S100 Moto Wash Total Cleaner+ 5 Litre

Motorcycle gel cleaner with innovative self drying effect and protective properties

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Verified Customer Reviews for S100 Moto Wash Total Cleaner+ 5 Litre

22 reviews
S100 Moto wash
10 January 2024 by Simon G
This is a great product, I have used it for years, a proper bike wash, unlike many others, including the obvious ones. Sportsbikeshop came up trumps on price too and delivered in 2 days.
S100 Cleaner
25 October 2023 by Beaker
Great cleaner, spray on hose off. Just need to perfect the application, shall invest in the spray bottle. Thanks Sportsbikeshop for a fast and hassle free delivery
The best
07 October 2023 by Mark J
Great stuff cleans when other cleaner don't, five stars from me .
S100 moto wash 5 litres
05 October 2023 by Anonymous
Use with 1 litre spray. Cover as much of the bike as possible. The product works well on all surfaces.Leave for 20 to 30 minutes and the instructions say to wash off with cold water. I prefer to wash off with a sponge then spray with the hose pipe. No steaks are left .The product removes all muck picked up from the ride.
Still the best
18 September 2023 by Nick B
I've tried many bike cleaning products and S100 still stands out as the best. It's very effective at cleaning the grime off your bike and unlike many of the competition, it doesn't leave a horrible residue behind.

Buy in bulk (5L) to make it slightly more affordable.
Effective Cleaner
08 August 2023 by Anonymous
An effective cleaner that will not cause cosmetic damage to paintwork. I use a 50/50 diluted with water spray application to great effect. The 5 litre container is a good saving when bought from Sportsbikeshop.
Top Cleaner
07 July 2023 by Simon B
Used this S100 many times and buying it in 5L makes it even better value. Best on the market in my opinion.
Best motorbike cleaner
01 July 2023 by David A
A great cleaner that is really easy and quick to use with good results for minimal effort.
Brilliant product
30 May 2023 by Gary K
Used this product many times and found it to be excellent. Makes cleaning the bike a pleasure rather than a chore. Little bit expensive but worth it when you see the end result. Will continue to use the product for the foreseeable future!
The best
06 May 2023 by Neville
It only takes about half as much as other cleaners to do a faster and better job. I couldn't give it 5 stars though as you cant use it on bare polished aluminium as it will discolour it, so I have to use something else on one of my bikes.
German bike cleaner par excellent
05 May 2023 by Peter J
Been using this stuff for a while now. Unlike the other cleaners, you spray it on a dry bike. Agitate with a brush if really dirty and leave for a while to break down the dirt. Other stuff has to be washed off fairly quickly. With this it's ok for about half an hour. Good stuff.
Good stuff
30 April 2023 by Stephen L
S-Doc works really well. I've used it for years. I'm a lazy cleaner, I'd rather be out riding than cleaning. But this stuff gets into the nooks and crannies and just hoses off, the dirt comes off with it. Doesn't leave streaks. A bit expensive, but worth it for me.
S100 Moto Wash Total Cleaner+ 5 Litre
28 April 2023 by Chris B
I have been using this cleaner for years now; it's comparably expensive compared to some other bike cleaners, but you don't need much & it works a treat.
In my opinion it's worth the money.
Worth the money
10 April 2023 by Niklas
It is quite expensive, but this is really the best stuff I have ever used to clean my bike. It pulls all of the dirt out, actually, not like the other cleaners claim to do. You don't even have to scrub it if you don't want and it will do a great job. It leaves zero water marks too, I will be buying this again for sure.
S100 Moto Wash Cleaner
14 March 2023 by Barry M
On to my second 5l drum of this stuff. Cleans well and showing no sign of corrosion which was the main reason for buying this product.
Works well on metal panels with no streaks.
Best Ever Wash
07 February 2023 by Gary H
Been using this product for a couple of years. Really excellent, removes dirt (after you leave it to do its work for at least 20 mins) and somehow drys itself without leaving streaks. Expensive, but to me well worth it.
Fantastic Cleaner
07 November 2022 by Dion H
The best I've tried, shifts stubborn muck easily and doesn't leave white traces on black parts. Expensive but worth it.
S100 moto wash
06 October 2022 by Carl
If Carlsberg made motorcycle cleaner.

S100 Moto Wash Total Cleaner+ 5 Litre

  • Self-drying formula dries without the need of a chamois and without leaving water stains
  • Exceptional cleaning performance and gentler on extremely sensitive surfaces
  • Effortless and residue-free removal of dirt, insect residue, grease, and oil stains
  • Highest yield and cleaning effect due to the gel formula
  • Acid-free
  • Also ideal for matt finished paintwork

Not for use on unlacquered aluminium or black chrome components. Do not use in hot sun or on hot surfaces.
Value-retaining regular and careful cleaning of motorcycles require a significant time and effort. Properly wiping with a chamois is time-consuming and hard work. The result of a survey with bikers shows that in addition to perfect cleaning and material compatibility, self-drying without water stains is one of the most important criteria for buying motorcycle cleaners. This attribute is currently not available on the market, but S100 has just changed this.
Simply spray the entire motorcycle with S100 Moto Wash and allow the gel formula to act for 5 to 30 minutes, depending on the degree of soiling. If necessary, use a sponge. Then, thoroughly hose down the bike with a strong jet of water and allow to dry naturally or wipe with a chamois. The motorcycle dries itself without having to use a chamois and without leaving water stains.


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