Arai I Type Max Vision ProtecTINT Pinlock Insert - RX-7 GP / New Quantum / Chaser V / Axces 2 / Axces 3

Genuine fog resistant UV-reactive visor insert


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Verified Customer Reviews for Arai I Type Max Vision ProtecTINT Pinlock Insert

8 reviews
Good product
22 November 2019 by Alasdair N
Ideal for mixed riding conditions, not overly dark, but very handy
Good but not a replacement for a dark visor
29 April 2019 by Nicky
This is the second Protectint Pinlock I've bought and they are good, definitely worth buying, but it's not a replacement for a dark visor or sunglasses on a really bright sunny day.

They take the edge off of bright sunshine but work best on days when it's not intense bright light. In winter sunlight they are great.

They change from dark to light very quickly if the light changes for example if you go through a tunnel or dark wooded area which is a huge advantage over something which is permanently dark.

Overall definitely worth buying but just don't expect it to be enough on a really bright sunny day.
It all helps
30 January 2017 by Paul J
Not the perfect solution for Low sun on the way to work bit it help save carrying two visors for when it gets dark on the way home.
Pretty useful
12 October 2015 by Ed
Works well to cut the edge off the sun when it's low in the sky. Does not go very dark but dark enough to make for a comfortable ride. Excellent in terms of anti fog, although I have noticed the need to wipe the inside of visor after a ride in cold weather, like a bit of moisture has built up and caused a very subtle blur/smudge on the visor.

Not ideal but pretty good value
30 June 2015 by Ben S
This is my first summer of motorcycling. I went through two Arai pro shade visors and thought they were awful/dangerous. The external hinges for the visor easily broke and leaf the visor flapping in the wind. I chose this because having a tinted visor may not work so well on my early morning commute. It serves well as a good intermediate measure. Now the sun regularly shines in the morning I would prefer a tinted visor as it takes about two mins for mine to start working.
25 April 2015 by Paul M
I don't care much for the anti-fog part of it, it's something they can do without as it scratches very EASILY. I'd much rather crack the shield open a bit to prevent fog. The visor tints, but nowhere near as tinted as a race visor, probably half the strength. If they made one that tints as dark as a race visor and had no fog resistance, I'd buy it in a heartbeat. They could even cover themselves by saying 'for race only' on it.
Max quality
09 May 2014 by Sean
As ever SBS are the best company for Motorcycle parts in the UK. Their customer service and returns policy is second to none. I cannot praise them highly enough. The Protec Arai insert is excellent, although I wished it went darker.
Great product
19 November 2013 by Ronald S
Great product no more changing visors when the sun comes out tint changes faster than I thought it would. I would also like to point out that sportsbikeshop are a dream to deal with any problems they deal with it on the spot. Many thanks.

Arai I Type Max Vision ProtecTINT Pinlock Insert - RX-7 GP / New Quantum / Chaser V / Axces 2 / Axces 3

  • RX-7 GP
  • New Quantum
  • Chaser V
  • Axces 2
  • Axces 3

Compatible with Arai i type Pinlock ready Max Vision visors.
This product can be used all the year round during hot and humid summer conditions and wet, cold periods. Riding with a completely closed visor in these conditions is possible without fogging-up using this product. A truly unique system that ensures you will have a clear view whatever the weather condition.

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

  • Will this fit an axces 3 pinlock visor?

    August 23, 2018

    As long as you have a Max Vision visor on your Axces 3, this Pinlock will fit.

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