hook one end up to your battery, then plug the other end in done, works really well in low light, fully waterproof, and a great price.

Oxford Solariser Optimiser

  • Solar battery Optimiser for maintaining 12V automotive batteries all year round
  • Perfect for where there is no mains power source
  • Ideal for vehicles left outside or in remote lock-ups
  • LED light shows battery will charge with available light
  • Operates in extreme temperatures
  • Trickle-charge current between 10mA - 100mA
  • Weatherproof connectors
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Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

  • The output of my solar charger is over 20V, can this damage the battery? I only ask as my battery just died and I did have the solar charger plugged in over a long period of time. It may just be a coincidence as the bike is over 10 years old and I does not know how old the battery is. Thanks.

    May 1, 2019

    It is normal for this Solar Optimiser to read over 20V when disconnected from a battery. It has been designed to be used on all 12V batteries for long periods of time and will reduce the power output automatically when connected. Please note however that if the battery drops below a certain voltage (usually 8V), this optimiser may not be able to recover the battery.

  • Will it charge the battery without the ignition switches on via the cigarette lighter socket

    September 24, 2018

    Unfortunately the ignition would need to be left on as the 12v socket is a switched live.

  • Hi Is this solariser ok for keep permanently on my Harley AGM battery?

    August 14, 2018

    The eyelet leads are designed to be left on your motorcycle battery. You can then simply disconnect the solar panel from the eyelet connector when you want to use your motorcycle.

  • Will this SAE adapter enable me to connect this to my exisiting SAE connector on the battery -  http://www.oxfordproducts.com/motorcycle/brands/oxford/battery_care_and_power_accessories/3mtr_extension_lead_sae_to_sae_connector/?PHPSESSID=d6n54jssgdhtc3t25jplsq2cj2

    April 23, 2018

    Unfortunately this is not possible, as the Solariser does not use the SAE or TM style connectors, apologies.

  • Does this come with an SAE connector that will fit into the optimate connector already attached to my battery...if not how else do I quickly connect without lifting the seat each time.

    October 27, 2017

    Unfortunately it is not supplied with an SAE connector, but it is supplied with its own connector that can be attached to the battery.

  • Hi is this charger ok for lithium ion battery for my 2007 400cc beta cross bike. Thanks

    September 14, 2017

    We would not recommend the use of this charger on a lithium battery as they require a specific charging program.

  • Will it charge the battery via the 12V outlet on my V-Strom 1000 when ignition is off?

    August 22, 2017

    Unfortunately the ignition would need to be left on as the 12v socket is a switched live.

  • Is the unit waterproof

    August 14, 2017

    The Oxford Solariser is designed to be light weatherproof. It can therefore be used outside but is not waterproof and will not withstand heavy rain or being submerged.

  • How long is the lead ?

    February 24, 2017

    The main power lead is approximately 8 feet in length.

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