SENA 50S Bluetooth Headset & Intercom - Dual

State-of-the-art motorcycle Bluetooth mesh intercom system with sound by Harmon Kardon

RRP £585.00
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Verified Customer Reviews for SENA 50S Bluetooth Headset & Intercom

15 reviews
Great product, lousy instructions.
05 February 2024 by Ian S
Great product, works really well with clear sound and good range. The supplied installation and setup instructions are sadly lacking. Download the HD version from this link ( which is very clear.
Style: Single
Sena 50s headset
19 September 2023 by Anonymous
Brilliant head set very clear when riding
Would definitely recommend
Style: Single
16 July 2023 by Dwayne W
Quality piece of kit, comes with loads of accessories for different mounting options. Great sounding speakers and features. It's my first time using mesh and it's brilliant pairs up with all other headsets seamlessly with a crystal clear connection.
Now for my only negative comment. It's slightly big in size on the side of your helmet, if your on a naked/sports bike it may make your helmet noisy as it catches the wind. But overall best headset I've had.
Style: Single
Superior sound quality
07 June 2023 by Ian J
I've had the 20s headset for a while and wanted to upgrade to something with better sound quality and connectivity. The 50s is a massive improvement in both areas. The sound when playing music is crisp and clear with plenty of base and when connected to a fellow rider it's like he's right next to me. They're not cheap but in this case you do get what you pay for.
Style: Dual
A headset that will never need to be changed
03 May 2023 by Shaun F
By far the best headset on the market, there is no comparison aga8nst the cheaper headsets, wind interference is minor, the quality of sound is brilliant and the functions are awesome on what it can do
Style: Dual
Sena 50S
11 April 2023 by Lee M
The sena 50S I would have to give it a 10 out 10, I have it on a lS2 helmet and was told it wouldn't fix to it. Not true at all it has changed us going on the bikes, it's so clear and easy to pair with other sena's. I would highly recommend you and your mates getting one, and let the fun begin.
Style: Single
Easy to fit, great quality audio.
31 January 2023 by Anonymous
Fitted to an LS2 Evo helmet. Easy to install and change between microphones despite the helmet's awkward shape. Audio quality is excellent the volume and ANR make it clear above wind noise. Layout of the buttons makes it easy to control even with thick gloves and the 'hey Siri/Sena' function is responsive making it almost completely hands free.
Style: Single
Great quality
28 January 2023 by Brian A
Sportsbikeshop are always great prices with quality goods delivered quick and easy. Sena headset is a great product
Style: Dual
Superb Sound SENA 50S
17 December 2022 by Wayne N
Great to be back with the Sena 50S, versatile, adaptable and way up front with the latest technology. Thank You Sportsbikeshop!! Your staff are great, informative and interested. Thanks One very satisfied customer!!
Style: Dual
Sena 50s
01 October 2022 by Anonymous
Great sound very clear. I bought these as I wanted to music share with good quality sound. I first had two attempts with Cardo and the music played speeded up when sharing which was unbearable but the Sena does as it should.
Style: Dual
Love Sena
03 September 2022 by Sue
These Sena 50s are much quieter (background noise) than the 20s they are replacing. I keep thinking they're not working if we're not talking. Having said that, the range is no better and one of them seems to turn itself off when on mesh. Not yet tested the Bluetooth but they are an upgrade from the Sena 20s.
Style: Dual
SENA 50S Bluetooth Headset & Intercom
22 August 2022 by David B
Intercom works well with the others in the group. Minimal wind noise, easy mesh connection.
Battery live was getting very short. Unit sent back for inspection and new one authorised within a week
Style: Single
Ups and Downs
11 July 2022 by Matt C
As with all Sena stuff it seems it takes a while to dial it in (even when you have years of experience) and it's buggy to begin with but usually sorts itself out. Sound quality excellent and overall good upgrade from the 20S (though the 20S is still smaller). Shame it took a while to dial out the settings issues in the app for clean audio and no feedback. Now having a small noise issue which I'm investigating but otherwise fantastic build quality, design, easy to use (generally speaking) and some nice small new features no one is talking about like volume levels per source etc. Recommended, but be patient.
Style: Dual
Not too bad
29 June 2022 by Patrick C
Headsets are well made and sound quality is great, Sena just needs to sort all the bugs out with the software and app , we keep having to factory reset the headsets as per Senas instruction
Style: Dual
Excellent intercom
02 May 2022 by John S
Very good intercom as upgraded from 20s actually first used today and worked really well only bad thing the voice commands are non existent which is bad for a latest device
Style: Dual

SENA 50S Bluetooth Headset & Intercom - Dual

  • Premium speakers and microphone with SOUND BY Harman Kardon
  • One-Click-to-Connect Mesh Intercom with robust reliability
  • Bluetooth 5 enabled
  • 2km standard range (in open terrain)
  • 8km mesh mode maximum range (in open terrain between riders)
  • Voice-activated digital assistant access ("Hey Google"/"Hey Siri")
  • Automatic firmware updates via the included WiFi Adapter
  • Simplified layout with three-button functionality
  • A tried-and-true glove-friendly jog dial design
  • Advanced Noise Control
  • Multi-way Intercom
  • Remote control compatible
  • Battery life in Bluetooth mode up to 14 hours
  • Battery life in mesh intercom mode: up to 9 hours
  • Charging time: 1 hour with fast charge
  • 3-year warranty

The 50S offers an all-new experience of riding connected, with SOUND BY Harman Kardon. The 50S features Sena's Mesh Intercom which brings significant advancements to motorcycle communication. With an exceptional communication network and finely-tuned speakers and microphone, the 50S continues the goal of keeping riders connected on their journey.

Download the app to customize a variety of settings and features on the 50S, including the ability to remotely manage channel settings for Open Mesh, or even set a private group for Group Mesh.

Variants Manufacturer
Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

  • Does the Sena 50s come with various mics?

    February 20, 2023

    Yes, the SENA 50S Bluetooth Headset & Intercom will come with a boom and button mic.

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