Arai I Type Pro Shade Visor System - Road Legal

RX7 GP / Quantum ST / Rebel / Chaser V / Axces 2 / Axces 3 / Debut


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Verified Customer Reviews for Arai I Type Pro Shade Visor System

52 reviews
Best of Both Worlds
25 September 2022 by GeoffB
I got one of these for my 1 year old Debut helmet because SBS had it discounted and also for a bike trip, just to save me from having to carry 2 visors. I usually have a fully tinted visor and seldom ride at night but this visor allows me to occasionally flip up the tinted part with the slightly shorter September days and when it is dull or dusky.

There was no noticeable buffeting with the tinted screen up and the visor fits just like any normal Arai visor.

I have fitted the Pinlock, which was nice and easy, so this visor will be staying on until at least the Spring.
21 March 2022 by Keith W
Excellent quality and the sun visor works well
Could have been perfect
12 July 2021 by Paul M
Excellent service from SBS per usual.
contrary to other reviews, mine came with a clear pinlock making this a bargain (for Arai)

fitting is easy and (once you get used to pulling outwards to release) it is also easy to use.

Riding with the sunscreen in up position has caused no noticible drag or buffet on my 2 bikes (XJR13+ RE himalayan) with a Rebel helmet. I cant speak for more sporty ride positions.

It helps with sun glare but I wish the tint was darker. I guess Arai played it safe to ensure that its road legal.
Arai Pro shade visor system
19 June 2021 by Daren H
Great service and product is of very high quality, fast delivery and hassle free.
Just Awesome.
03 May 2021 by Peter J
I always wore sunglasses but after a day on the bike I was starting to get painful indents in the side of my head so decide a tinted visor for my Arai was the way to go. Decided to give the Pro Shade Visor a go and it's just awesome. I think it looks cool in the upright position and even in upright position it provides shade. Pop it down and you have full glare protection, and its usual Arai quality and included a pinlock so all in good value too.
95% Perfect
02 May 2021 by Craig G
It took me a year of owning my Arai Debut to decide whether to buy this or a dark visor. I miss my internal drop down visor of my AGV but often found it to be not dark enough. Opted for this as I ride in the evenings as the sun is setting so dark visor not helpful as dusk settles. I have two bikes, one sports and on naked muscle bike; on both even in the up position it acts like a small peak so provides protection from high sun glare, and pull it down as the sun sets... perfect. Only negative is the small amount of wind noise on my naked but none on the sports bike
Pro shade visor system
11 April 2021 by Peter P
A very well made, good quality visor but unfortunately I have returned it because Arai are not prepared to confirm that the visor provides UV400 protection. Without that guarantee, your eyesight is potentially at more risk, because a shaded visor can cause your pupils to dilate and admit more uv rays than normal.
07 February 2021 by Alexander J
Total game changer. I was struggling badly to see in the low winter sun. I wear glasses so sunglasses weren't an option.

Such s simple but great idea. Makes visibility much better when the sun is in your eyes or there are bright reflections off a wet road. The visor may look dark but you can still easily see all the details on the road. Looks cool on my matt grey helmet too!
Pro shade visor system
14 December 2020 by David J
The visor is good quality as is all the airi products a visor that is constructed for all weather to make riding safer without having to change visors
Pro Shade SAI version
06 October 2020 by Steve A
Works great. Perfect for low sun in mornings and evenings. This visor does come with a pinlock insert which isn't made clear on the website or by some reviews. Maybe it's different for the VAS type.
26 September 2020 by Anonymous
Never use an Arai helmet without this. Just brilliant.
Marvellous idea.
30 August 2020 by David C
I have a few helmets with the internal flip down visors which are fab, brilliant idea, who would of thought it could be improved, well Arai thinking outside the box and not allow any weakness to there helmets have created a brilliant visor that not only shades you from the sun but when you don't want full on tinted visor you can still have sun glare reduced without obscuring vision with visor acting like a peak cap. Quality of the product and value for money is A1. I would recommend the product and would certainly buy again.
Pro shade system
23 July 2020 by Lee H
Amazing addition to the helmet I purchased gives you a choice of shade or clear visor whilst simply lifting out the view, can be done whilst riding, I'd strongly recommend this for any helmet that's compatible for this product 5+++++
Worth every penny
13 July 2020 by Anonymous
Fed up constantly with a tinted visor and not being able to see as it gets dark, this visor is the best of both worlds being able to flick between tinted or clear. It's also handy on those days when your visor is full of fly splatter that you can just flip it up and have a fresh clear visor to see through until you can stop somewhere for a clean. Well done Arai, qualify of flawless and a great addition to anyone's visor!
Style and performance
12 June 2020 by D H
Great idea from Arai. Visor and shade work well together. No helmet buffeting with the visor in the upper position. Only negative is the eyebrow vents are not as good as the original visor, they slide up and down.
Arai flip pro visor
13 May 2020 by D C
Love it wish i had one earlier. comes complete with visor pinlock and bark tint.
Necessary addition.
14 November 2019 by Julia C
I have an Arai "head", but when I was looking to replace my existing helmet I was looking for a helmet with an internal visor. However, after doing the research I couldn't find anything comparable and opted for a direct replacement. So, especially when winter riding, the pro shade is the perfect addition to the Arai helmet.
Great visor
21 August 2019 by Anonymous
Great visor to have, included a fog guard so always clear and the sunshade is great on those rare sunny days.

Arai I Type Pro Shade Visor System - Road Legal

  • Genuine Arai part
  • Complete system, mounted on clear Max Vision Pinlock visor
  • Enhanced aerodynamics
  • Increased helmet stability
  • Removable peak for easy cleaning
  • No contact with visor: no scratching
  • Fits all Arai SAI type full face helmets
  • Lever Release System
  • Aerodynamic with De-mist visor lock

This is a genuine Arai Pro Shield visor to fit the following helmets: RX7 GP, Quantum, Quantum ST, Rebel, Chaser V, Axces 2, Axces 3, Debut

With the new Pro Shade System, Arai now introduces a (patented) revolutionary solution to a well known problem: sun glare! It is nowadays quite common to use a retractable sun-visor that is situated between the helmet's outer and inner shell to protect against sun glare. However, it's Arai's opinion that this construction could affect the performance of a helmet during impact. As the Pro Shade System is completely mounted on the outside of the helmet, it will not in any way negatively affect the performance of the helmet. It also confirms to Arai's R75 Shape concept.

The Pro Shade System is a small peak that is locked in position. Unlocking is easy; just pull the shade peak forward. Than it can be flipped down with a flick of the hand, to perform as an effective sun-visor. The Pro Shade System is the complete all weather system for serious touring riders, offering protection against: sun glare, fogging and misting. Especially for riders that prefer an upright seating position and/or the comfort of a fairing, the Arai Pro Shade System will enhance the rider's comfort significantly.

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Arai I Type Pro Shade Visor System - Road Legal Video
Pinlock Insert Manufacturer
Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

  • Hi does the visor come with a pinlock? And it does fit a 2017 quantum pro

    August 20, 2022

    A Pinlock Insert is included. This visor will fit a Quantum and Quantum ST, but not an Arai QV.

  • Does this system come with the pinlock insert? And how much for P&P? I'm looking for a replacement on my Quantum ST, the previous Pro Shade scratched the main visor on the bottom edge.

    August 20, 2022

    A Pinlock insert is included. Postage costs will depend on where you are situated, but will be shown once you have selected your delivery destination from the drop down menu.

  • You say this fits an Arai Axces 3, but there are two variants, does it fit the sai max vision version as well as the earlier sai version.

    September 24, 2018

    The Pro Shade system fits the Axces 3.This listing is for the complete system, mounted on clear Max Vision Pinlock visor.

  • Price and availability on pro shade system to fit Arai rx7v also colour and availability on longer visor, seen one on internet that reaches down lower.

    May 17, 2018

    We only list the one Pro-Shade visor that is compatible with the RX7-V and we currently have them in stock.

  • Does this fit the chaser x ?  Regards

    March 24, 2018

    The Chaser X requires the Arai VAS-V Type Pro Shade Visor System. The I type will not fit.

  • Is there a Pro Shade that will fit a Viper GT?

    March 14, 2017

    We do not stock or list this item for the Viper GT.

  • Does this also fit the new Axces 3?

    February 24, 2017

    The Arai Pro Shade Visor System - I Type will fit the Axces 3

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