Shoei GT Air 2 - Matt Black

Full face helmet with an enlarged internal sun visor and multiple ventilation points

This product has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

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Fantastic, lightweight, quality lid
27 January 2024 by Nigel S
Managed to pick this up at a superb price on SBS, saving over £200 on the full price helmet elsewhere. Shoei quality, lightweight and supremely comfy. Looking forward to going on the first ride out. Great being able to pay over a few months interest free too!
Next day delivery was very reassuring, though the delivery driver's common sense could do with a separate review-who leaves a helmet box on the main road outside the gate?
Nevertheless very pleased with my choice and will be back for more kit soon!
Style: Qubit TC-5
Just lovely
18 January 2024 by Steve H
Firstly, if you haven't got a Shoei shaped head then stop reading!! I have so can only base it on that and the fact I ride a tall adventure sports with a high screen. I've had shoei's for years and this is the best of the lot. No leakage from top visor seal in heavy rain like my original gt air, sun visor operation is smoother and slightly lower (but still not fog free - why?!?) & visor seems larger increasing my field of vision. Paint finish is exceptional as usual from Shoei. Had a windjammer on my old gt air but can't on this one due to sena intercom placement. However have found this gt air 2 to be quieter than the original, even at motorway speeds. Just don't like the microratchet strap. But that's because I'm old. Overall a great lid, especially at the knock down price I got it for. Staff at Harlow store were super helpful and knowledgable as always
Style: Qubit TC-5
Great lid!
14 January 2024 by Thurstan G
Really comfy helmet, not heavy, good venting, sun visor is great, quiet, no complaints
Style: Light Silver
Good quality helmet
12 January 2024 by David
Finish top notch
Very nice internals
Internal sun visor improvement on GT Air 1.
Very comfortable.
Got a great deal as previous model - was able to use saving to purchase integrated intercom
Fast delivery in very well packaged box
Style: Qubit TC-5
Amazing helmet but small chinstrap
16 December 2023 by Alaric G
Honestly the quietest and most comfortable helmet I've ever worn, would be 5 stars, but the chinstrap is stupidly small, I don't have an abnormally fat chin but Shoei would have you thinking different! Every helmet I've owned before has more material for adjustment than you'd ever need, but for some reason they skimped here, and on the largest setting, it's a tad too snug for me. I'd already taken the stickers off, so you live and learn.

Just make sure you put it on with the chinstrap done up before you take the stickers off!
Style: Matt Blue
Fantastic helmet and service
25 November 2023 by Raymond C
Needed to replace my current shoei GT air, so I just got the next upgrade to GT air 2. Perfect fit and performance.
Style: Qubit TC-5
Excellent Shoei Helmet
22 November 2023 by Clive T
Shoei's are excellent helmets, this being the 3rd that I have purchased. They are very comfortable, with excellent crash protection. My partner has a GT Air II, while my road helmet is a Schuberth S2. I purchased this helmet for track use as it meets my requirements. The fit is snug and comfortable and I expect it to provide the same level of comfort and protection as the other two Shoei helmets have. I have the Sena SRL2 intercom system, which works well. The sound is very tinny however, compared to the custom made audio earplugs that I use with the Sena S20 on my Schuberth helmet. My previous Shoei helmet retained its fit and comfort over several years, which I expect this to also. Highly recommend Shoei helmets
Style: Light Silver
5* Comfort
24 October 2023 by Mike
Comfortable and practical helmet for new rider.
Will be getting the compatible intercom soon!
Style: Black
Quietest helmet yet
17 October 2023 by Anonymous
First Shoei after years of Arais and most recently a Shark Spartan carbon. Bought this to reduce the wind noise on my new adventure sport bike and it is the quietest helmet I've ever owned.

Fitted a (non Senna) intercom and it's audible at all legal speeds. A bit of a faff to mount the unit but it's all secure now.

I'm happy with this helmet, although the peripheral vision is not quite as good as the Shark Spartan meaning I need to turn my head a little bit more to check behind me, also the internal sun visor leaves a slither of light at the bottom of my vision which the Shark didn't

SPORTSBIKESHOP were very helpful as always and fitted larger set of internal padding to get the perfect fit.
Style: Light Silver
Good all rounder
02 October 2023 by Anonymous
Have a few helmets for different riding but this one is one is the best all rounder.

Pinlock perfectly prevents fogging on those cold mornings and there is good ventilation for hot days. Sun visor is easy to operate with gloves on and means you can quickly adjust when riding in and out of shaded areas. Main visor has a good seal from wind and rain.
Worn from sunrise to sunset and genuinely provides all day comfort. Have intercom fitted and don't notice the weight of that either.

Not so sure about the claim of "Anti-fog, anti-scratch inner sun visor" I find that the sun-visor material is very soft and makes cleaning it difficult, even a microfiber cloth can leave marks if you use too much pressure, so now I just remove the sun-visor rinse under water and leave to dry. Also had an issue with the outer visor mechanism on mine, however this was fixed under the excellent 5 year warranty.
Style: Black
Great quality and value
01 October 2023 by Anonymous
Had my GT Air for many years. Launch of the GT air 3 means the air 2 is now great value. Does not disappoint with the usual and expected quality for Shoei. Great helmet.
Style: Tesseract Matt TC-10
Really comfortable
21 September 2023 by Simon R
My husband bought this and says it is the most comfortable helmet he's bought. Good quality and perfect fit. Brilliant service from SPORTSBIKESHOP Birmingham
Style: Tesseract Matt TC-10
My third GT Air
12 September 2023 by Brian G
This is my third GT Air following on from my previous two MK 1 versions, which I obviously liked having had two of them! I've been wearing Shoei helmets for about 20 years now and have always found the quality, fit and comfort excellent.
As some of the reviews on the GT Air 2 have said the initial fit out of the box is less snug than usual, I have always had size Small and they have been very tight until bedded in, this feels less tight but still snug so I am trusting Shoei will have got it right and it will still be a good fit after I have been using it for a while. I haven't actually worn it on the bike yet so can't really comment on the vents etc but the front vents are pretty much the same as on the old GT and they were easy to use and worked well. The rear vent of the old GT has been replaced by two rear facing exhaust ports for the air that are always open so you don't have to worry about that. The new type chin strap fastener seems easy to use and I haven't had to adjust it as it feels right for me as it came, but as others have said "what was wrong with the old double D rings". One thing struck me with the new system, the metal "tongue" that inserts into the fastener is quite long and with the helmet off it seems to tend to want to hang out of the bottom of the helmet so I am going to get into the habit of putting the tongue back in the fastener after I take it off to avoid it catching on any delicate surfaces when I put it down, fuel tank for example - although that may be me being over cautious!
The sun visor on my previous GTs have been very good so this should be even better as it now comes down 5mm further in the lowered position. Looking forward to using it on the bike soon.
Style: Light Silver
Great Helmet
08 September 2023 by Gary S
Fits like a glove, very quiet and love the style.
Style: Notch TC5
07 September 2023 by George P
Great item and value/service
Style: Aperture TC-6
Good helmet
28 August 2023 by Kamil D
Can only give 4 stars as had a similar helmet from HJC before i payed only £100 .. Quite high price but good quality.
Style: Matt Black
Faultless Service
21 August 2023 by Phil D
I've had several Shoei helmets and they never disappoint. The GT Air2 is extremely light and very comfortable for me with no pressure points, but feels very secure on your head. The drop down sun visor seems better quality than previous too.
Style: Aperture TC-5
17 August 2023 by Ciaran
This lid has it all. The look, design, comfort, ventilation and low wind sound. Firstly trust your sizing. I'm a 60cm head and couldn't even fit the large on which is 59-60. I actually had to force it on with two hands from the top so I ordered the XL. Although the XL touched my face all over it wasn't as snug as it should have been so I sent that back. After 5 wears of the Large it now pulls on by pulling the straps apart and fits perfectly. Pinlock included and visual range is great.
It's a real head turner.
P.S the black rubber piece in the bag is a breath guard for the inside lower part of the helmet in front of your mouth. Took me a while to figure that out.
Style: Matt Black

Shoei GT Air 2 - Matt Black

  • AIM multi-composite fibre construction
  • Mist resistant CNS-1 Pinlock system (Pinlock insert included)
  • Stainless steel micro ratchet retention system
  • Emergency quick release system
  • Anti-fog, anti-scratch inner sun visor
  • Detachable and washable centre pad and cheek pads
  • Noise-reducing ear pads
  • Prepared for intercom installation (SENA SRL2)
  • Multiple venting and extraction
  • Inlet vents on the brow and chin
  • Exhaust vents at the rear of the helmet
  • Integrated rear spoiler

The Shoei GT Air II has the innovative and highly-acclaimed GT-Air as a baseline… the GT-Air II was destined for greatness from the very start. Advancements in design, functionality and performance have further evolved Shoei's premium full-face touring helmet, yielding even easier adaptation to the ever-changing conditions throughout your journeys. Featuring a lengthened internal sun visor for optimal sun-glare protection, all-new "first position" visor opening for advanced ventilation and defogging, enhanced aerodynamics and noise-reduction technology, and the ability to seamlessly integrate with the Sena SRL2 Communication System, the GT-Air II is equipped to accommodate your every need.

All helmets are supplied with a clear visor as standard

Product Specification Intercoms Visors and Pinlock Insert Manufacturer
Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

  • Can you tell me if the interphone tour comma set will sit in the same place as sena please

    March 24, 2023

    In regards to the Sena system that is integrated into the helmet, the Interphone won't fit the same I'm afraid, however if you were to purchase a universal intercom (Non-helmet specific) then you would be able to fit it to the side of your helmet instead as usual.

  • Is the Pinlock insert included or does it need to be purchased separately?

    February 25, 2020

    We currently list this helmet as being supplied with a pinlock insert included.