Arai VAS-V Type Pro Shade Visor System - Road Legal

RX-7V / QV-Pro / Chaser X / Profile V / Quantic

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Verified Customer Reviews for Arai VAS-V Type Pro Shade Visor System

33 reviews
Does what it says on the tin
16 October 2023 by Anonymous
Good bit of kit, works well easy to fit.
No need for a full dark visor, there when you need it
Dual function visor system
06 July 2023 by Anonymous
Very happy with this visor system. As a summer rider I use it mainly with sunglasses as a peak rather like that on a baseball cap for example. If not wearing sunglasses it can be used as the equivalent to the internal visor system, though the gap at the bottom of the main visor will take a little getting used to. Fitting and removal simple as can be.
Superb visor system
10 December 2022 by Anonymous
All the benefits of clear and smoked visors in one.
Arai VAS-VPro shade
04 February 2022 by Graeme J
Typical Arai quality with a really fast delivery.
Works better than internal sunvisor
21 January 2022 by IvD
I am all year rider and the low winter sun can be a pain on those days when we have it. I've used sunglasses with Arai but they never felt comfortable enough. I have got internal sunvisor on different brand helmet and it mists on the winter rides so I have never actually been able to use it except during the summer. When I read about this original and road legal Arai visor I decided to spend the money and give it a try. In my opinion this is one of the best investment I've made in a motorcycle gear. It works excellent as a sunvisors and will never mist. And the best part is that you can lift it up easily and use it like a helmet pick when the sun is high or the day is cloudy. No need to change the visor on the road anymore or discomfort of having glasses. It doesn't create turbolance or affects helmet stability at legal speed at least.
I can only highly recommend this device.
2 in 1 for Arai, it works!
25 April 2021 by Kieran K
Arai obviously don't do internal sun visors and I wanted an Arai so looked at this option. Saves having to change a dark visor if you're out when the sun isn't.. works pretty well when you get used to it but doesn't cover the whole of the clear visor so leaves a bit of a gap at the bottom so when you look down at the bikes instruments they are clear which I quite like. Also acts a bit like a peak when it's up too, looks quite cool so yeah glad I bought it. You get a new clear visor and the dark one in the box but no Pinlock so I used one from my other visor.
Arai VAS-V Type Pro Shade Visor
26 December 2020 by Anonymous
Easy replacement for the standard visor, really nicely made, positive action.
Arai VAS-V external sun shade
06 November 2020 by Jiri U
Due bad weather ridden only few times yet, but works really well.
Visor for all seasons
02 September 2020 by Gavin W
Aria new visor system is a vast improvement and the twin visor works really well
Arai VAS-V Type Pro Shade Visor System
11 August 2020 by Mick J
I like the system as there is no compromise in the shell or liner to accommodate an internal system. very quick and easy to use (although not as easy as the SAI version I have). Not sure I like the new visor system, I though the previous SAI was very quick and easy to use, I expect I will get used to it. Having said that it is built to Arai's very high standard so I expect good service from it. Recommended.
Perfect for a sunny day
05 August 2020 by Andre G
Best item ever!!
I had one to my old helmet so when I bought a new one this Arai VAS-V Type Pro Shade Visor was the first thing I bought. It´s realy worth the money! Everyone should have one. It´s easy to put it on, takes less than a minute.
Sun shade
19 June 2020 by Chris
I don't really use the sun visor bit down as have reacta light glasses, works as a peak to shade form low sun etc. Had one for the last six years on a few Aria helmets, wouldn't be without it. New VAS V system very good definitely Japanese quality engineering!
Pro Shade Visor takes a bit of getting used to when fitted, when riding pull outwards and upward to unlock and move down, to open move whole visor up and drop clear bit only.
When riding at night make sure it's locked up as can flip down if not locked correctly. It only flips down really at high speed and because I don't break the national speed limit I don't know how I know that!
A small mixup here
13 June 2020 by Kevin C
1 star. Sorry

Product doesn't fit RX-7V helmet.

The advertised related product i.e. the pinlock insert doesn't fit this product.

Had to return the product but I kept the pinlock as the pinlock was correct for the RX-7V helmet.

After a bit of research the Arai RX-7V does use the VAS visor system but the picture on the website and and product sent out was for Arai helmets using the SAI system.

Sportsbikeshop are pretty good and I am sure this little hiccup will get sorted.

Sound one
18 May 2020 by Leslie F
Brilliant design, effective and easy to use. Missed 5 stars due to expensive price.
Great design
28 April 2020 by John T
Good for all year day / night use.
Why did I not buy this earlier
27 April 2020 by Tony H
Great product , I wish I'd known about it earlier . A friend of mine has one and recommended it , it's far better than sunglasses and safer than an internal one which always seem to sit on my nose . Really happy with it , but could be a little cheaper.
Great product exactly what I need
26 March 2020 by Anonymous
No steaming up, no touching my nose and is well designed! Does what I need it to do!
Unusual but very practical
21 March 2020 by Anonymous
System works very well and has the added bonus when roads are dirty that you can lift the tint and have a clean visor again. Tint could be a little darker for bright sunny days though you can always fit a tinted pin-lock.

Arai VAS-V Type Pro Shade Visor System - Road Legal

  • Genuine Arai part
  • Removable pro shade for easy cleaning
  • No contact with visor means no scratching
  • Fits all Arai VAS-V type full face helmets

Picture for illustration purposes only
I-Type shown
This is a genuine Arai Pro Shield visor to fit the following helmets:

Profile V

With the new Pro Shade System, Arai now introduces a (patented) revolutionary solution to a well known problem: sun glare! It is nowadays quite common to use a retractable sun-visor that is situated between the helmet's outer and inner shell to protect against sun glare. However, it's Arai's opinion that this construction could affect the performance of a helmet during impact. As the Pro Shade System is completely mounted on the outside of the helmet, it will not in any way negatively affect the performance of the helmet. It also confirms to Arai's R75 Shape concept.

The Pro Shade System is a small peak that is locked in position. Unlocking is easy; just pull the shade peak forward. Than it can be flipped down with a flick of the hand, to perform as an effective sun-visor. The Pro Shade System is the complete all weather system for serious touring riders, offering protection against: sun glare, fogging and misting. Especially for riders that prefer an upright seating position and/or the comfort of a fairing, the Arai Pro Shade System will enhance the rider's comfort significantly.

Pinlock Insert Manufacturer
Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

  • Hi does this visor fit an Arai QV - Dark Citizen?

    March 18, 2019

    The V Type Pro Shade system will fit your Arai QV.

  • Does this shade also fit for the Renegade helmet?

    December 13, 2018

    The V Type Pro Shade visor will fit the Arai Renegade.

  • Is this visor supplied with the pinlock insert or does that need to be purchased as well.

    May 12, 2018

    The Pinlock insert is not supplied with the visor and would need to be purchased separately.

  • Hi SBS is it possible to buy only sunshade part for this type of visor please?

    March 26, 2018

    Unfortunately we do not stock or supply this part separately.

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