Arai I Type ProtecTINT Pinlock Insert - RX7 GP / Quantum ST / Quantum / Rebel / Chaser V / Axces 2

Genuine fog resistant UV-reactive visor insert

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Verified Customer Reviews for Arai I Type ProtecTINT Pinlock Insert

30 reviews
Does the job
01 January 2023 by Sarah
A good bit of kit that seems to work well, not tried in really sunny weather yet but it does seem to react easily enough.
Great to stop the glare
18 July 2022 by Anonymous
Bought as I don't have built in visor or prescription sunglasses. Darkens enough to stop the glare and really makes a difference. Quick delivery too.
Arai quality
30 September 2020 by Martin T
works well in all light conditions.
and great service from SportsBikeShop(Boston)
Makes a difference
28 October 2019 by Anonymous
It is a must have accessory for riders who don't stop when the thermometer scale moves away from 20 C. Don't forget to install a nose piece though to make is more efficient.
10 October 2017 by Stephen S
Thanks you for fab view, wow.
Good vision
18 June 2017 by Robert P
As with any Pinlock it's always good. This will be my winter visor for my daily commute once my smoke visor gets removed for the darker days. The tint works well and good for for the sun but what I would say if it went slightly darker I would be happier but can't fault it.
24 November 2016 by Anonymous
Fantastic item, was having trouble with the low winter sun in the morning but often drive home in the dark so and didn't want to have to keep swapping the visor. This was fab! It's not that noticeable a colour change from inside your helmet until you lift the visor and realise how bright it is, blocks out enough sun so you can ride safely and is completely clear in the dark too. Only 1 tiny problem is the reactive coating seems to have a slight wave pattern which is noticeable and slightly annoying until you get used to it and actually isn't half as annoying as having the sun blind you so overall very good purchase.
Great product, Does what's it's supposed to
08 November 2016 by Anonymous
Great product. Arrived quickly and in good condition. Does what it was designed to do. Can't fault it.
Smoked tint
21 October 2016 by Adrian L
Does darken off in sunlight. Not amazingly dark, but could not expect it to be a dark visor imitation, so a good halfway house.
Nice touch
08 October 2016 by Sandra A
I always buy helmets with pinlock. This reduces all fogging as it should. The react-to-light tint is subtle and not as immediate as a drop down visor. Arai do not do drop down tinted visors as they feel it compromises safety . The tint only really kicks in if it's very bright sun and does not wear off quickly if you then go through an area in shade. It's a nice touch though.
Disappointing Arai Pinlock
17 August 2016 by Nic L
ProtecTINT Arai Pinlock not effective at all.
Advertised as changing colour in sunlight - well changes sooo little it is hardly noticeable.
No more sunglasses
19 July 2016 by Anonymous
This works!!! Don't need to wear sunglasses any more which is what I was after!! It changes back quickly when sun goes in too!! Well pleased with it!!
Very impressed, worth every penny
28 June 2016 by Nicky
I've used clear Pinlock for years and already know they are fantastic I cant imagine riding without one. No misting of the visor ever.

I don't like dark visors, didn't want a drop down sun visor in a helmet and have always used sunglasses but after a while they do get uncomfortable and you get those horrid moments when you go through a dark tunnel or a shaded area and cant see the road surface properly.

Someone told me about the UV reactive Pinlock a while ago. I looked at them several times but didn't buy one as they are expensive.

Eventually after missing some gravel though a shaded area with my sunglasses on I decided I'd get one - its one of my best buys!

Truly brilliant I find it changes light and dark very quickly and cant imagine riding without it now. It reduces glare and is great in bright sunlight. Also their is no noticeable gap around the edge of the Pinlock at all which I was worried about.

Well worth the money and highly recommended.
It's a must for commuting
21 June 2016 by Narcis M
High quality product, it doesn't go quite dark, but enough to stop you squint. I have to mention that the Sportsbikeshop team is brilliant. I'm really impressed with the speed they solve issues.
Better than nothing
07 May 2016 by Simon B
My commute to work goes down a road running due East West. So get the low sun this time of year directly in my eyes on the way into work and again on the way home.
This Pinlock reduces the suns glare OK if it's an overcast day. But not so good if the sun's fully out.
Have now ordered an Arai sun visor..
11 September 2015 by Anonymous
No misting up and the tint works well, but does not go quite dark enough, which is noticeable when sun is low and in your face. Convenience factor though is excellent, and a high quality product. Would recommend.
A little underwhelmed
12 August 2015 by Tony R
To be honest im completely underwhelmed by this product considering all the 5* reviews. It does tint quickly BUT its barely noticeable. I only realized it had worked by looking above it to see the visor itself was brighter. If you're looking for something to protect you from the sun then I think a permanently dark insert would be a much better option and then you can remove it for night riding.

Its worked flawlessly in preventing my visor misting up though.
Highly recommend
04 August 2015 by Olly
Shame Arai don't have internal sun visors, but this is brill. I have no complaints, tints enough to stop you squinting and clears when the sun fades, so if you prefer riding with a clear visor this is for you. (Arai Axces 2).

Arai I Type ProtecTINT Pinlock Insert - RX7 GP / Quantum ST / Quantum / Rebel / Chaser V / Axces 2

  • RX7 GP
  • Quantum ST
  • Quantum
  • Rebel
  • Chaser V
  • Axces 2

Not compatible with Arai Max Vision i type visors
Whether it's sunny, clouded, day or night, the Pinlock ProtecTINT lens adjusts its tint so it matches your requirements. Under influence of UV light it can change it's colour on a sunny day from clear to dark in seconds, while it will be crystal clear when driving at night. Superior Pinlock fog resistant properties give you the clear view you are used to.

Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

  • Will the Arai I Type ProtecTINT Pinlock Insert - RX7 GP / Quantum ST / Quantum / Rebel / Chaser V / Axces 2 fit the Tour x4 helmet? Thanks Rob

    February 7, 2023

    Unfortunately not I'm afraid, you will require the ProtecTINT insert found on quick find 346536.

  • I've just purchased a arai axces 3 helmet from yourselves. Could I confirm please these will fit the helmet as I've seen there are 2 different types of insert

    April 27, 2019

    This will not fit if you have a Max Vision visor, which we believe is fitted to your Axces 3.You require the Arai I Type Max Vision ProtecTINT Pinlock Insert - RX-7 GP / New Quantum / Chaser V / Axces 2 / Axces 3.

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