Photography: KNOX Introducing... Knox Shield hoodie and joggers featured image

Introducing... Knox Shield hoodie and joggers

15 Mar 2023
The 'athleisure' revolution has arrived in our world as Knox mashes together jogging and biking

The march towards bike clothing that mimics casual clobber will take another stride in 2024 with the first single-layer biking tracksuit.

It’s from British firm Knox and it’s made from stretchy fabric yet it still meets Level AAA of the CE protection standards. 

The two parts of the suit will come separately - the Knox Shield Armoured Hoody and the matching Knox Shield Jogging Bottoms.

Knox say it’s taken “years of perseverance” to come up with the material, which combines fibres made from ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene with cotton and elastane for comfort and stretch properties.

Both hoody and joggers will be equipped with a new type of armour developed by Knox for use in casually styled clothing.

The Micro-Lock Compact is a slimline form of armour that meets the basic Level 1 of the CE impact protection standard.

This will come as standard at the shoulders and elbows in the hoody and at the hips and knees in the joggers. The knee armour can be removed without taking the joggers off.

The new Shield hoody and joggers are expected to make it onto the market in 2024.